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Supports Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Mass, Increased Metabolism and Appetite Control*

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Pedrosquin18's Rating

Quadralean has been the best thing for fat loss that i have tried!.. this thing really works without making you feel about to have a heart attack or something.. it is pretty natural and works 100%.. tried and thank me later

Thewill09's Rating

Hated this it gave me jitters

Morer1942's Rating

Gave me the jitters

Millas56's Rating

I didn't feel or work out any different from this.

Rorm195's Rating

Rorm195 did not leave a written review for this product.

jfordwilson's Rating

RSP Nutrition's Quadralean stimulant free version is a great way to loose weight and not feel jittery. It does a great job of controlling your appetite and metabolism as well as turning fat into energy.


New Quadralean with more CLA (one of my favorite ingredient 😉 . Its stimulant free so no jittery feeling. More sweat when I exercise.The perfect fat burner

Johnscott16's Rating

I workout 6 days a week but I don't worry about any dieting. I started taking this a few months ago, and I noticed I had a less appetite then I used to have. I started weighing myself and in 2 weeks of using this product I have lost 6 pounds with just going to the gym and taking this supplement! A must buy for everyone!

scrisostomobbc's Rating

So, as an experiment, I wanted to see how much this product really would affect my weight loss. For 2 weeks I did not use any supplements except my post workout shake (cuz who can live without that right?). My weight did not change at all. My new bottle of QuadraLean came in and I used it exactly as directed on the label and I have lost 3lbs in a week and half now. I did not change my workout schedule or my eating habits. All I did was add in QuadraLean! As a little bit of a background I do eat relatively clean and healthy and I workout 6 days a week. But adding this gem to my routine and kicked my metabolism into high gear. And it is amazing that it does this all, stimulant free!

JessicaMcDonald's Rating

I'm so happy to have found Quadra lean! I no longer crave for snacks and it's not so bad when I'm juicing. I have lost over ten pounds and just started a couple weeks. Can't wait to see what's in store when I jump on my servings bottle.

mightyevan's Rating

This is a great add to my regimen of supps. I usually like to stick to one brand and RSP has been great to me. After a couple weeks I already lost 7 pounds. Not just from burning fat but a great assist in diet.

LizzyKerr's Rating

I love the new QuadraLean! I can't believe they were able to fit more ingredientsI these small capsules. Great move and great quality. No jitters or stomach issues at all.

Jakester1995's Rating

I started taking quadra Lean 3 weeks ago and I workout everyday I've seen a positive change I've went down 8lbs since I've stared taking this ! I highly recommend

LaurenP11's Rating

I used to take 2 CLA pills every serving but with the new Quadralean I only need one. I can really feel the difference with the new Quadralean.

Duhe106's Rating

The energy I get is perfect! I've been taking QuadraLean for a few weeks and I love this stuff, I haven't had any issues taking it so far. Cutting more than ever.

RachelsNewStart's Rating

The Quadra Lean has been a great start to my day. I eat a light breakfast and I'm good until lunch. On top of that I always feel I'm I a good mood.

StephMurray's Rating

My metabolism is working better. Perfect weight loss product.

wendyz's Rating

I don't get cravings for snacks at work. I love mixing this with their l-carnitine for the double effect especially mid afternoon before evening workouts.

Reesesspieces's Rating

Love this non stim QuadraLean! It's perfect to stack with their new aminolean. Looking forward to taking this revamped product all summer long.

Marshjo0's Rating

Serious throat burning sensation for an aftertaste.

1-20 of 99 Reviews