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Supports A Healthy Appetite Level & Curbs Urges For The Dieting Bodybuilder*

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mst826's Rating

Didn't have the affects that I was hoping for. An enormous amount of pills in each packet, most of which aren't specified as to what they do. The pre workout pill definitely worked. Overall it may be a good supplement to add onto a stack. Nothing I would depend upon to create heavy results. Just my opinion. Keep fit and happy people!!

mattmartin707's Rating

Good solid product helped me drop just under 200 from 207 back in the day.

BlackRecoil's Rating

I was very sceptical and doubted Animal cuts works at all. Taking two bags of pills twice a day is not an issue at all. Most of the times after taking these pills I get moderate heartburn but that is how my stomach is reacting to some food and has nothing to do with Animal cuts for sure. Now, good things; it helped me to burn some stubborn fat (dropped around 3% within six weeks) but that is also because I reduced calories a bit and ramped up cardio. Overall I am very pleased with the results and as always Universal Nutrition true fan

iamabeast2's Rating

The day i got this pack i thot it being some serious **** . 18 caps a day, are you kidding me ??? But when i started consuming it , I felt the diff , its no magic pills to be honest , it works if you work hard nd you are honest with your diet. The results are amazing , I really recommend this product for some serious shredding ... thanks u animal

Bigsby's Rating

I'm about to finish my first round of Animal Cuts, so 3 weeks on. Started at ~201, weighed in this AM at 191.4 lbs. I'll wait a week and hit it again. Granted my diet is on key at 1800-1950 calories per day, but I haven't done any cardio outside of walking between 3-5 miles a day (total). The energy from this product is very minimal, in which I typically have a cup or two of black coffee in between serving 1 and 2 to help w/ alertness and blunt my hunger. I can tell that Animal Cuts is helping shed water weight that my body loves to hold on to.

tony2295's Rating

I used this product everyday, religiously. I did as the recommended directions asked and took 2 packets a day. I worked out (weights and cardio) and kept a healthy diet, though i saw no weight loss. I am 195lbs, and after a month with this product i was still 195lbs. It's a lot for 1 body to take in, 18 pills a day, 9 pills a serving. Almost makes you scared to take it.

DragonautPyg's Rating

I was unsure at first, but I ended up trying this product due to s****estions by my fellow BB.com users. I stacked it with Animal Pak and I can say it kept its promise. I have more energy, eat less than I used to, to get full and I was a size 42 waist, but after two weeks I'm down to a 39.5, something I haven't seen since 2014. Will definitely use this product again.

mnorm8's Rating

This stuff works great! My training partner and i needed to drop some weight for a powerlifting meet and both of us lost about 10 lbs each in 3 weeks. This stuff is alot of pills but they aren't very big so it's not that big of a deal

joemas77's Rating

I tried this supplement along with a good diet and regular weight training for 3 weeks. I did not notice anything "different" about my physique nor did I see any weight loss, vascular enhancements or reduction of water weight. I'm giving this product a 5 because I did notice a decent amount of energy and focus after taking it but that is probably because of the high volume of caffeine. I would not recommend this product or use it again.

DFowler1990's Rating

Awesome awesome awesome all in one product, convenient packaging and and easy to take. Quick acting without feeling super jittery, and it does just what it says. Only downfall is it takes about 2 to 3 sessions to really see a difference.

Abdyy's Rating

Hey Guys i was wondering if anyone knows that its the packs that are made of Gelatin or the product itself. Is it capsules or powder, I'd really appreciate if someone answers me.

abe2423's Rating

Ive used many thermogenic products before and this by far is the most effective, it can be harsh on your stomach at first but you adjust to it. Definitely recommend

DlB117's Rating

I'm a huge fan of Universal, and Animal in particular. I will say this-I've used fat burners that are intense. From what I understand, some of those ingredients have been banned. I don't know for certain, but when I started looking for a decent fat burner i found this one. It has a water shedding complex built in that makes a big difference, and I love the fact that I have quantifiable increases in fat loss without the light-headed feeling some of the others give me. Love it.

Vatanpreet's Rating

This is a good product. All you need is clean diet and good workout and you will see the difference in few days.

LRjr's Rating

LRjr did not leave a written review for this product.

obelassi's Rating

obelassi did not leave a written review for this product.

dromerno's Rating

I tried numerous fat burners and didnt notice any change, but with Animal Cuts my Abs begin to shred on the 2nd week. Even my friends tell me that i am using growth because of the phenomenal changes. Highly recommended but make sure you must be on a strict diet and doing well on the gym.

Puggy300's Rating

Wow! Seriously has to be the best thermogenic that I have used yet. Works wonders as long as you stick to a decent diet and exercise. I work on my feet all day and these got me through the work day and made me feel like I was getting a workout there let alone when I would go to the gym after. Excellent energy and no need for a pre-workout. Little rough on your stomach at first but after the first week it's not noticed. Not a huge fan of 18 pills a day but the packets make it easy to keep track. You will sweat, a lot! and will need to drink plenty of water but man does it curb hunger with that. Overall a great product, I went from 204 down to 187 with no loss of strength or muscle size. Started to see some veins and my stomach began to shrink. Can't wait to go on a cut again where Animal Cuts will be a staple in my supplement stack.

swaw54's Rating

I use this to cut for my shows, and it works amazing. Its harsh on my stomach is the only reason it doesn't get 10/10. This is not your pedestrian fat burner. It is specifically for people looking to cut for shows, so if you're a weekend warrior this really isn't what you need. I am vascular and dry all day while taking this. The thermogenic has me sweating bullets during HIIT.

joen63's Rating

Works decently as a burner. I didn't notice a huge improvement but that's too be expected with anything legal. Only reason its not rated more highly was because the entire way through my can I was feeling nauseated after taking it for an hour or more

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