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Top Secret Nutrition Digestive Enzymes Reviews

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trevor1313's Rating

Great product works fast, didn't make me feel sick or nothing strongly recommend it to anyone who is trying to speed up there digestion.

Nataleejean's Rating

How long did everyone take this product tell they felt/saw results with their bloating going away. I have been taking them for about half a month & my stomach is still as bloated as a 6 month pregnant woman.

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Verified Buyer

Great for my slow digestive system and problems with lactose/dairy. I take one capsule with each meal or any milk products and it prevents the bloating/gas that normally follows and helped relieve constipation. T.S. works better than other products I've taken which some required two capsules each meal. The price is affordable and I recently ordered two more bottles. I highly recommend this product.

geoffers12's Rating

Got this product free with some protein and I wish i had gotten more. Works great for bloating and really easy to take in pill form. worth a try!

I so wanted to give this product 10/10 given the great reviews, I was really looking forward to getting rid of my bloated belly, but it simply didn't work for me. I think I might have other issues. As I eat 5 - 6 meals a day (like everyone else on this site) I found it difficult to remember to take them with each meal & if I do miss a pill I bloat. I will make a more concerted effort to take with every meal but I don't think I'll be buying this product again :(

KayanneKolten's Rating

It works. What else could you ask for. Will be buying more in the future.

jimmyx007's Rating

I definitely used to experience bloating to the point of nausea when eating and using powders. This product has greatly reduced my bloating. The ingredients are of quality.

supersupra's Rating

I use this product when I have heavier than normal meals, i feel it helps me digest and absorb nutrients better. When I take it with a heavy meal I am able to eat again three hours later like I need to and this is wonderful.

michaelarlene's Rating

This are magical pills, don’t get fooled. It definitely does what it says. I started taking this product about 2 months ago and I cannot believe how great it works. There is no more bloated feeling. You can tell that it does improve the digestion of food. In addition, the pills are normal size, which is a plus. I use this product after eating and it does magic for me. I also like that the product list all its ingredients. Overall, it is a great product.

mmeyer41's Rating

Let me start off by saying that as long as I can remember, I've had foul smelling gas. It's a going joke everywhere. I've tried clean diets, cutting out dairy, and eating gluten free. I started taking this 3 weeks ago and I can not believe how great I feel. No more feeling constantly bloated, no more foul smelling gas, no regrets eating good that I like to eat. I recommend this to everyone I know because I have started hearing the questions "what's wrong with you? You haven fared lately!"

jaredenderton's Rating

I feel like this product is a great value buy for people looking to increase their uptake of their nutrients. It helps my digestive system be more consistent and regular.

Dancepersistent's Rating

By far THE BEST Digestive Enzyme that I have tried/taken. Some companies make you take 2 or 3 pills before a meal. I like that this product you simply take 1 pill with each meal. Also, I personally noticed that I don't have that much bloating or stomach irritation.

Dexxter28's Rating

great product definitely would recommend although every digestive enzymes affects each person differently

ebonypearson's Rating

I've tried several brands of pre and pro biotic . These by far have been the nest in how my stomach agreed with them. It offers a blend that definitely prevents bloating .

BigReese14's Rating

BigReese14 did not leave a written review for this product.

AutumnHB's Rating

huge thanks to the good people over at Top Secret Nutrition for sending me a trial size bottle of their digestive enzyme free of charge. I've recently started a bulk and have reintroduced a few foods (mostly dairy) that caused me abdominal pain and digestive issues. anyway, this has been a god-send. the other brand I was using required three capsuls per dose, making it very expensive. however, with this, you take one before your meal, and you're good.

I tried different digestive enzymes brands that were not effective, Top Secret's actually worked. It calms my angry belly and reduces bloating. Can't verify the claims regarding better absorption, but the results are good enough for me.

JoAnnemHahn's Rating

My husband (46 yr old) because of all the medications he's had to take for his medical condition and he's suffered for the past year with nausea, bloating and the feeling of being full constantly every single day. He never slept a full night through without his stomach waking him up. He is a big dairy fan, but his body was giving him a hard time because of it. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong with his stomach after doing many tests, so he thought he was going to have to live with it. I took a shot and ordered this for him and day 4 he's sleeping all night and woke up today without feeling bloated or nauseous!! We will never be without this product again. THANKS isn't enough!

LauraFit82's Rating

I eat a clean diet full of veggies and lean protein. After every meal i used to be bloated and experience stomach pain. Since using this product the bloating is gone and i feel like myself again! I also noted that it works better if taken right before eating your meal.

danahermann's Rating

This product seems to do what it is supposed to do. It didn't help with gas as much as I had hoped that it would though.

1-20 of 51 Reviews
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