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The World's Smartest Shaker With 2-3 Storage Compartments!

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Patrick62Gains's Rating

This shaker is amazing. It lasts long, easy to clean, lost of compartments and makes it easy to mix my supplements. I recommend the SmartShaker to everyone.

Tate1402's Rating

Have ordered several of these and they are my favorite shaker bottle!

IBevanI's Rating

After 8 years using the standard mixer cups, going through them at ridiculous rates, I can genuinely say that the ShartShake cup is a next level of quality! The cap on the product is sturdy and feels like it'll last for a fairly long time, also the simple clump preventer, is actually awesome! Past experiences with these have been pretty negative, so I was pleasantly surprised! The ability to remove the pill separator also is pretty cool, so you in fact can have 2 compartments for powders! Overall, an awesome product, I don't know why I didn't buy one sooner!!!

vinnicius1's Rating

vinnicius1 did not leave a written review for this product.

abilancione's Rating

abilancione did not leave a written review for this product.

joshdperry's Rating

Amazing product. This is my second smart shake. The first shaker fell victim to two issues: #1 after a few months it began to stink, regardless of how well i washed it or with what it was washed. Soaked in soap water, washed with vinegar, industrial chemicals... didn't matter, it seemed like the stench of day old protein was there to stay. I dealt with it since shakes generally aren't all that awesome to begin with, but after about a year of overtightening the lid (a bit paranoid about spills in my backpack) #2 the stress caused a crack and subsequent leak around the top edge of the lid where the threads stop. Now that I have a second one, I make sure to only tighten it as much as is needed to stop water drips, and i rinse under hot water as soon as I have a chance post-beverage. So far so good, its still in great shape. The bottom compartments are fantastic and sized just right for a lot of stuff. I just wish it came with an optional lid for the pill section, so i could remove it when not needed at work and leave it in a bag or something.

Jbarbour13's Rating

Jbarbour13 did not leave a written review for this product.

jlturner839's Rating

I have two of these smart shake bottles. One of them is a 20oz that I received free after spending a required amount of money. Since I liked the 20oz bottle so much, I shortly thereafter bought the 27oz bottle. All in all, the bottles work as described. The extra compartment on the bottom of the bottles come in handy quite often (pre & post mix). The one major downside to the bottle is that of the lid. I don't know if I tried to pry mine open at odd angles or what, but both of the lids are cracking/breaking. The drinking spout of the lid is still pl****ed/covered when not in use, but i have to be extremely careful not to rip the plastic any more, or my cup will be deemed useless... Get a stiffer lid and I'd buy many more!

mindyhere21's Rating

I love the ability to carry all my supplements in one container. The only real complaint I have is that screwing the different peices together doesn't always work. They don't line up easily and I have had my vitamines spill out in my bag. Luckily not my protein powder yet.

brettsx4's Rating

It works, its nothing super special. I like the ***** on bottom for the powder/pills!

CopeX's Rating

Just got this on Saturday. I like the extra compartments but hate the plastic mesh screen that helps mix the product. Not nearly as effective as the metal balls used in other shakers.

CreatureATP's Rating

Very cool shaker unfortunately my dishwasher melted the cap making it unable to be closed. Be wary if you wash your shakers in dishwashers.

bjacop's Rating

After only two months of use, the lid of the product has started to crack and break, so it is unusable

aldinaface's Rating

I was so excited to get this bottle because it was two for one, but when I got it I was disapointed, it's hard to match up the threads when putting on the extra compartments, the quality is poor, first time I dropped it part of the plastic broke off, and they leak like crazy no matter how tight I make the lid it always drips down the bottle making my hand sticky at the gym (I switched to the other bottle after it cracked and they both leak, also the first bottle leaked before I even dropped it, it was just worse after that of course). maybe I just got two crappy ones, but I wouldn't buy this one. My boyfriend got the one and it's fantastic!

jmro8's Rating

The SmartShake SmartShake is very reliable in storing any kind of liquid like any ordinary shake but this one is different because you can store your powdered supplement as well as tablet supplements its a shaker cup best for post-workouts especially for protein shakes because protein shakes are at its best if it has just been prepared. Before I got my first SmartShake I was placing my powdered supplements in a small plastic bag so that I will always drink my shakes at its best but now I have no problem I just ordered another one but now its the Jay Cutler and whats cool about this is I get 1 more free

elmacoy's Rating

elmacoy did not leave a written review for this product.

aaronoddie91's Rating

This "Smartshake" shaker cup is one of the best purchases I have made since starting to lift weights. I've had it for about 5 months now and I use it Everytime I go and do weight training. I hated having to pre mix the protein before hand and then it get warm while I was working out or just not bringing any at all.

donkeyshark's Rating

donkeyshark did not leave a written review for this product.

1297450's Rating

So excited when this came. It has 3 main parts which function perfectly to hold pills or powders of any kind. Also, it has a strainer you put in to break up clumps. Great product, if I'm going to get a shaker I might as well get the best.

siciliansoldier's Rating

i was drawn in by the cool bright colors. other than that the cup feels cheap, the bottom threads hardly hold the container on. and its just a cheap product. i would love to get my money back.

1-20 of 242 Reviews
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