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Mychaelq's Rating

I felt amazing, it heightened my endurance and strength.. Thumbs up.

johnvan12's Rating

I follow a very simple supplement routine which includes a test booster, protein and a multi vitamin.My protein and multi-vitamin has always been the same but I have consistently changed Test Boosters. Throughout the years I have used SixStar Test Boosters, Musclepharm, Muscletech, Cellucor, Nugenix, Novex Biotech and tons of others. In just a few weeks of using PharmaFreak Test Freak I feel absolutely amazing. Test Freak has pushed me past my personal peak. My muscles are harder and more defined. My strength has increased, sex drive is increasing and I feel like a million bucks. I highly recommend this product as a former semi pro athlete and as an individual that is constantly pushing for more.

lowroller21212's Rating

Decent test booster with solid ingredients, I found the libido to be profound and peaking at 2.5 weeks, started off stronger within the first week. Stacked it alongside GH Freak for improved sleep. Got the chance to log it might work better on some people it was ok with me.

ecxtimmy's Rating

Test Freak is another great natty test booster, providing Fenugreek and Tribulus as well as DHT and Estrogen support. I starting noticing the effects after only about 1 week, libido increaser was very noticeable!!! Test Freak and Anabolic Freak when taken together provide the best you can get from Natty T boosters!!!

bmarchia's Rating

I used Test Freak, Anabolic Freak, and GH Freak as one muscle building stack. Over the course of the product I saw strength gainz in my lifts and was very happy with my results. I felt more aggressive in the gym and my energy levels were high. My sleep at night was great even if I only got a couple hours, I still woke up feeling refreshed. During my time on the products I was still cutting weight and remaining in a caloric deficit but was able to keep my strength up and even lift heavier in some of my lifts. A great muscle building combo right here!

jeremyacox's Rating

So this was my first time taking a test booster and it changed how I see them now. I could tell within a few days that my libido had increased and I felt just more confident and aggressive in the gym. I only needed shorter rest periods in the gym and could easily get amped up for a hard lift. I also stayed at the same weight for the 30 days I took it and leaned out as well. I saw some definition in the shoulders and arms and also looked bigger as well. This is a product that works and does what it says. I will be looking to add this to my stack very soon.

Truogre's Rating

Got caught up in the hype (the box rocks). Purchased two of the large boxes, used them both with no real result felt. What works for some may not work for everyone. My other complaint was the amount of capsules digeted...I mean 4, really? But if your in to that kind of thing, go for it :)

navycook2's Rating

Hey everyone was wondering if this would be a decent stack Test Freak, Ripped Freak, Amino Freak, and maybe the Greans Freak? I am thinking about picking this up just want some thoughts. The Reviews seem to be pretty good. Thanks!

Mu5555's Rating

I used the free trial size for 7 days and didnt notice anything, I aslo had it stacked with DAA

mikespgh1986's Rating

love this product .. only 4 pills right before bed and I've noticed and increase in strength , reps and size.. Muscles are thicker and harder

Technoking2013's Rating

Personally I don't like this product. It lowered my libido and contains all sorts of random chemicals. I gained roughly the same muscle as before I took this product.

moon90's Rating

Took this as part of the stack with Anabolic Freak and GH Freak and was happy with the gains, Combining all 3 worked awesome! Great test booster!

frankcimino's Rating

The last time I used this was when they had the buy two get one free deal. To be honest 110$ + shipping for three bottles is asking kind of a lot. When you take the pills they smell like maple syrup and when you go to the bathroom it too smells like it. As far as results go in my honest opinion they really didn't do anything for me that a simple test booster couldn't. Get some D acid and some tribulus and it was about the same IMO. If you look at it as a simple test booster then it does what it says, don't expect steroid like gains because it isn't going to happen unless you have low T naturally and even then....come on guys. I give it a 7 simply because of price. Drop it down to the 30$ mark and it would be an easy 9. I hope this helped you all out and if you have seen results different from myself message me and let me know. Thanks

Asm355's Rating

Asm355 did not leave a written review for this product.

abulcke's Rating

The best Pro-Test product I have ever used! I took 4 pills at night every night and experienced overall gains in my major lifts, muscle hardness and some fat loss. I have been training extremely hard but I can easily say Test Freak helped me along the way!

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Hsiam's Rating

I bought this product up to the reviews , but it didn't work for me at all didn't help with strength and didn't help to gain any muscle mass and didn't help to sleep 2 , and something very important that I noticed it make your sweat smells real bad and nasty , and also it's so expensive , just waste of money and gives a bad smell

PharmaFreak1's Rating

I am just chiming in here because PT JEFFERY has provided some misinformation about Test Freak. This formula has never been changed before. The packaging has been changed before, but never the formula. It is also not designed as a sleep aid. We have GH Freak that will help with sleep and recovery, but Test Freak is a true testosterone booster with the most proven testosterone boosting ingredients. Just needed to correct this. Thanks all.

mo06sm82's Rating

I started taking this a few months back. Great results so far. Libido increase and energy are some of the great benefits I have experienced.

ptjeffrey's Rating

I found that I got better results from Test Freak when I took it a couple years ago, before the formulation was changed. Yes folks it's different now. I'm not saying this stuff is horrible but it sure leaves a lot to be desired. I didn't feel any noticeable increase in my energy or libido, but it did make me feel tired a lot. A true test booster should increase your energy, drive, and libido. Which in turn helps you achieve gains in and out of the gym. Anyone who thinks a Test booster should make you tired and sleepy, doesn't know what a Test booster really is and they're probably getting ripped off.

navadiskaya's Rating

I'm stacking TEST FREAK with ANABOLIC FREAK and GH FREAK, so, the review for the three products will be the same. I'm 38y old and have been training intensively for quite a while. I took a lot of supplements. Protein and creatine are the best, for sure. For the first time I decided to take some TEST booster. The dose isn't the best. 4 pills before bed means a lot of water. While taking TEST FREAK you'll also smell like some stinking herb. Expect complaints from your wife. About the results. Yes it did work for me. I'm not a young man anymore, so, TEST boosters will have some effect after you turn 35. If you're very young do not expect visible results. You already produce some significant amount of TEST. I did not notice an increase in strength though. Maybe it could be my training routine. I focus more on the form of exercise and muscle exhaustion rather than force. The number of plates is quite irrelevant for me. My diet is consistent. I usually stay 250-400 cal above my daily caloric intake needs, with moderate consumption of carbs and high protein. Finally: I do recommend it, but don't expect miracles. TEST boosters are not synthetic steroids.

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