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Optimum Nutrition Superior Amino 2222 Reviews

Amino Acids Are Essential To Support Lean Muscle Growth And Overall Health!*

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Gaitholabi's Rating

the tablets are kind of big I almost chocked 3 times using it. I was shocked when I knew the product isn't Free-form amino acids my bad I didn't read the label. other than this it is typical 2g of protein per serving

bigppapumpp's Rating

I have been using this product consistently for two years in combination with a clean six meal a day diet, heavy training and have made some "FREAKY" gains. I could care less about the tablet size. I Just swallow them down with tons of water and don't complain.

Scottland222's Rating

It Works!! SoftGels are easier to swallow.

dharris87's Rating

I LOVE this product. I feel like it GREATLY speeds recovery, the only BCAA product I like more is BSN's Amino X. I choose to take this product over Amino X because it gives me less liquids to drink (I already drink 1.5 to 2 gallons of water daily on top of pre-workouts, proteins, creatine, etc...) and is easy for me to take. It REALLY helps with the post-workout burn. Only "complaint" is that the pills are HUGE. Everybody think's I'm taking Horse Steroids or something when I take this. HIGHLY Recommended (unless you can't take large pills).

chrisj64's Rating

Bodybuilders can be such babies. They're to big..... They are not. I swallow them two at a time. Quick and easy.

beoo did not leave a written review for this product.

adolly147's Rating

adolly147 did not leave a written review for this product.

ChancyW's Rating

I also struggled with the size of these pills so I decided to grind them and add them to my pre- (and post) workout shakes because, in all honesty, you simply can't beat the price! For a little background on my workouts, my main focus is on powerlifting and I use powerlifting programs. My main goal in my workouts is to gain strength. I have taken the aminos for about 8 months now and I can still feel when I forget to take them. My muscles are significantly more sore and tight when I haven't taken the pills. When I do take them, I barely even get sore, no matter how strenuous the workout. I highly recommend these pills! Just take a few seconds and grind them if they are too big to swallow. Besides, taking them with food will help them to be absorbed more readily. Bottom line--They work.

martdj79's Rating

Reading review I always hope to get information about efficiency rather then size and taste. So I can't say anything about it. The only thing I s****est those who found tablets too big blend(mill,grind) it to the powder. Very nice trick to have cheap and nice product. Let;s discuss it

Octalena's Rating

Ive never done a review on BB.com before but I was so impressed by this product I just had to do one. My glutes and ham tie in were screaming for the past two days. Not only did I push myself during my leg workout last night while enduring such agony, but when I woke up I was still feeling very sore and could barely walk straight. That is until I finally used this product. Even though I hate how HUGE these amino tabs are. I had to break them in half just to swallow it. :-/ However, within a short amount of time, I could barely feel my muscle soreness in my glutes. I even danced around a little in my office today at work! LOL I will definitely take these again before and after my workout as it is suggested. Bravo ON!

sheabourgeois's Rating

I can not rate the performance of this product because I am unable to swallow these "Easier to swallow" pills. They are huge and extremely difficult to swallow. The few times I have been able to swallow the 2 pill serving, at least one of them leaves my throat scratched. I am very disappointed, this was a waste of my money.

drsami222's Rating

drsami222 did not leave a written review for this product.

TonyBarnard's Rating

TonyBarnard did not leave a written review for this product.

Akhildogra3's Rating

Akhildogra3 did not leave a written review for this product.

kicker079's Rating

I like this product just a little big but honestly its not that big a deal!

mastif123's Rating

This Product is good i took it few month's ago but i didn't used it because size of tablet's. I Found one way to use them Mix it in your blend with 300 ml Water and when it's all crushed put in shaker and mix it with Protein. I know we have a amino in whey but you will see when you drink them alone without any taste it sucks. I Use 4 tab after workout with protein, in this way i feel relaxed after workout and speed recovery is good. I Recommend this Product.

MaknProgress's Rating

I used to order this all of the time during my previous health kick (2 years ago). My boyfriend informed me that aminos will help burn fat and preserve muscle. I like the product but am not a fan of swallowing so many pills to get a good dose. I prefer powder.

Roman909's Rating

Easy to use. Fell the power. Recommend

aidanweltner's Rating

Works great and you can't beat the price. But the tablets are a little hard to swallow. Nothing that you can't get used to

BulkingPaul97's Rating

Great Asset For Recovery! Get The soft Gels because the Hard pills are impossible to swallow!!

1-20 of 222 Reviews
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