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Supports A Healthy Appetite Level & Curbs Urges For The Dieting Bodybuilder*

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ed229108's Rating

Great product! I've leaned out, kept energy levels high, and the mental aspect of the product is top notch. Love it, and would recommend it to anyone.

ArtashM's Rating

ArtashM did not leave a written review for this product.

NoahDo4's Rating

I used Universal Cuts this past summer while doing crossfit workouts for the football program at my Highschool. Let me just say this bad boy will make you sweat bullets lol I would walk into work my body relaxed and comfortable and then I'd start doing stuff and boom within and hr I have sweat dipping down my face lol. That was my first time ever trying a fat burner and Id say I saw some pretty good results. Energy levels were awesome. I would highly suggest 40/40/20 macro wise to see better results/cuts . Try working out 4-5 days a week doing 20min. HIIT cardio at least 3 of those days. Grab you a gallon jug to when you workout, you'll need it. And last to end this poorly written review take before and after progress pics while using it, you'll see all kindz of gainz. p.s. Please Excuse all grammatical errors, today was leg day. A very intense leg day..

joecanterbury's Rating

I'm currently on my second week of the product taking it twice a day as intended and it's helping as much as I would hope it would. I started back cutting whenever I hit 200 pounds and now I'm back down to 190 and I have not loss any muscle mass or strength. If anything I've gained some strength. I stack this with Alpha Jym testosterone support and it working great. For people that write bad reviews on this product, you probably are not training intensely and are cheating on your diet every other day.

ARC100's Rating

Started with 30% BF and lost 20% BF to date. Obviously a strict diet and insane training program was part of the results, but this product helped a lot.

ChanakaKrishan's Rating

ChanakaKrishan did not leave a written review for this product.

moistthings's Rating

WARNING. I usually have a strong stomach for thermo's & other weight loss products (hydroxcut, etc.), so i took an entire packet in the morning... I spent the better part of my workday fighting the urgent to vomit and had to walk/dance/squat my energy away at my desk! I physically couldn't eat anything until 9pm that night. Ten days into the cut, eating right, sh*t ton of cardio and I'm down from 12.8% to >10%. Im taking both bags of pills BUT i take 1 pill / hr so as not to overwhelm my system. I also split the red pill in half and take 30 mins apart with almost half a gallon of water in between.

eliteus's Rating

Amazing product second only to the original Oxyelite Pro. Lost 20lbs in 1 month, wonderful appetite suppressant and gives tons of energy. I have tried hydroxcut elite, shred matrix, quadralean, and Smart Blend but this is still my go to cut supplement. Works best when stacked with Fish oil, cla or zma.

isengard24's Rating

isengard24 did not leave a written review for this product.

Rjasch93's Rating

use with proper diet and exercise and you shouldnt be dissapointed. now if you eat like crap and dont see changes thats your own fault. i can say it a good product if used the right way.

KittyWeiss's Rating

Wow I took it first time yesterday with Animal Pak and it is first time I actually felt something is going on in my body. Toilet every 30 mins as your body is getting rid of water :) I am looking forward to see difference after some time :) I only take one a day as it does a lot to me .... and with Pak it's already 19 large tablets every day :) I am happy with that :)

zishan08's Rating

Hi I am 28yrs/ 187 Lbs/ 167.64 cm/ M, have bought this product last week. Since I'm working in night and hit the gym in the morning have following confusion in mind – 1). What is the best time to have it? 2). Should I have 2 packs at once or 2 different time?? if both of the pack should be taken separately - what'ld be best time?? 3). Can I continue protein with this pack? Please suggest or mail me

BaheyThabet's Rating

2.4 KGs in the first 3 days, mostly water loss but looks a good product. I never seen such huge drop except with Oxielite Pro.

rodadoi's Rating

Have taken these for a while and seen good results. Just took them this morning when I woke up at 6am still exhausted. I had quite seriously the wildest dreams! My heart was beating pretty fast the whole time. Awesome dreams+sleep workout=Hell yeah!

15dickea's Rating

15dickea did not leave a written review for this product.

chriscf04's Rating

This is a great product! iv taking this like it states 3/1 and have done about 4 cycle thus far, lost some good amount of body fat and tons of water weight. which is exactly what I needed.

HazemJ93's Rating

Did not do much for fat loss but did a great job at helping me getting rid of some extra water weight, which is the main reason why I bought it.

Alsaati7's Rating

Alsaati7 did not leave a written review for this product.

LIKid21's Rating

Overall good experience. No side affects, ordered a second cycle.

jimmyulrich123's Rating

I've just started to take this product, and i must say out of all the fat burners and appetite suppressants i've taken ( I've taken everything from 100 dollar gnc stack burners to 10 dollar walmart burners) it has had the quickest effect overall hands down. I immediately noticed my appetite was decreased ( i don't just scarf down food when im hungry, taking 10 to 15 mins to eat lets your stomach tell your brain when your truly full, not overstuffed). Keeping hydrated really helps also (half the time you not actually hungry your dehydrate). However if you are looking for a blood pumping stimulant that can let you workout for hours you'll still need to take a pre-workout (but be ready to sweat a **** ton). Use this product the way its intended and you'll be happy with your results

1-20 of 812 Reviews