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stad0203's Rating

Really liked how this helped me deal with lactose. Noticed dairy has been an increasing problem for me and this keeps it down and reducing bloating. Not something I see myself using everyday so a bottle is also very economical! Nice work TSN!

I have never used a digestive enzyme until this point. Right away I noticed the bloating in my stomach was diminished, my recovery was better, and my overall sense of well being increased with feeling less in my stomach. On a day to day basis I felt my digestion improved a ton, I also found my bowel movements increased to a more normal schedule which allowed myself proper digestion. the Top Secret Nutrition caps are very small, easy to swallow, and easy to digest. While these products are very overlooked, I was very pleased with my experience dosing a cap at each meal I ate throughout the day. If you are looking for something to help your health, your digestion, and a very affordable product. This is something I would highly reccomend and use. After trying a bottle I am assured this is something I will repurchase.

ibgready's Rating

I purchase these for my Wife. I have purchased other probiotics but she said to stop. This is the one that makes Her system feel its best. No bloating, no aches and no irregularity with this product.

fitnessnolimits's Rating

Was feeling bloated through my bulking phases eating so much food all the time, but when I started taking these I started to feel allot better & no problem eating the amount of food 👌👍 Amazing product, does its job

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Great for my slow digestive system and problems with lactose/dairy. I take one capsule with each meal or any milk products. T.S. works better for me than other products I've taken which some required a minimum of two capsules each meal. The price is affordable and I recently ordered two more bottles. I highly recommend this product. for those with digestive or dairy problems.

pilarsteele's Rating

Worked great for me! Take it right before you eat or with food.


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CarynNicole's Rating

My absolute favorite digestive product! I take one with my three largest meals of the day along with Top Secret's Fish Oil/CLA product and it has honestly aided tremendously in digestion for me. I recommend this digestive to all of my clients as well and would never recommend something I didn't believe in or use myself!

Great product, great price. I've tried other store bought enzymes that were more expensive and contained half the enzyme levels. This always helps me digest better and I always take one before a post workout shake in order to improve protein utilization (google "whey too much" article by precision nutrition for that scoop).

FitFem11's Rating

My first time trying enzymes period! I'm glad I read the reviews & went with this product. It worked right away. No problems with gas/bloating. I took one twice a day with two of my larger meals & it's made a huge difference. I'll definitely be buying more.

I ave not tried many digestive enzymes, but I do know my stomach. This has definitely helped me on a high protein diet. I take one with every solid meal and have no issues with constipation or upset stomach. Still gassy at times, but I have noticed it is more 'manageable' with this supplement.

Definitely helofull when ingesting a lit if protein.

snake1988's Rating

Didn't notice a difference at all.

CarpeDiemBaby7's Rating

I have had digestive issues for years. This stuff has really helped me get everything back on track. The company name sucks, but man this stuff and the cleanse really work well. Buy it!

scottyb05's Rating

Really like the addition of pre and probiotics. Prebiotics feed and boost the function of probiotics, giving you the maximum benefit. This is a 2 in 1 product for a killer price in my opinion. Probiotics and digestive enzymes. Also has bioperine to help absorb nutrients.. win, win, win! I usually take a pill with a high carb, high protein meal. Really helps reduce bloating and discomfort. Usually experience quite a bit of bloating, this product has helped tremendously!

eleckttruss's Rating

no the stronger one on the market but they do job!

gmichael7's Rating

Been using this product for a while, and can affirm the positive reviews of others here about bloating, gas etc. Definitely helps with those things. But here's what's WHEY more important: I found this study-based article that cites incredible results regarding protein digestion, and specifically mentions the 2 main enzymes in this product, Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus oryzae. Looks like they don't let me post a link here, but it's at

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trevor1313's Rating

Great product works fast, didn't make me feel sick or nothing strongly recommend it to anyone who is trying to speed up there digestion.

Nataleejean's Rating

How long did everyone take this product tell they felt/saw results with their bloating going away. I have been taking them for about half a month & my stomach is still as bloated as a 6 month pregnant woman.

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