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shazbugsy's Rating

Back in August I had BEEN TAKING PHARMA TEST FREAK FOR 4 WEEKS EVERY NIGHT AND I HAVE FOUND THAT MY STOMACH IS VERY BLOATED AND PROTRUDES NOW IS THIS A SIDE EFFECT OF THE PRODUCT for anyone else? I still have bloatedness now in October after having stopped the PHARMA TEST FREAK back in August Can anyone relate to this

dslynn123's Rating

this product was the poorest test boost produced ive ever had. Even the six flags test boost produced was better then this by far. And i never received the second produced that was offered in the promotional. I will never buy this producted again.

fast00's Rating

Long over due review.. Having tried many supplements in this category I feel this one stands alone. I felt through the out my run my sleep quality increased, my recovery time went down, and I felt a lot more aggressive through out the day. I managed to remain at my weight, while lowering the fat percentage which I feel is a huge accomplishment . I also smelled a bit like maple syrup when I sweated lol which I didn't mind at all. I will be buying and doing another run stacked with anabolic freak, I recommend this product for anyone looking for a boost, both in and outside the gym.

lordcook's Rating

Best testosterone supplement I've ever used!

evaghefi's Rating

I used a complete bottle of Test Freak, and noticed some elevations of my performance and aggressiveness too. Although these were mild effects, it still appeared to work. at the beginning this supplement gave me some bad cases of diarrhea, but my stomach got used to it after a while and tolerated it much better .

kirby080114's Rating

I hadn't hit any plateaus but I was still able notice gains were made in less time than usual. Nothing crazy intense but the extra gains are there and for a fair price. I took this stacked with PharmaFreak Anabolic Freak.

christopherjcos's Rating

I have been natural bodybuilding taking supplements for years and this is the first time I've given a review on any product just to try to save others 50 bucks. Huge waste of time if anything I feel like my test has dropped. After this I know to take any review on this website with a grain of salt. These guys are either idiots or are getting paid to talk it up I guess. Please I took the time to write this and hear me out brother save your money had no results and legit feel like my test has dropped lol.

RichieLee's Rating

Keeping a steady workout routine I wanted to take a test booster to help increase my strength and endurance. I was recommended to try it especially at my age. As expected my workouts improved being able to throw up more weight at a faster pace with more endurance. I did notice I slept better too when I wake up energized.

ayelen92's Rating

2 1/2 weeks of using this product. Got a boost of energy towards hitting the gym. So far so good! I'll keep up with the updates.

tdonavon8's Rating

Hello fellow health enthusiasts...I have purchased a few bottles of TEST FREAK and I couldn't be happier...Not only is my mood better than it's been in ages, but my gains are definitely way up. It is absolutely a permanent addition to my supplement menu.

uready's Rating

I added this to my stack of pills recently and I have noticed a difference in a lot. I feel more motivated at the gym and my energy levels have gone up. I also noticed an increase in my sex drive.

Minion86's Rating

A great test booster

NathanielAdam's Rating

NathanielAdam did not leave a written review for this product.

nordchristoph8's Rating

nordchristoph8 did not leave a written review for this product.

Rusty513's Rating

I stacked this with GH freak and Anabolic freak and after four weeks I have noticed a positive change in body composition and strength.

Kankuman's Rating

Kankuman did not leave a written review for this product.

Abdullahs1990's Rating

I just wanna point out that some people down here wrote very STUPID comments assuming they are giving an accurate feedback about TestFreak or any other testosterone or GH booster. They compare these products to STEROIDS! seriously????!! Just to clarify the idea, these products are under a category called "supplements & nutrition" while "steroids" are something else totally different and not even related! I don't know exactly how these people think, but the bad results they got identify their mentality ;-)

RoadPigJohn's Rating

Another winner product in my book by utilizing ingredients proved by research to produce higher levels of natural testosterone in the body and it showed to be a realistic product that is not another overhyped advertisement in the market today. With Test Freak I felt new levels strength overall well been and a great to my alpha male ego driving personality. Not your common product and a more realistic supplements that delivers as promised by the designers of it (Pharma Freak). I recommend 100% Test Freak to every sport fan looking to surpass their average performance.

pork_37's Rating

This product I am not sure of, I didn't notice a huge difference while I was taking it. I was wasn't using any other supplements besides protein powder at the time. I am up in the air how I feel.

franchise1124's Rating

I was fortunate enough to be awarded a bottle of Test Freak a short while ago and I must say I'm impressed. The first benefit I noticed was the improved quality of sleep. We all know how beneficial good rest is to our bodies especially when training, so this was a nice plus. I was snowed in for a good portion of the month so I didn't get to work out as frequently as I wanted (does shoveling count?) but I was able to lean out a little and seemingly put on some lean mass. The label alluded to running this product for 8 weeks so I bought another bottle to see how it goes- I'm hoping the positive effects I've experienced so far continue!

1-20 of 242 Reviews