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Twinlab Ripped Fuel 5x Reviews

Two Small Tablets Daily To Promote Increased Definition For Men And Women!*

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desiredel's Rating

I cant handle any other diet pills. Ive tried many but I get too shaky. Ive had doctor prescriptions.walmart,walgreens,teas, herbalife, many many and nothing compares to this. I took half to try out to make sure I wouldnt get the jitters and I didnt so now its been 3 weeks and ive lost 3lbs not much kinda was hoping for more since ive been on a steady diet and every other day in the gym. Even though the weight loss isnt much I still love this product I can clean my whole house and still have energy for kids and the gym. I take it two times a day some times add in a b12 pill since im laking in my health and even my attitude is happier. Was wondering though alot of stores are discontinued with this product?? Also ive noticed a need for the pill and kinda angry after a few days with out dont like that very much.. but Im still taking these since honestly theres nothing else that I can handle.recomended to many of my friends and family members.

ronaldmccrary's Rating

5 days on tl5x & I feel my body burning fat. Of course I'm on a very strict nutrition program. If you are not burning fat by your nutrition wait before you take this product. Once you get your body to burn fat naturally, then incorporate tl5x, you will then feel the fat burning in your body, even on days you don't workout. Please take with a meal. Immediately pop in your mouth & chase with water. Amazing formula. I love it thus far.

cesardeleon's Rating

this is the first day ive used it and i felt great, gave me alot of energy during my workout, and it sure got me rid of cravings. i sweated twice as much with this supplement, looks like its gonna be great for burning body fat and toning muscles.

Elle34's Rating

I've used this for one day so far, noticed no jitteryness or energy boost at all, & only noticed a mild appetite suppressant that was easily placebo effect. Will update as to whether I see additional fat loss w/muscle maintenance like the product claims!

Tpeckham05's Rating

This pills will definitely give you a kick of energy. When you first use them, it will get your bodily functions moving. You can taste and feel the cayenne as soon as you pop it in your mouth. Get it down the hatch quickly. Don't use on an empty stomach. That pepper will start eating your stomach in under 15 minutes. Stops hurting when you eat something.

brian1926's Rating

brian1926 did not leave a written review for this product.

lumibar's Rating

lumibar did not leave a written review for this product.

apoforce's Rating

Ingrediants seem to be more natural than other fat burners, which I like. It is also pretty consistent with the results as well. This product works better than other fat burners I have taken in the past. I am taking this product as we speak, have taken it in the past, and will more-than-likely continue to use this product. But no matter what, any fat burner is going to be rendered ineffective with the consumption of a poor diet.

shredmeup81's Rating

Tried this 3 times. When I first tried the product I felt an energy rush and more motivation.The second time was ok ,but it really does nothing to curb my appetite especially later at night which is when I feel most hungry. Taking it once again and the same thing ,but no extra energy the only thing i can say I like the smell of the pills and the taste.It doesnt give me jitters like some other fat burners and I've noticd some weight loss but not much

Atlus54's Rating

This thing can get me ripped preety good and i have take 3 bottles until im preety lean but theres an additional ingredient thats cslled maltrodextrin or something...? I did some research and turns out this ingredient is a disaster and it piles fat,i never take this again. But if you just wanna keep your weight under control you can use this since its preety good

p_trainer4u's Rating

This products is a must for those desiring to lose weight. I take one before breakfast and lunch and it gives me that extra energy during the day before, during and after the workout. The caffeine per table is equal to 1 cup of coffee. No jiters, but pure energy for an awesome workout.

wfrtruth's Rating

wfrtruth did not leave a written review for this product.

alishaobrien's Rating

I take this supplement on an empty stomach an hour before my workouts. It gives me the energy I need to go all the way without giving me that jittery feeling.

braddahkimo's Rating

this stuff works pretty good for fat burning i use it a lot but sometimes i get jittery and sometimes i cant sleep after taking it

hounds53's Rating

i just started this product today so i dont have any results yet but as soon as i do i will write again but how has it worked for everyone else?

dannysal821's Rating

it surprisingly works for something at wal mart the **** hole of all buisnesses taking it a week and a half lost 4 pounds my BFP droped 3% so yay i recomend this to people who wanna lose weight

MJDub's Rating

Took this for three weeks and lost about 3 lbs of fat only doing cardio 3 times a week for 30 minutes. I don't know how much of it is my regular metabolism, but still pretty nice.

heavy13weight's Rating

unfortunately i didnt see any change with this product. i used it as it was directed but there was no increase in energy or increase in body fat loss. im not sure if it is the product itself or if i just bought a dud. alll i kno is i used it and it didnt do anything

bballcatcher's Rating

The worst weight loss supplement I have ever used...

cabrown11's Rating

I saw some increased energy and decreased appetite using this product. I chose to try something new though, as it did not provide nearly enough of either of those claims to back up the tiny bottle portion size. (A 20 Day supplement for weight loss, geez! Throw in at least a month for that price and maybe I'd do it again...)

1-20 of 27 Reviews
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