Six Star Pro Nutrition N.O. Fury Caplets Reviews

Formulated To Support Increased Muscle Hardness & Fullness!*

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Rebelmaddox's Rating

Quite a few pills to take and bottle dont last long. But the pump it fairly decent and look more vascular after using it.

Intense12's Rating

Great product..I use these with my pre workout to add a little boost to my workout. I would recommend.


Pills make it so much easier. No messing with powders or having to try and gulp weird flavors. So far I feel like they are working well.

bgmaverick's Rating

Not a fan of pill pre workouts. I have to give them a little more time.

I stacked this product with Grit preworkout. For me, I found that I was able to push a little harder at the gym as muscle fatigue took longer to kick in. I really noticed the benefits during shoulder day. The reason I stacked with additional preworkout is I need the caffeine and stimulants to be awake and ready to workout by 5 am. If not needing the stimulants, additional supplementation my not be needed.

usmc03111775's Rating

I have used this product once before when friend of mine gave me some,it didn't do anything for me,i tried again with having m own bottle,it again did nothing for me at all

I enjoy the effects of pre-workout, but I don’t like relying on it too much, as I try to avoid the caffeine dependency that can develop. So, I try to limit the number of days per week that I take pre-workout. For days that I don’t take pre-workout, N.O. Fury is perfect. Personally, I see pre-workout as providing energy and a great pump. Because this product does not have any stimulants, such as caffeine, it does not do anything for one’s energy. However, the results in terms of the pump are still provided. So, on days when I don’t need an energy boost or simply don’t want to take pre-workout, N.O. Fury is my go to product.

durant92bhd's Rating

These are a fantastic pump amplifier. I take them with either a Neurocore or a Vapor X5 and they rock my face off. Read the label and take what your body weight needs, and then go get a sleeve-splitting pump that lasts for hours. You take them on off-days too when you're not in the gym, and it keeps the levels in your blood elevated. Stay hydrated, eat right, and add this and watch your veins bulge.

Good product. I work out in the morning and a full serving on their own wasn't quite giving me the energy bump that I like. I started taking two capsules with my pre-workout and starting seeing and feeling some great results.

This gets the job done. I take 4 caps before my workout and it gives me crazy pumps. I highly recommend it.

erinkidd01's Rating

I recently started using N.O. Fury. Previously, I'd drink a preworkout shake, then bcaas intra-workout, and finally post workout protein w/ creatine. By the end, it was so much liquid and hard to drink more. I like being able to switch to these tablets and still get a great pump without the liquid. It's a lot simpler for me.

I highly recommend this product. It gave me a great pump I am always wanting but without the shakes.

If you're looking for a good pump at a great price this is what you need! I've tried various pump products and this one works better than 90% I've tried!

StacyMcGracy's Rating

Gives me a decent vascular pump for when I'm running low on cash.

MVBFishing's Rating

This is a sleeper right here..... Meaning you wouldn't think it would be that could when in actuality it's a decent supplement. Just be sure you take the correct dose, workout hard and the results will come. It does make you feel pumped and your muscles stay full for a good while after.

I recently started using this pre-workout. Overall I like it. This is the first pre-workout that I have had that feels effective but also doesn't have the typical "beta-alanine tingle." It took me a bit before I realized that it was working because it doesn't hit you hard when it starts getting absorbed into the tissue. I really notice the benefits when I do long and difficult full-body workouts specifically at the spots that I usually start to feel fatigue, when I have NO Fury in me I can power through. The only thing I don't enjoy is the pill size. If you're ok with a "horse pill" then go for it. I would probably buy this again because I do like the effectiveness and it's kind of nice getting away from always having that drink that I am tending to while trying to focus on the actual lifts.

jeffreynye9's Rating

Great Product from Six Star!! The Six Star pre workout, is a great option for the training days when you really don’t want to add extra stimulants to your pre workout, I tend to have to train in the afternoon, and into the evening sometime, and I don’t always want to take a pre workout that has a bunch of caffeine in it, as it may disrupt sleep, this is a great option, I can take the Six Star Pre Workout, and get the pump that I need without the extra stuff that I don’t, great product that I would highly recommend.

kellyshowalter's Rating

these give me a really good pump in the gym! these don't make me shake like some preworkouts can! highly recommend

This is a great product! I take them before workouts. They provide a large pump that lasts. I also have noticed my muscles feeling harder than before. I highly recommend this product.

tqauditor's Rating

My first experience with an N.O. was with BSN's N O Explode. Every once in awhile when I was heading into the gym and feeling a little low on energy, I'd grab one of the bottles in the gym's coolers and drink half right away before changing over and then the rest through my workout. Some days I didn't notice much and other days I felt like I had just slammed a couple cups of coffee. Taking N.O. Fury caplets has given me steady energy throughout my workout and I haven't felt full of liquid sloshing around in my stomach while I work out. (Of course I drink water throughout...but not from pounding half of a bottle before a workout.) The hardest part is remembering to take them a little sooner so they have time to start working. But I've managed to remember to take them before I leave the house for the gym and usually by the time I get to the gym, I'm ready to work.

1-20 of 150 Reviews