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PrimaForce DAA Reviews

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gingerseed69's Rating

Great value, pure, and i actually like straight shotting (no water) the sour powder! Definitely noticed improvements in testosterone, mostly improvements in my mood and motivation, wayyy better than tribulus or other herbal methods. But users should know increasing testosterone (by about 50% as DAA has been shown to do) does not really effect muscle gain or fat loss unless they are overcoming a test. deficiency. I do not attribute my gains on DAA to a physical increase in test but instead how it effected me mentally. Definitely Worth it! but don't expect this to work like steroids, If your training doesn't progress, neither will you

Bailer52's Rating

I started supplementing with this product about 3 weeks ago. I have used natural test boosters before and decided to purchase and use the active ingredients individually since this approach is cheaper and you get more potent doses of ingredients. After about a week and a half I felt the impact of this product. more restful sleep, faster recovery between workout, better sense of well being and of course stronger erections. The product is Unflavored, however this is misleading as the product does have a taste to it that in my opinion is not good. I work around this however by stacking it with protein powder and milk for my post workout shake. That combo is pretty good. I plan to continue using this brand. Great value for the price.

Brandonpa08's Rating

This is the most effective DAA supplement I have taken. I've tried USPlabs Test powder and Purus D-pol with less results. I start to notice an alpha feeling after 3-4 days. Unlike Other supps this is just DAA and none of the mucuna pruriens (magical velvet bean) crap mixed in. To those who are surprised about a little acne, you must have failed 6th grade health class when they explained hormones. This products benefits outweigh a little back acne. Just make sure you cycle it or you'll feel like crap when you get off of it!

ibbeach01's Rating

This is not about the quality or function of the actual product but a complaint in regards to the container. I don't know who decided to use this particular size container and the accompanying scoop but they were incorrect to move forward with this combination. I am not a large man nor do I have large hands. I found scooping the product from this container with the provided scoop a clumsy task as the scoop handle is not long enough to reach product after half has been used. The opening of the container does not allow my hand access while using the scoop. I had to transfer product to another container to continue using the product. Again this has nothing to do with the product itself but on the container and provided scoop combination

Crixus73's Rating

After reading many reviews about test boosters I have concluded that there is really no answer about what really works! Things cycle through ever so many years to something new. So, being 40 years old I decided to bite the bullet and try one. The new craze is DAA driven boosters. But after cycling for 8 weeks on this booster I could really tell a difference in my lifting! Mental? I don't think so. I'm off of it for now. But will cycle back on it here in a few weeks. This container has enough in it to complete a few cycles. I recommend mixing it with 4 oz of low sugar OJ and 12 oz of water!

Embedded's Rating

The only thing I got from taking this product was diarrhea.

Technoking2013's Rating

I have mixed feelings towards this product. It has been proven to raise testosterone levels temporarily up to 42% then levels drop back to normal after 12-14 days. I cycle it with 2 weeks on and 1 week off. I feel like I do get some minor results using the product. The only downside is after taking it for about 3 days I always break out with intense acne all over my shoulders, upper back, chest and neck. My hygiene and diet is the same. Some articles claim this this due to changing hormone levels. For me, I don't feel like minor results are worth the acne. It may work differently for you.

leanfire69's Rating

This product has become a staple in my supplementation . First price for 300 g container is very reasonable = .25 a serving. This product comes form Gmp certified facility. It's aspertested for potency. Remember not all Daa are true Daa. Some company's use l-aspartic acid. People this is not the same. Dosing is perfect as to all study's 3000mg a dose. The flavor is well no flavor , no bitterness . Just add to a shake and go. Mix ability is great in a shaker or blender but not so just stirred into a liquid ,so just shake it up period. Affectivness is exactly what it is suppose to be . Definetly raises natural t levels. According to lab test about 36% increase . I feel stronger ,leaner and I'm feeling a lot more spontaneous with my wife .

gw165174's Rating

Super gritty, does not mix well. I expected that a little as I have had that happen in the past with straight up aminos and other powders like this, but this was more than usual. Take it w/breakfast and can tell the difference when I train as I usually always train in the a.m. I found the best way is to put it in just like 3 ozs of water and power it down.

thelostdan's Rating

Love how this makes me feel. The taste is very bitter but when I mix it with my pre or post I don't taste it. I've been on DAA for a while now and did not know I had to cycle it. I cycled it for 4 days and felt like crap while off it. This aided my muscle growth and was a perfect price and value for me. I am buying it again!

mribao's Rating

Great product... It really does build muscle. Try it brehhhhhhhh

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laz818's Rating

It works got blood work done b4 and after it raise my free testosterone and testosterone total.

Solfernus's Rating

I felt elevated mood and more aggression using this product. DId not gain size or strength. I am still fighting the breakout this product caused several months later. Due to the skin issues, I am not going to run another cycle.

sergstrong's Rating

sergstrong did not leave a written review for this product.

chrisland97's Rating

Stacking this with tribulus, creatine, and high dosages of glutamine and arginine. Strength has increased dramatically and overall sense of alpha and well being. Very happy for trying DAA. I am thinking of trying some erase or another estrogen blocker combined with DIM. A natural test boost for sure. Well worth the price for a month cycle. Wait 1-2 weeks for results and make sure you rest enough to recover.

1-15 of 15 Reviews
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