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Formulated To Support Increased Muscle Hardness & Fullness!*

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Easy to swallow, made my forearms veins look and feel great. bicep pump was bigger than without it! I will buy again

jkulp100872's Rating

I really loved this, worked like a normal powder pre workout but none of the itchy jittery feelings

jgastkill's Rating

The pump during my workout was great. With a 3,000mg dose of vasodilation ingredients like arginine and l-citrulinne it is no wonder why I felt the pump immediately.  Also, I have had an increase in my muscle hardness which has provided me with a more cut appearance. The cost per serving for this couldn't be much lower.  This product is effective and worth the addition as a pre-workout supplement.

nomoremrnizeguy's Rating

A nice addition to my pre-workout supplementation. I noticed a definite boost in the pump on my arms after my workout and with the first dose. With a 3,000mg in the form of arginine and l-citrulinne I felt the pump immediately. I definitely had an increase in my muscle hardness and fullness which has provided me with a more solid appearance. The only issue is that at 4 capsules for anyone under 200lbs and 5 capsules for anyone over 200lbs this product doesn't last long. but is economical and effective and worth the addition as a pre-workout supplement.

works fine, you just need a lot of pills to get a dose, 5 for anyone over 200lbs (im 320) so the bottle does not last long

Very surprised how much this actually increased my pump. I just wish there was more to the container, but it definitely does the trick. Thick and full.

This gives you a subtle N.O. boost if you take it at the proper dose levels (4 caplets for up to 200lbs in body weight, 5 for over 200lbs). You'll notice your veins filling up with blood and oxygen as this product runs its course (but it's subtle and not over the top). The only downside to this is that a bottle will only last you 12 - 15 days at the recommended dosing levels, so you'll have to pick up 2 - 3 bottles to last you a 4 week cycle. You can pick up a bottle of this and just use as a holdover if you happen to run out of an existing N.O. boosting supplement.

I'm not a huge fan of pre-workout supplements simply because they tend to make me feel overly jittery. These are pretty mild and do not make me feel like my heart is skipping a beat. They are def worth the price.

capasso36's Rating

I do not only take these caplets before a lift but I also take them in the morning to start my day of fully engerized and ready to work.

Gives a good pump but not as effective as some pre work outs but you CAN NOT BEAT THE PRICE!

william2424's Rating

Great pumps for the price worth trying

I love pump products as they're one of few ingredients I know have an effect regardless of having to 'feel' something which I normally don't! Bloodflow support is one of the training supports I value most & having it available in pills makes it very convenient.

ChelseaLouise's Rating

Can't beat the results for the price. Other products out there may work better, but usually cost an arm and a leg. I'm definitely satisfied

The pre workout caplets are a great addition to my workout! I get a better pump when I am weight training!

justinj91's Rating

Great pump and endurance with this product! If anyone knows about anything about supplementation, getting good vascularity is much more than a good pump. It helps promote nutrient delivery and oxygen rich blood to the muscles that aids in more reps, higher strength, and quicker recovery. Awesome product that helps in this!

nobleblade's Rating

I weaved this product in with my normal pre-workout supps and it's a very welcome addition! The pump and vascularity was a very noticeable increase, as well as muscle hardness. Simple to take and cheap to add into your normal flow of supps. I'd recommend to anyone!

Petrags33's Rating

I recently stacked this product with my stimulant pre-workout to try to chase that extra pump. I used it on chest day and arms day and I was noticeably more vascular. It definitely made my arms look fuller even if just for an hour or so. By using it only on certain days and with its fairly cheap price, it's a pretty good addition to your stack.

Pills were a bit big but overall kept me focused and doing my thing

OriginalPlebe's Rating

Definitely different from a regular pre-workout drink. I felt my muscles bigger and fuller because of the amount of blood going through my veins. Definitely a strong dosage of Nitric Oxide! Will be taking it from now on!

I stacked this product with Grit preworkout. For me, I found that I was able to push a little harder at the gym as muscle fatigue took longer to kick in. I really noticed the benefits during shoulder day. The reason I stacked with additional preworkout is I need the caffeine and stimulants to be awake and ready to workout by 5 am. If not needing the stimulants, additional supplementation my not be needed.

1-20 of 102 Reviews