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Top Secret Nutrition ActiveXtreme Reviews

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LauraFit82's Rating

This is a great multi vitamins! There is two pills per servings so I like to take one in the morning and one in the afternoon to make sure that my absorbs as much as possible. I have been training very heavy the past few weeks and felt very tired, these vitamins gave me my energy back!


This is my new holy grail multi vitamin. It help give me tons of energy and helps support my active lifestyle. It is a must if you are looking for a good mutivitamin.

j.astorina's Rating

This is my new go-to multi. It is riddled with everything I need and isn't overpriced like many other all-inclusive multis. I like to spread my supps/pills over the course of a day so I really like that a serving is two pills. One in the morning and one in the evening gives me a decent dose to cover me for the whole day. Combined with their fish oil/CLA and digestive enzymes, I really don't need anything else. The pills do smell a little strange though :)

miranda10's Rating

My daily Multi-Vitamin. If I had only one vitamin I could choose to take on a daily basis it would be the ActiveXtreme MultiVitamin. No bad taste, small and easy to take, packed with all the daily intakes of Vitamins and more for an active lifestyle!

SarahSuss21's Rating

Great supplement for maintaining health and increasing performance. Well rounded product & its only 2 easy to swallow tabs a day. In addition to important vitamins and minerals, it also contains a blend of acai, pomegranate, ALA, and resveratrol. Definitely a stable in my supplement routine.

Jossmer0131's Rating

This is my favorite Multivitamin that I've tried it has all the essential vitamins, minerals and fat fighting antioxidants like Acai Berry, Pomegranate extract, Alpha lipoic Acid(ALA) and Resveratrol. For some reason weird reason I seem to like the smell of the multi's you can smell the purity of it! Its a must in my regimen!

msnikkitaylor19's Rating

Great product...makes me feel great and no digestion issues also had helped withpreventing illnesses this fly season. :-)

roohein's Rating

Great multi vitamin, doesn't give you an upset stomach if taken with out food. Used this for three months and feeling great!

esgibson's Rating

Added this to my daily sups that I can't live without. I've been taking this for a few months now and I feel great!

kpede's Rating

kpede did not leave a written review for this product.

trrsmi29's Rating

As far as multi vitamins go this one is one of my favorites by far. I have never taken a multi vitamin before that gives me such an extreme boost in energy as Top Secret ActiveXtreme does. I take two pills in the morning with breakfast and within an hour feel energized and ready to go for the day!

JMarzouka's Rating

Great supplement! I take one a day and love the benefits. Feels great to know just one little pill a day packs such a great punch!

KfayeJ's Rating

As a bikini competitor, I need a good multi vitamin during prep to help supplement my body's nutrient needs. I've been taking ActiveXtreme 1st thing every morning for 2 weeks now & can already see a difference in my physcial & mental focus. It keeps my energy levels & metabolism steady/high throughout the day. Not to mention~provides recovery health benefits. What kind of pill offers THAT?! ^this one^!! Definitely a must have for anyone needing that xtra boost. LoVe iT!!!

carriepeck's Rating

Since entering menopause full force because of surgery, I was low on energy..Actually I had none. Since taking this supplement, I have regained alot of energy..can focus more clearly...I feel amazing...Thanks Top Secret...This is one of the best ever

stangboy1404's Rating

This is a really good multivitamin. I have tried others and others taste bad and are really big. Plus I do not feel like they work. But I can tell with this one!

sanfranfanintx's Rating

Finally a multi-vitamin that works! I have tried so many different brands and trully rarely felt and increase in enery or performance! after a few days energy was great, able to focua better and workouts seemed to improve! great great product!

richc's Rating

i switched from animal pack to ActiveXtreme and it has been great, i feel my recovery time is better and i like the antioxidant blend to help neutralize all the free radicals produced as byproducts of the other supplements

MotivatedMike's Rating

I have taken many multi's in my day and I have thrown many bottles away too but ActiveXtreme is the best multi I have ever taken. I have gotten great results from them thus far. I take mine first thing in the AM with my Diet Accelarator pack and it just completes my supplements for the day. I get great energy throughout my day with no crash at then end either. I am an athlete and I train 6 days a week and sometimes, 2 times a day. Without products like ActiveXtreme, I would not be able to train this hard.

pcannan's Rating

I ran out of my usual multivitamin and decided to try the Top Secret ActiveXtreme. There is not much to say about a multivitamin except that the ingredients look very complete and it doesn't taste bad. I like the fact that it is 2 smaller pills instead of one huge one!

1-19 of 19 Reviews
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