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Amino Acids Are Essential To Support Lean Muscle Growth And Overall Health!*

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Olax2000's Rating

These aminos are great. Soft gels are very easy to swallow because the surface is very smooth. Real help in recovery from hard trainings. After training these are obligatory choice, but also it's smart and take them 20 minutes before training (according to recent research). Excellent price.

NitroFueled's Rating

Giant tablets, however they are easy to swallow. Five day workout regimen and fatigue is not present, so I guess this product is working well.

benspencer9's Rating

Good product for a good price.

strive4me's Rating

it works... !! only thing i dont like is size..!!

ykurdi did not leave a written review for this product.

dicenice's Rating

Faster gain... I chew them... they taste good... Try it! :)

joshuahcookbody's Rating

This is a great way to get your BCAA and other non essential amino acids. Make sure you buy the capsules as their are also the tablets and soft gels to choose from. The tablets are too big to swallow, I don't really recommend them unless you break it up and turn it to power with a mortar and pestle. The soft gels are still a bit large but the capsules are perfect, plus you also get some carnitine and ornithine. So if your looking to get the amino acids you need for muscle growth this is the best product and is reasonably priced. I'm a committed Optimum Nutrition customer as every product I have used from them has been of very good quality. So for the price and the quality your best going with this brand.

Gaitholabi's Rating

the tablets are kind of big I almost chocked 3 times using it. I was shocked when I knew the product isn't Free-form amino acids my bad I didn't read the label. other than this it is typical 2g of protein per serving

bigppapumpp's Rating

I have been using this product consistently for two years in combination with a clean six meal a day diet, heavy training and have made some "FREAKY" gains. I could care less about the tablet size. I Just swallow them down with tons of water and don't complain.

Scottland222's Rating

It Works!! SoftGels are easier to swallow.

dharris87's Rating

I LOVE this product. I feel like it GREATLY speeds recovery, the only BCAA product I like more is BSN's Amino X. I choose to take this product over Amino X because it gives me less liquids to drink (I already drink 1.5 to 2 gallons of water daily on top of pre-workouts, proteins, creatine, etc...) and is easy for me to take. It REALLY helps with the post-workout burn. Only "complaint" is that the pills are HUGE. Everybody think's I'm taking Horse Steroids or something when I take this. HIGHLY Recommended (unless you can't take large pills).

chrisj64's Rating

Bodybuilders can be such babies. They're to big..... They are not. I swallow them two at a time. Quick and easy.

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adolly147's Rating

adolly147 did not leave a written review for this product.

ChancyW's Rating

I also struggled with the size of these pills so I decided to grind them and add them to my pre- (and post) workout shakes because, in all honesty, you simply can't beat the price! For a little background on my workouts, my main focus is on powerlifting and I use powerlifting programs. My main goal in my workouts is to gain strength. I have taken the aminos for about 8 months now and I can still feel when I forget to take them. My muscles are significantly more sore and tight when I haven't taken the pills. When I do take them, I barely even get sore, no matter how strenuous the workout. I highly recommend these pills! Just take a few seconds and grind them if they are too big to swallow. Besides, taking them with food will help them to be absorbed more readily. Bottom line--They work.

martdj79's Rating

Reading review I always hope to get information about efficiency rather then size and taste. So I can't say anything about it. The only thing I s****est those who found tablets too big blend(mill,grind) it to the powder. Very nice trick to have cheap and nice product. Let;s discuss it

Octalena's Rating

Ive never done a review on BB.com before but I was so impressed by this product I just had to do one. My glutes and ham tie in were screaming for the past two days. Not only did I push myself during my leg workout last night while enduring such agony, but when I woke up I was still feeling very sore and could barely walk straight. That is until I finally used this product. Even though I hate how HUGE these amino tabs are. I had to break them in half just to swallow it. :-/ However, within a short amount of time, I could barely feel my muscle soreness in my glutes. I even danced around a little in my office today at work! LOL I will definitely take these again before and after my workout as it is suggested. Bravo ON!

sheabourgeois's Rating

I can not rate the performance of this product because I am unable to swallow these "Easier to swallow" pills. They are huge and extremely difficult to swallow. The few times I have been able to swallow the 2 pill serving, at least one of them leaves my throat scratched. I am very disappointed, this was a waste of my money.

drsami222's Rating

drsami222 did not leave a written review for this product.

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