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Supports A Healthy Appetite Level & Curbs Urges For The Dieting Bodybuilder*

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CG2's Rating

CG2 did not leave a written review for this product.

malv07137's Rating

Does this product give you high glucose? I bought this 4 days ago and been taking one pack a day and my glucose level have been in the 140s is this normal not a diabetic

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Ricner's Rating

Great product! I got clean energy, no the gittery-zoned-out feelings I used to get on the other products I've tried over the years. I've noticed some fat loss by just looking at the mirror on my first two weeks. I'm on my second bottle and I feel great! I bit harsh on the stomach the first few days but it's while you adjust.

kingvibro's Rating

This stuff, if taken exactly as directed, absolutely works. I am blown away with how easy it was to melt off the subcutaneous fat. I can see huge veins that I did not know were ever there. I am 45 years old, and I have never been this vascular. I have completed 2 cans, with a 1 week break in between which is what is says to do. I am about to buy a 3rd can to see how much more vascular I can get. I am completely satisfied, it just works, and that is all I care about.

syedakif's Rating

best product for weight loss and getting into the shape you desire.bit hard to swallow **** loads of capsule initially but you gotta use to it. extremely happy with the result.no cramps or jitters or bad effects on stomach. loved it

PokeTheTako's Rating

I'm only on my second day of using this product BUT, I am alrady feeling the power of it and seeing results... GREATEST BURNER I'VE EVER USED and it's only my second day!!!! ****!

eliasibarra's Rating

eliasibarra did not leave a written review for this product.

ibrahimwael's Rating

I've been using it for 11-12 days and i can see some differnce (not much but still), but the only side effects i see are that i get a burning feeling in my chest and take alot of dumps.. And you should drink alot of water, i drink 4-6 liters a day Would recommend if u can handle the side effects

verichv74's Rating

Not a bad beginner product to help shed fat. Requires a gallon of water but thats no big deal. Nice little burn feeling in stomach, no other side effects happen to me. recommend for beginners.

shinichikodo830's Rating

i wondering can i taking 1 pack in the morning and pre-workout afternoon for my training ? any suggestions . Thank you all

Greater Deity's Rating

I don't think my ratings for you guys will ever change. 10/10, hands down. Finished my first cycle. After the first pak, I noticed great stimulation and focus after about 15-20 minutes, after taking this which a cup of yogurt and 2 glasses of water. During my workouts, I sweat bullets and have increased stamina -- the caffeine level could honestly drop a bit, combining it with the YM and guarana can make one feel a bit crazy, but it wasn't anyting impeding to performance. Basically an inner sensation that you can't identify. Other than that, I absolutely love it. Finished the first cycle with no ill effects and dropped about 3-4% of my body fat with proper nutrition, rest and training. OUTSTANDING!

ward-45's Rating

great product finished my first cycle i leaned out a bit and pretty happy with the results

djjune72's Rating

let me start by saying start where are the fat burners but to be realistic these really work little bit stronger then fat burners but I will give you the energy and I will make you sweat like crazy and yes I will recommend this product for anybody who's well to work hard in gym I am in time I will buy another can because this really work

ed229108's Rating

Great product! I've leaned out, kept energy levels high, and the mental aspect of the product is top notch. Love it, and would recommend it to anyone.

ArtashM's Rating

ArtashM did not leave a written review for this product.

NoahDo4's Rating

I used Universal Cuts this past summer while doing crossfit workouts for the football program at my Highschool. Let me just say this bad boy will make you sweat bullets lol I would walk into work my body relaxed and comfortable and then I'd start doing stuff and boom within and hr I have sweat dipping down my face lol. That was my first time ever trying a fat burner and Id say I saw some pretty good results. Energy levels were awesome. I would highly suggest 40/40/20 macro wise to see better results/cuts . Try working out 4-5 days a week doing 20min. HIIT cardio at least 3 of those days. Grab you a gallon jug to when you workout, you'll need it. And last to end this poorly written review take before and after progress pics while using it, you'll see all kindz of gainz. p.s. Please Excuse all grammatical errors, today was leg day. A very intense leg day..

joecanterbury's Rating

I'm currently on my second week of the product taking it twice a day as intended and it's helping as much as I would hope it would. I started back cutting whenever I hit 200 pounds and now I'm back down to 190 and I have not loss any muscle mass or strength. If anything I've gained some strength. I stack this with Alpha Jym testosterone support and it working great. For people that write bad reviews on this product, you probably are not training intensely and are cheating on your diet every other day.

ARC100's Rating

Started with 30% BF and lost 20% BF to date. Obviously a strict diet and insane training program was part of the results, but this product helped a lot.

ChanakaKrishan's Rating

ChanakaKrishan did not leave a written review for this product.

moistthings's Rating

WARNING. I usually have a strong stomach for thermo's & other weight loss products (hydroxcut, etc.), so i took an entire packet in the morning... I spent the better part of my workday fighting the urgent to vomit and had to walk/dance/squat my energy away at my desk! I physically couldn't eat anything until 9pm that night. Ten days into the cut, eating right, sh*t ton of cardio and I'm down from 12.8% to >10%. Im taking both bags of pills BUT i take 1 pill / hr so as not to overwhelm my system. I also split the red pill in half and take 30 mins apart with almost half a gallon of water in between.

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