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Formulated To Support Increased Muscle Hardness & Fullness!*

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jgastkill's Rating

I noticed a definite boost in the pump during my workout after the first dose.  With a 3,000mg dose of vasodilation ingredients like arginine and l-citrulinne it is no wonder why I felt the pump immediately.  Also, I have had an increase in my muscle hardness which has provided me with a more cut appearance. The cost per serving for this couldn't be much lower.  This product is effective and worth the addition as a pre-workout supplement.

The pre workout caplets are a great addition to my workout! I get a better pump when I am weight training!

justinj91's Rating

Great pump and endurance with this product! If anyone knows about anything about supplementation, getting good vascularity is much more than a good pump. It helps promote nutrient delivery and oxygen rich blood to the muscles that aids in more reps, higher strength, and quicker recovery. Awesome product that helps in this!

nobleblade's Rating

I weaved this product in with my normal pre-workout supps and it's a very welcome addition! The pump and vascularity was a very noticeable increase, as well as muscle hardness. Simple to take and cheap to add into your normal flow of supps. I'd recommend to anyone!

Petrags33's Rating

I recently stacked this product with my stimulant pre-workout to try to chase that extra pump. I used it on chest day and arms day and I was noticeably more vascular. It definitely made my arms look fuller even if just for an hour or so. By using it only on certain days and with its fairly cheap price, it's a pretty good addition to your stack.

Pills were a bit big but overall kept me focused and doing my thing

OriginalPlebe's Rating

Definitely different from a regular pre-workout drink. I felt my muscles bigger and fuller because of the amount of blood going through my veins. Definitely a strong dosage of Nitric Oxide! Will be taking it from now on!

I stacked this product with Grit preworkout. For me, I found that I was able to push a little harder at the gym as muscle fatigue took longer to kick in. I really noticed the benefits during shoulder day. The reason I stacked with additional preworkout is I need the caffeine and stimulants to be awake and ready to workout by 5 am. If not needing the stimulants, additional supplementation my not be needed.

Use these pills as directed before workout and you will notice good pumps at the gym. I had more energy and longer workouts. After a couple days, your muscles will feel, harder and dense. Use before "bedtime" and you become vein man! Plump and full. I plan use again as a daily regimen to help with blood flow and hypertension.

Without a doubt one of the best pre workouts I have ever had. Never really tried pre in the pill form before so I was nervous at first, but once it kicked in without the itchy face and tingly hands I knew this pre was a great product. Perfect for getting a pump without the jittery feeling that other pre workouts give.

timbo23man's Rating

This is an excellent product from SIx Star! Sure the pills may be a bit on the large size, but that is just a small compromise for what you get in return, a solid pump at the gym. The added amino acids help to deliver nitrates into your blood stream quicker to deliver a powerful pump. My veins seem to pop more while on this product. If you are looking for a powerful pump at the gym, look no further than N.O. Fury.

The last time I took an N.O. of any kind was back in 2014. I was 25lbs heavier so there was really no visual difference and at that time I was also trying to fight that additional weight off. Now that it's gone and every ounce of effort I put forth is noticeable, N.O. Fury is a definite in my book. Absolutely zero jitters in my personal experience on it. It compliments my present stack nicely, as that surge kicks in, the N.O. F shines. I'm highly recommending this. For me, it's all forearms and calves that I notice this taking effect. As I'm still "embracing the shake" in other key areas, continued efforts will work that core and N.O. F will be part them.

slinkymang's Rating

Great product at a great price. The three different L-arginine amino acids are a great addition to getting better blood flow to the muscles to maximize the "pump" one will get in the gym. Also the L-citruline is a good addition to get extra oxygen to the muscles and increase blood flow. They are a nitric oxide precursor. I would recommend to anyone wanting to aid in getting a better pump and increase endurance.

Trudog1966's Rating

I have been stacking this product with my Pre workout supplement and the results are amazing. The muscles feel tight, engorged with blood which is feeding those muscles with much needed nutrients. I generally take 4-6 caplets within 30 minutes of starting my workout. I feel the muscles harden even after the first few warm up sets. It doesn't give you the jitters or any other side effects because it is stimulant free. I feel the increased vascular size helps with recovery between sets also. For the price, you can't go wrong by adding this to your supplement regimen. Give it a try, you'll love the way you feel after a workout.

easwarrior's Rating

I use this product a little different than most people. I primarily use this on my off days and when I am cycling off of other pre workouts that have caffeine in it. The 3,000mg proprietary matrix per serving seems to keep the blood flowing and muscles feeling tight during and after the workout for an extended period of time. Depending on where you are at with your training, you will have to take between 3 - 5 pills per serving. The pills are on the larger size so taking them might be difficult for some, and once you get up to 5 pills per serving, with only 60 pills in the bottle you may want to think about picking up a few bottles to get you through the month.

I have always loved N.O. Boosters. The price is amazing and so it the product. It's clean and i have had no side affects. It gives a good pump that lasts a good while. I recommend this N.O. booster to everyone.

tleonard1986's Rating

It works! I take 3 of these before I work out and I immediately get a pump. Within 10 minutes or so. You start hitting the weights and you'll feel more tight in your muscles. I can stack this with my pre workout powder with no issues. You don't feel any crazy energy jitters or anything, you just feel strong and steady. On off days, I take 3 tabs whenever I remember. Then I get a good feeling of being in shape on my off days. I would recommend this to anyone seriously looking to make gains in their muscles. Stack it!

Before receiving this sample, I had never used a stand-alone L-Arginine supplement before. I liked the claims on the label and jumped right into taking it. Initially, I experienced some fatigue through the day (which is associated with the vasodialation) but nothing too bothersome. As a pre-workout, its claims seemed to hold up. I certainly noticed additional muscle pump, particularly in my chest and upper extremities. I like that it is stimulant free too, meaning I can stack it with my other pre-workouts (or not) as I see fit. L-Arginine has well documented health benefits, so that, combined with the workout advantages I experienced, makes this supplement an easy sell.

bdiercksen's Rating

I'm always into trying new preworkouts and no boosters and found that this one does live up to the hype. I used as directed and felt, longer endurance, better pump and increased energy. love this stuff and will implement it into mine and my clients arsenal.

Does the job nicely. Good pump and I actually felt it for several hours. Made you want to stay longer in the gym.

1-20 of 90 Reviews