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Supports A Healthy Appetite Level & Curbs Urges For The Dieting Bodybuilder*

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ChanakaKrishan's Rating

ChanakaKrishan did not leave a written review for this product.

moistthings's Rating

WARNING. I usually have a strong stomach for thermo's & other weight loss products (hydroxcut, etc.), so i took an entire packet in the morning... I spent the better part of my workday fighting the urgent to vomit and had to walk/dance/squat my energy away at my desk! I physically couldn't eat anything until 9pm that night. Ten days into the cut, eating right, sh*t ton of cardio and I'm down from 12.8% to >10%. Im taking both bags of pills BUT i take 1 pill / hr so as not to overwhelm my system. I also split the red pill in half and take 30 mins apart with almost half a gallon of water in between.

eliteus's Rating

Amazing product second only to the original Oxyelite Pro. Lost 20lbs in 1 month, wonderful appetite suppressant and gives tons of energy. I have tried hydroxcut elite, shred matrix, quadralean, and Smart Blend but this is still my go to cut supplement. Works best when stacked with Fish oil, cla or zma.

isengard24's Rating

isengard24 did not leave a written review for this product.

Rjasch93's Rating

use with proper diet and exercise and you shouldnt be dissapointed. now if you eat like crap and dont see changes thats your own fault. i can say it a good product if used the right way.

KittyWeiss's Rating

Wow I took it first time yesterday with Animal Pak and it is first time I actually felt something is going on in my body. Toilet every 30 mins as your body is getting rid of water :) I am looking forward to see difference after some time :) I only take one a day as it does a lot to me .... and with Pak it's already 19 large tablets every day :) I am happy with that :)

zishan08's Rating

Hi I am 28yrs/ 187 Lbs/ 167.64 cm/ M, have bought this product last week. Since I'm working in night and hit the gym in the morning have following confusion in mind – 1). What is the best time to have it? 2). Should I have 2 packs at once or 2 different time?? if both of the pack should be taken separately - what'ld be best time?? 3). Can I continue protein with this pack? Please suggest or mail me

BaheyThabet's Rating

2.4 KGs in the first 3 days, mostly water loss but looks a good product. I never seen such huge drop except with Oxielite Pro.

rodadoi's Rating

Have taken these for a while and seen good results. Just took them this morning when I woke up at 6am still exhausted. I had quite seriously the wildest dreams! My heart was beating pretty fast the whole time. Awesome dreams+sleep workout=Hell yeah!

15dickea's Rating

15dickea did not leave a written review for this product.

chriscf04's Rating

This is a great product! iv taking this like it states 3/1 and have done about 4 cycle thus far, lost some good amount of body fat and tons of water weight. which is exactly what I needed.

HazemJ93's Rating

Did not do much for fat loss but did a great job at helping me getting rid of some extra water weight, which is the main reason why I bought it.

Alsaati7's Rating

Alsaati7 did not leave a written review for this product.

LIKid21's Rating

Overall good experience. No side affects, ordered a second cycle.

jimmyulrich123's Rating

I've just started to take this product, and i must say out of all the fat burners and appetite suppressants i've taken ( I've taken everything from 100 dollar gnc stack burners to 10 dollar walmart burners) it has had the quickest effect overall hands down. I immediately noticed my appetite was decreased ( i don't just scarf down food when im hungry, taking 10 to 15 mins to eat lets your stomach tell your brain when your truly full, not overstuffed). Keeping hydrated really helps also (half the time you not actually hungry your dehydrate). However if you are looking for a blood pumping stimulant that can let you workout for hours you'll still need to take a pre-workout (but be ready to sweat a **** ton). Use this product the way its intended and you'll be happy with your results

chandemouy94's Rating

I stacked this with Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast on my last cutting cycle and it had tremendous results. Within 10-12 days I saw a pretty significant change. The fat just melted off. At the end of the month I wasn't even the same person. Amazing products.

andrew54's Rating

This product worked amazing for me I'm 14 and I really saw results from this fat burner, I only used one cycle and will be using it again next time I start cutting....I did regular lifting and burned 300 calories on the olyptical 5 times a week, nutrition also plays a key role when using this awesome product. I finally see my abs for the first time I was at 21% body fat

asaddalal's Rating

Seriously disappointed with the product... took 9 tablets every morning for nothing its bin two weeks hvnt lost a single pound and no shape at all so throwing the product away... drained my money for nothing.. took all the risk regardless the side effects thinking would do something atleast but its a no no from me...

Novarecon's Rating

Took a few fat burners before this and didnt really do anything but i started taking this with my diet and excercise and oh my god!!! Took it for 3 1/2 weeks only 1 pak a day every morning when i woke up and i ate light breakfast/light lunch and a bigger dinner with alot of cardio and i lost 10lbs within a month!!! I ran a mile everyday or every other day and do MMA bag classes with punching bags everyday or other day while on this and it worked like a charm! I would reccommend this product to anyone as long as they have a good diet and good excercise program! Also i had no side effects with this product except for sweating a **** ton when working out and not working out due to it raising your body temp!

Barber1988's Rating

Honest review for yall... I got animal cutz 2 weeks ago, 1st cycle and so far i gotta say this: They claim its a stack that should work in 7 or 8 different fields so let me just review em all Stimulation - None. I've tried lots of preworkouts and stimulant-based supps however this one gives absolutely NO stimulation whatsoever even after taking 2 red pills ( i do realize its a fat-burner but if they claim it stimulates, I undertand that as something thats gonna get me out of bed in the morning and make me wanna hit the gym asap.. ) Then again keep in mind its a lil biased since im very caffeine-resistant so its kinda hard to break through. Metabolic complex ( fat burning ) - Hardly any difference being on or off the supp. ( I'm cutting at ~2000/2100 kcal with 3-4x 300kcal cardio sessions weekly ) Thyroid function support - Hard to say Water Shredding - I've been told you need to drink plenty of water with this one. and that you gonna **** every 30-45 min. First of all you should drink plenty of water doesnt matter if u on the supp or not.. Second I've noticed no increased urination effect.. No real water shredding effect noticed either. As to the other aspects.. can't really say, the only thing i DID experience is a mild insomnia; I'm having trouble falling asleep before 2am ( i wake up between 6 and 8 am normally and animal cutz dose 1 falls round this time, second as the label states roughly 4-5 hours later ) Summary: Placebo. 9 pills twice a day is a sick f***ing amount.... Then again everybody is different so I wont tell you not to get this.. perhaps its gonna work with your metabolism, I'm pretty sure it has no effect on mine.

1-20 of 807 Reviews