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Designed To Convert Fat Into Energy And Promote An Increased Metabolism!*

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mdennis06103's Rating

I took this product while on my prep. It's a great product for the assistance of fat loss. I took this prior to cardio, training and before my last meal. L-Carnitine allows your body to more efficiently use fat as a fuel source. I had a notice difference in my energy levels while training and energy levels are at a premium while in a caloric deficit!

Ewelch21's Rating

I love this product! Paired with CLA and Quadra Lean I have much more energy and more productive workouts. I love RSP!!!

Rorabek's Rating

Did not receive the product, was lost in the road

Tylerstheman's Rating

Great product for cutting weight and looking lean for the summer, noticed fat loss within a couple weeks

KellyeVieten's Rating

I really like this product. I feel it helps me recover and feel energized through my workout without the stimulation from others. Highly recommend

SairaMarin's Rating

This product is amazing! I use it before my workouts all the time , it's an energy booster and reality is I prefer this product over so many more false advertising products out there! It aids with fat burn and definitely gives me s kick when it comes down to cardio tbh , I use it everyday

kcrollins4's Rating

I take this supplement three times a day. I can really feel the soares and a little fatigue during and especially after workouts when I don't take them. Great for muscle recovery!

jmattt's Rating

It's great when you can take a couple of pills to help your body get rid of that fat you're trying to get rid of. Taking L-Carinitine will help you loose that fat daily with a little cardio or a workout.

jfordwilson's Rating

Rsp Nutrition's L-Carnitine is a great product! When I was using it I was hardly sore after my workout. Without being very sore I could get back at it sooner and go harder every time. I would recommend everyone give it a try!

jesseotero93's Rating

Another good RSP product. Definitely, helps give me that extra edge to cut fat, and put on muscle.

tomball718's Rating

This is a great product. I have been stacking this with my QuadraLean for an added boost. Another quality product from RSP

papikevinchi's Rating

The RSP L-Carnitine is like no other formula it has been added to my supplement stack. It provides a great energy boost and is helping me a lot towards my summer time shred program. Def need to add it to your stack or if you are trying to shed those unwanted pounds.

loeric's Rating

RSP L-carnitine has been a great part of my supplement stack. I take it to help me gain endurance and whet fat. I had ACL surgery 4 weeks ago and it has helped me get through my knee therapies as well as be able to get through my afternoon upper body workouts without feeling fatigued. I have also combined with with CLA to help me with controlling my fat intake as I am on limited cardio due to my injury. Definitely recommend this product!!

TrentRobuck's Rating

Great value for the price! I mix this in with RSP CLA and a fish oil supplement 3 times a day. I'm down over 30 pounds in just under 4 months.

ryanrulz2all's Rating

The RSP L-Carnitine is a great product to use all year long, with summer rolling around it def will come in the clutch to get rid of the extra fat you've been storing over winter if you work out and eat clean this formula will def take you to the next step.

scrat2008's Rating

I have been taking this with rsp CLA! I notice a huge change because I pushed past a plateau I hav hit for a few weeks and it helps a lot on a keto based diet!! It helps with energy levels as well!!!


Excellent Product.Gives me that extra pep in my workout and I can take it late without worrying about it keeping me up. Helped shed fat without losing muscle gains...A + !!!!!

JxDA's Rating

I've been using this for the past year or so and am very pleased with it. I take it between between meals but my favorite time to use it is before cardio as it helps tap into fat stores. I always use this whenever I am shredding or cutting weight as it helps me to reduce body fat quicker than just nutrition alone. Overall great product.

wolf122's Rating

Another great product by RSP, and another one that actually works. Nothing like spending your money and getting results you expect! I take this product primarily during my morning workout, while fasted. I time it to immediately after waking up and 45 minutes prior to the workout (I take my preworkout supplement about 30 minutes out, allowing the Carnitine to begin working and stack well). Since adding it on, I have noticed a shift in not so much weight lost, but in fat--I am down 5% bodyfat after four weeks (2-3 grams/day). Nutrition and exercise predominantly have my focus, but adding in supplements (that work) like this from RSP allow me to see results, helping me work even harder.

rios07daniel's Rating

Great product! A must during my cut. im 8 weeks out and down 10% body fat. Currently stacking this with my Quadra Lean and results have been amazing!

1-20 of 247 Reviews