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PharmaFreak TEST FREAK Reviews

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plaid317's Rating

Helped me bust through a growth plateau at 39 years old. Before trying this, my arm growth went completely flat for 3 months despite changing up my routine. I took this with GH Freak for 1.5 months and gained 1/2" on my arms finally busting my plateau. Gained another 1/4" after a break and 3 weeks of training. Will order again.

BlakerMatthews's Rating

Garbage Product and a waste of money. I took it for 6 weeks and saw no positive results. It Killed my libido, Made my sleep worse, Gave me messed up / violent dreams, and made my urine and sweat stink like syrup. This product may work for others, this is just my experience with it... I absolutely would not recommend this to a friend.

ToxicToshik's Rating

This product works wery well, adding more power to the muscle. Taking it for the first time, thanks, great results if you train a lot, otherwise you won't see results.

mstephenson's Rating

Used the product as directed. Lost 15lbs over the first two weeks and have continued to lean out while maintaining at 200lbs and gain size. My energy level has increased significantly along with my training intensity.

evantoder's Rating

I purchased two bottles which is 240 capsules. The instructions on the bottle say take four pills at night on an empty stomach. No good for me because the last thing I want to do is go to bed on an empty stomach. I figured that might be counter productive for muscle gains. (so I think for myself - shoot me). What I did was take it in the morning when I woke up because my stomach was empty at that point. I would take the Test Freak and wait about 30 minutes to eat. The way I took it was I took 4 pills a day for the first 4 weeks, I then took 6 pills a day for two weeks and then back down to 4 pills a day for the last 10 days or so. Here are MY results: My sexual desire or being ***** did increase dramatically from about the second week on. My max leg press on the 45 degree leg press sled went from 630 lbs (7 plates each side) for three reps to 630 lbs for 10 reps . My leg extension went from a max of the entire stack (200 lbs) for a couple of reps to the entire stack of weights for 10 reps. Lat pulldowns went from a power max of 170 for a few reps to 190 for several reps. Could have been coincidental but I am confident enough it works to try again in July 2014. Read the full review at

jaibarra's Rating

Took this with anabolic freak and gained 5lbs of muscle in a month.

rossoverholt's Rating

rossoverholt did not leave a written review for this product.

harley0313's Rating

Great test boost. I saw some good gains in the gym and added muscle mass. Better sleep. I would recommend this product.

FitforWar's Rating

Great product! Does what it claims to do and effects noticeable after only a week. Definitely a keeper on my shopping list!

mesoman13's Rating

TESTFREAK tf.........Pro-testosterone Compounds I truly Love it. so I take this stuff 30 minutes right before bed time. my goal is to( sleep heavy with great muscle recovery)......How? it helps increase Free Test Levels, it helps increase total test Levels higher in recovery, it helps increase libido and healthier sex drive, it helps promote better sleep and recovery. and aside from having( Vitamin 6, magnesium and Zinc) it also has test complex, DHT Control complex and estrogen control complex...... that's a win Wins for Fat boys Endomorph Guys Like me.

chattinjames's Rating

Had noticeable gains, not a bad product. Will buy it again

reddolla18's Rating

Pretty good product. I cycled off Anabolic Freak into Test Freak and results have remained consistent. I have gotten swole pretty quickly and feel a lot of muscle hardness. Don't really notice a drastic change in libido and sex drive or get random boners like some people do.

randythompson's Rating

I am 51 years of age and this product is not providing the results that most of the men are receiving. I'm going to finish what I have left and not purchase any more. Randy Thompson

OMahdy's Rating

OMahdy did not leave a written review for this product.

BadBoyCapone's Rating

I am 55 years of age, and everyone body is different. For me TEST FREAK was not wrote the money to buy it did nothing for me, I have few pill left, I will talk them only for the hell of it but this product here I would rate a zero. FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maxavely's Rating

This product helped me move past my platue and bulk up as much as.I wanted.

tompihejean's Rating

Good product Good results w/ steady training and consistencty. keep face wash

winky89's Rating

Felt my libido was higher at all times. increased recovery time in between workouts. will use again. also noticed increased endurance throughout my workouts and strength.

fletch50's Rating

Yes I'm a girl, and yes, I used Test Freak in my off season to help me gain more muscle, esp. in my legs and shoulders. I def. noticed an increase in my strength and consequently was able to build some quality muscle due to lifting heavier. Girls shouldn't be scared of this product, if you want to really add some muscle I s****est giving it a try.

daveherr13's Rating

recently, ive evaluated and reviewed several T-Boosting products from various companies and Test Freak scored well in this comparison. i think people get way too caught up in the T-booster hype and expect miraculous gains. well...thats just not going to happen. these ARENT steroids or even PH's....youre not going to pack on 20 lbs of muscle in 60 days or suddenly become a wildman in the bedroom. if youre expecting that then youre going to be disappointed. if you get noticeable improvements in strength and/or libido....consider yourself lucky and well served. i ran an 8 week cycle of Test Freak and by the 3rd week was noticing some muscle growth in the mirror and strength increases on the bar. i had been stuck on a tough plateau and Test Freak helped to push me through it. i also noticed improved sleep patterns and increased daily energy and focus. i had realistic expectations for Test Freak going in and these were nicely met or exceeded by the product. overall, this was a good experience and id gladly recommend Test Freak to anyone asking my opinion.

1-20 of 199 Reviews
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