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Supports A Healthy Appetite Level & Curbs Urges For The Dieting Bodybuilder*

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Jemy615's Rating

best fatburner ever

xxxpownst4rxxx's Rating

Has helped me drop 15 pounds of fat, this and beast creature are the only two products I swear by. Best pack on the market from my experience.

ygom's Rating

I have used this product before and it work. Not miracle, you still need to train and eat right.

corritaylor82's Rating

This product so far is the best I have taken. My fat burn has increased and my body is not harboring water like I use to (I know longer feel like a bloated camel). The only downfall to this is the amount of pills I am taking at a time.

lovri1jw's Rating

Great natural supplements! Helps a ton with weight loss while preserving strength. I only take one a day either in the morning or a couple hours before my lift.

jayare1798's Rating

Very Fast shipping! And one of the best in my opinion just gets annoying taking the pills haha but definitely will buy agian

naderalain's Rating

naderalain did not leave a written review for this product.

gabe411's Rating

This is my go to supplement. I have bought this can over 7 times already because It never fails to give me the results I want. By the end of the cycle you will literally be cut up, it defines the muscle so much, my arms look great at the end of this can and im always being told how ripped I am. Great product, will continue buying.

bdprinc82's Rating

I 1have used this before and love it helps on so many levels

Ashlirose's Rating

Ashlirose did not leave a written review for this product.

Mazenrd3's Rating

Well from what i heard i decided to try this product although its not cheap here in lebanon currently on my 3rd week using it , slight nausia after 30 mins to an hour from taking the pills but i really think it helps with the fat burning process and speeds up weight loss by 20-30% if ur on a gd diet and training program and i really recomend using it

Farzad1365's Rating

I recommend this product to people who they know how micros calories,the results is unbelievable My last order was one week a go and I got for pack of this product, Good luck

ChetWalker's Rating

ChetWalker did not leave a written review for this product.

Jump2man3's Rating

This is my goto cutting supp. Has been and always will be. Universal products in general are great. But to each their own, I see negative and pos. reviews and like most know each body is diff and reacts diff. my results are shown but hey find out for yourself.

untoldguitarist's Rating

I just found out about this product 2 1/2 weeks ago, of which I am almost done in a few more days with my first three week cycle. If you're doubting that this product actually works. Take my word for it, I've tried Super HD in the past, which didn't do a thing for me, except give me a good boost of energy. With Animal Cuts, On day one of taking my first dosage, I weighed in at 201.5lbsbat 5Foot6, and as of this morning I am weighing in at 191.4 on a empty stomach, and my last weekly cycle isn't even over yet. As long as you're drinking plenty of water and not eating trash food during our cycles, you will lose weight.

mattmartin707's Rating

Good solid product helped me drop just under 200 from 207 back in the day.

BlackRecoil's Rating

I was very sceptical and doubted Animal cuts works at all. Taking two bags of pills twice a day is not an issue at all. Most of the times after taking these pills I get moderate heartburn but that is how my stomach is reacting to some food and has nothing to do with Animal cuts for sure. Now, good things; it helped me to burn some stubborn fat (dropped around 3% within six weeks) but that is also because I reduced calories a bit and ramped up cardio. Overall I am very pleased with the results and as always Universal Nutrition true fan

iamabeast2's Rating

The day i got this pack i thot it being some serious **** . 18 caps a day, are you kidding me ??? But when i started consuming it , I felt the diff , its no magic pills to be honest , it works if you work hard nd you are honest with your diet. The results are amazing , I really recommend this product for some serious shredding ... thanks u animal

Bigsby's Rating

I'm about to finish my first round of Animal Cuts, so 3 weeks on. Started at ~201, weighed in this AM at 191.4 lbs. I'll wait a week and hit it again. Granted my diet is on key at 1800-1950 calories per day, but I haven't done any cardio outside of walking between 3-5 miles a day (total). The energy from this product is very minimal, in which I typically have a cup or two of black coffee in between serving 1 and 2 to help w/ alertness and blunt my hunger. I can tell that Animal Cuts is helping shed water weight that my body loves to hold on to.

tony2295's Rating

I used this product everyday, religiously. I did as the recommended directions asked and took 2 packets a day. I worked out (weights and cardio) and kept a healthy diet, though i saw no weight loss. I am 195lbs, and after a month with this product i was still 195lbs. It's a lot for 1 body to take in, 18 pills a day, 9 pills a serving. Almost makes you scared to take it.

1-20 of 856 Reviews