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Supports Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Mass, Increased Metabolism and Appetite Control*

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Jamesray95's Rating

Hands down the best stim free fat burner on the market. Helps me get and stay lean during a cut. I highly recommend this to anybody looking to shed that unwanted body fat.

rotbauer's Rating

A definite 10 in my book! Love the fact that it is stimulant free! Always have problems with the others! My body fat is down and sticking with it! Highly recommend it!

mattbo5's Rating

This is the best non-stimulant fat burner out there. Noticed a more defined lean look in my abs and worked well when paired with the RSP L-carnitine and CLA. Definite must-have

mdennis06102's Rating

I really enjoyed this product while on my prep. A caloric deficit is the key to weight loss. The Garciniq Cambogia really helped to surpress my appetite while I was my hungriest. This helped allow me to remain compliant with my macros.

tylermcc94's Rating

Loved this version over the stimulated version. Noticed a more defined lean look in my abs especially. Love it and will definitely use again!

mandojr55's Rating

Qudra Lean is a great product for the $$.. It helps curb appetite, and can see some definition. Certainly worth a try!

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tvo096's Rating

RSP QuadraLean definitely keeps my lean on (no pun intended)!!!! RSP definitely doesn't disappoint with this product! With it being stimulant free, I don't have to worry about pairing it with my pre-workout and going overboard with the caffeine! There are no side effects taking QuadraLean in a consistent basis. It definitely jump starts the fat burning process immediately upon consumption! I highly recommend anyone to give QuadraLean a shot despite where they are in their fitness journey! Results are in RSP QuadraLean!!!!

jmattt's Rating

Love this fat burner! Since its caffeine free, I don't have to worry about this adding caffeine to my daily intake. Use this daily, in addition to some cardio, and your body sheds fat faster. This is a must add for your daily supplements.

jcordero1015's Rating

This is hands down my favorite weight management supplement. Unlike the thermogenic product offered by RSP this one is stimulant free. The appetite suppressant helps with curbing food cravings. This product is so easy to take and there's no side effects other than healthy weigh management. I can take the Quadra Lean Thermogenic in the morning, and then take the stimulant free at night. RSP is definitely my go to for weight management supplements.

melaniedespina's Rating

I love the way it makes me feel during a workout and gives me the perfect amount of energy boost that I need! No jittery feeling which I have had problems with using other fat burners in the past. I truly love this product.

scrisostomobbc's Rating

I really love that RSP products have several different ingredients/functions. This one in particular. It's stimulant free which is great for me. I work night shift 2 days a week and day shift 2 days a week so I need a fat burner that won't keep me awake when I need to try and find time to sleep. This is perfect! I like to switch between this and Lean Omega!

pattiduckers's Rating

I have seen results with this product. I pair it with CLA, a relatively clean diet and 5 days a week in the gym and it's working. I especially like that this product doesn't give me the jitters, which was a big concern I had when I first took this.

mowens134's Rating

Great Product! I have been taking this as directed for the last month and I have lost 10 lbs. It controls my appetite and doesn't make me jittery like other products do. It does bother my stomach to a degree but only in the sense that when I take it on an empty stomach, I feel full. As long as I continue to drink a lot of water, i see no other negative side effects to this though! After reading some reviews on this, it seems like it doesn't work for everyone but I have seen a huge difference with it! Definitely recommend! Great Product and love the RSP Nutrition Brand!

Acherry10's Rating

Great product helps you get those hard to lose pounds off, really helps the shredding process

Ksadya's Rating

I use this when I'm cutting and love it! No jitters or stomach issues like I've had with others. 👍💪

CGTonneas's Rating

I love Quardralean! There is no jitters or the weird feelings that most fat burners give you. Ive beem taking Quadalean since February and combined with a solid workout routine i have dropped 25lbs of bad weight. I really love how i dont have to worry about the heavy caffiene content that other fat burners lean on.

jhinson78's Rating

I have used almost 2 bottles I ordered (BOGO free). Couldn't tell any difference, even with tracked macros and working out. Won't be purchasing again.

misscori55's Rating

This is by far the best fat burner I have used. I am very sensitive to stimulants and this, being stimulant free, is something I can maintain taking daily. I have seen some results (combined with exercise and diet changes) in a short amount of time!

Dzlpwr's Rating

No jitters notice a subtle difference, hard part for me is taking the pills consistently day to day

DanielO8's Rating

This product does exactly what it's supposed too. I don't feel nauseous while on it on any other jitters. Felt great and had lasting energy I highly recommend this product RSP has done amazing things with every supplement they put out!

1-20 of 979 Reviews