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Designed To Convert Fat Into Energy And Promote An Increased Metabolism!*

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Naomi0228's Rating

It did not help me

kcrollins4's Rating

I am at the end of the first bottle and I'm eagerly waiting on my second to come in the mail. I take a capsule and mix with my preworkout whIle taking another two capsules later in the day with my fish oils and Quadra Lean. I have found it helps with my muscle cramps during workout and post workout. That's means a lot when your job is very demanding on pushing pulling and squating. Thanks RSP for this product!

mattbo5's Rating

As a lover of non-stimulant aids in fat burning, l-carnitine is a must have. Pair with CLA it packs a punch providing the perfect aid i need during a weight cut. It worked well when i paired it with CLA and Quadralean. Great product!

tylermcc94's Rating

Awesome stacked with CLA!! Gets rid of stubborn fat, without the filler crappy ingredients. I personally take this pre-workout 30 minutes before. And it gets your metabolism working as well. I could tell this product plus creatine intake, I was hammering through intense prolonged workouts.

tvo096's Rating

RSP's L-Carnitine is a great addition to my efforts of cutting and building lean muscle! The product aids in increasing my energy levels and metabolism during my workout sessions to maximize my reps and sets without crashing. It helps with converting fat into energy instead of muscle into energy! In addition to it being stimulant free, I have been seeing results when paired with working out on a consistent basis!

jcordero1015's Rating

For anyone looking for an L-Carnitine supplement that will aid with fat loss, look no further. I stack this with the RSP CLA, Quadra Lean, and Amino Lean for the perfect lean stack. I've managed my weight no problem with this product and highly recommend it. RSP's ability to provide great working products, and stimulant free make it a no brainer when buying supplements.

scrisostomobbc's Rating

Great stack-able product. My husband and I use this along with RSP's QuadraLean and CLA. Love that they offer so many products that are stimulant free so they can be taken any time of the day and won't interfere with rest/sleep.

kalbright19's Rating

I started taking this along with a CLA as well as lifting 6 days a week and doing cardio 5, and following a nurtrition plan, I have seen my body change in the last 2 months a great deal. I can't honestly say I know for a fact this has helped but I do believe it has contributed to my transformation thus far. I have not dropped any weight or lost inches, but the changes in my body shape are amazing. I am gaining muscle and leaning out for sure

Kustomphitted's Rating

I have been taking this product for 2 months along with CLA and white kidney bean. And honestly I have NOT dropped a single pound. In fact I've gained about 7 pounds. Not sure if it's muscle as to I don't see any new definition but, swear to goodness I don't feel as though this product works. I was sold on all the positive reviews but, for me this has not worked.

mowens134's Rating

Another great product from RSP! I use this with Quadralean and CLA and have seen great results so far!!

Acherry10's Rating

Another great product from this company. They really know what they're doing when it comes to ingredients and well designed complexes, loving these!

CGTonneas's Rating

Love any RSP products and stacked with CLA and Quadralean i have nothing but good things to show for my efforts. Gotta love American companies!!

mini1nm's Rating

Really good product stacked with Quadra lean. If you can get both I suggest do it so. I enjoy the quality of this product and company. And to make things better, this company is American based and developed for athletes. Win win!

DanielO8's Rating

L-Carnintine is a must when trying to get rid of the unwanted fat during shredding season. This product has helped me drop the fat and keep muscle while using it. It is a quality product that you should really look into if you're trying to cut for the summer.

RalphBriggsJr's Rating

Great solid product! I found fair gains with this product! It was great stacked with CLA and quadralean!


Excellent Product. Gives me that extra pep in my workout and I can take it late without worrying about it keeping me up. Even see a little shedding of fat with this product and regular exercise

RMJ7734's Rating

I take this daily to aid in fat loss and for energy during workouts and cardio. It's simple, has no side effects and can give you a little extra energy when you need it.

mommybitz923's Rating

mommybitz923 did not leave a written review for this product.

drushing08's Rating

Been stacking with quadralean and the product really boosted my cardio and together made the sweat poor! Great product all the way around

TravisKeehan's Rating

Sheds that extra fat off with good amount of cardio and good diet.

1-20 of 198 Reviews