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This product has an incredible taste!! I have tried other brands of casein powders before and it made me sick. This kind tastes like brownie batter when I mixed it with 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk and a little water. It has a great consistency and tastes absolutely delicious!! I can't wait to drink more of this! I would recommend this product to everyone! I'm so happy I found a casein powder I like!

Mixes perfect, tastes great, no stomach issues. I will say mix with half milk and half water. So much better.

This clumpy stuff was horrible. I choked it down because I hated to waste the money, but it is BAD! Doesn't mix well at all. Shaker or blender didn't matter. A little water or a lot of water this stuff is BAD! It would be better to go without than to spend a nickel on this junk. If you look up bad in the dictionary they will have a picture of this stuff.

MexicanGold12's Rating

MexicanGold12 did not leave a written review for this product.

I'm not really sure how well this one worked as I ended up toss it in the rubbish. I thought FA was the worst, nope. This tastes absolutely terrible. I had about seven days worth and on the last night I nearly gagged from the taste. Never again.

I use this strictly right before bed, It truly helps me make gains when I sleep. I will always use this!

I like this product and the price I get it for. Perfect for before bed and it doesn't leave me filling bloated when I try and fall asleep.

firefitrookie's Rating

Very good tasting, mixes easily and the price is right. Can't go wrong

This protein is amazing I love the taste and love how it doesnt make ke bloated after I drink it.

yum yum yum before bedtime! high quality, good price. check nutrition facts. you won't be disappointed.

matttrains4real's Rating

I received this product as a sample from Six Star Pro Nutrition. I�ve always used a casein protein before bed since I started training. I can say this is a great supplement and great quality and you cant beat the price. I definitely recommended for someone on a low carb or low calorie diet with a budget. It worked very well for me!

Awesome protein I usually drink at night. Fills me up just right and taste is very nice. Have gotten good results with it. SixStar line is great.

great tasting and mixed well, this product is a must have

Short and to the point...tastes great and does what it promises to do!

I've become a big fan of this stuff, it's a great mix and works great for the price. I usually take it before I go to bed and I wake up hungry so my metabolism is through the roof!

My mom randomly got me this protein for christmas. It was very filling and actually tasted great.

I have the chocolate ISO protien and the vanilla cream also strawberry cream casein protien and I love it!

DaniSanti did not leave a written review for this product.

Good product. Great taste. Mixes really well. Stack it with 10g of L-Glutamine. The only negative I consider it too small for the price ran out to quick.

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