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bodybuilder_gym's Rating

Great product. Supports endurance and recovery.

infosupplier's Rating

Hah. This is not flavorless. It'll elicit the same response your 6 yr old self did while eating warheads. Really bitter. It's decent though. I pair it with Beta-Alanine for my pre-workout. Trying it out because I don't like the idea of spending an extra $40 every 2 weeks. These are both cheap and seem to help a little bit. Not on the level of real pre-workouts but I'm just testing the waters.

LaosGuy408's Rating

Added this into my PWO and wow its amazing for me. Must buy for me.

hollmertime10's Rating

Have added to this to my pre workout drink. Was recommended to me by Dr. Wilson and has helped with sustaining a pump through a workout.

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TEAITO's Rating

TEAITO did not leave a written review for this product.

binnibmx5's Rating

i allways add it to my prewourkout, gett pumped up way faster, i definitely recommend it

giraffe123's Rating

I'm stacking the citrulline with yohimbine, caffeine, glutaform, and beta-alanine. I take 2 scoops of citrulline 30 minutes before exercise - it definitely helps my pumps! I would recommend adding an additional flavor source to your preworkout (or to the citrulline) prior to drinking. It IS a little on the bitter side - but that's due to the acidity of the product. I feel like I get great pumps when I take the citrulline - 2 scoops is my sweet spot. This is also great as an individual ingredient for a preworkout because you know EXACTLY what you're getting - there is no proprietary blend matrix to leave you guessing

daveydoo25's Rating

I have seen so many reviews where people are complaining about how this product is "sour", well what do you expect half of the chemical compound to citrulline malate is MALIC ACID. Just because it says it is unflavored does not mean it wont have any taste to it, it just means no flavor was added so quit your b*******. This product works awesome! I use it in my pre workout stack, I usually take 2 scoops and the pump rocks!

jpretamalb's Rating

Not so powerfull in pump, in fact its a low-medium range of pumps.

Versup's Rating

Terrific value for the money for a great NO ingredient but prepare to chug that stuff because it is horrendous. I mean it's really bad.

wmhogg's Rating

As the precursor for arginine, which helps produce nitric oxide (NO), this product works noticeably after only 30 minutes. It provides a better pump than most NO-boosting products I've tried, primarily because the arginine gets broken down by enzymes before it has a chance to work. The citrulline malate in this product seems to work better than just L-citrulline (without the malate).

BeauA's Rating

I bought this several times when it would ship to Canada. Overall an excellent product. Can be taken on its own to increase vascularity and performance, or added to one of your preworkouts that are in most cases underdosed anyways

Tootyne's Rating

Definitly works on me! but yeah, not unflavored at all!

proteus189's Rating

Definitely keep this is a dry place. It will clump up very easily in a humid environment. Also, it's not easy to scoop out, so you may want to put it in a different container (air-tight container).

Jenlift2014's Rating

I have not noticed any benefits from this product. It is supposed to be unflavored but it has a horrible after taste which ruins the taste of my protein shake.

NYC1234578's Rating

NYC1234578 did not leave a written review for this product.

mikeparchen's Rating

I bought this product looking for a product to give me valid vascularity during my workouts and this does not fail needless to say. I've been on a well controlled cut with my trainer for 6 months now so i can notice when a supplement works or does not work when added into my cutting plan. My veins look ridicules when using this. Though i gave the taste a low rating not because i dislike it but because its not unflavored? It tastes like a warhead if any of you guys had the candy.. Its ultra sour lol.. Granted i love it but its not unflavored like described.

ExciteBk's Rating

Quality product. I def get a little more endurance in my strength endurance workouts. It also has the nice side effect of increasing vascularity. Pairs well with Beta Alanine and Cordyceps for cardio/conditioning activities.

BrittonF's Rating

This has been my favorite supplement for the past six months. I've been trying to stay away from pre's, so I stack this with beta alanine, and my BCAAs. My workouts have never been better, and I don't have to worrry about what else is going into my body. Plus, no crash at the end. Yes, the taste is somewhat bitter, but if mixing with juice, or flavored BCAAs, then you have nothing to worry about. I highly recommend this product!

1-20 of 85 Reviews