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Optimum Superior Amino 2222 Reviews

Amino Acids Are Essential To Support Lean Muscle Growth And Overall Health!*

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TonyBarnard's Rating

TonyBarnard did not leave a written review for this product.

Akhildogra3's Rating

Akhildogra3 did not leave a written review for this product.

kicker079's Rating

I like this product just a little big but honestly its not that big a deal!

mastif123's Rating

This Product is good i took it few month's ago but i didn't used it because size of tablet's. I Found one way to use them Mix it in your blend with 300 ml Water and when it's all crushed put in shaker and mix it with Protein. I know we have a amino in whey but you will see when you drink them alone without any taste it sucks. I Use 4 tab after workout with protein, in this way i feel relaxed after workout and speed recovery is good. I Recommend this Product.

MaknProgress's Rating

I used to order this all of the time during my previous health kick (2 years ago). My boyfriend informed me that aminos will help burn fat and preserve muscle. I like the product but am not a fan of swallowing so many pills to get a good dose. I prefer powder.

Roman909's Rating

Easy to use. Fell the power. Recommend

aidanweltner's Rating

Works great and you can't beat the price. But the tablets are a little hard to swallow. Nothing that you can't get used to

BulkingPaul97's Rating

Great Asset For Recovery! Get The soft Gels because the Hard pills are impossible to swallow!!

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yask22's Rating

good product I'v been using this Amino for about one year in the Tablets form and it was not bad the only dwonside is the size of the Tablets it was too big. NOW I switched to the Capsules form and i have no problems with it at all, it helps to keep fueling my body with Amino Acids which sustain Muscles and helps on Recovery

Roman6552's Rating

Roman6552 did not leave a written review for this product.

gagua's Rating

i love this

caporal's Rating

No results from it. Ops, worse. The result is. I lost 50 dollars. After try to take it and read the reviews, I put the bottles in the trash. The pills are huge, hard to swallow. How can they say "easy to swallow" ? By whom ? A horse ? I didnt want to take the chance and end up in a hospital or worse, so I really recommend. Dont buy this product. They should make smaller pills, even if you have to take 6 of them like other brands do. What a shame !!

HNIJEM's Rating

I bought the Amino 2222 tablets as the price looked like the best deal! I love the amino blend in this product, but as for the tablet size? the tabs are HUGE and very hard to swallow. i never got choke with tabs as some members did, but i definitely need to focus and drink plenty of water whenever i take them. It would be great if they can make the same product with a smaller tablets size and take 4 tabs as a serving instead of 2

xXRagnarokXx1's Rating

Taking two caplets a day definitely sped up recovery. Only downsides to these are that they ARE somewhat large caplets, and they smell slightly fishy.

Shokmohd's Rating

Really ilove this 2222 its work instantly you will feel that during aveiw of days oooh

joshua336's Rating

They are easy to chew up break in half and chew no problem but the I agree size is stupid

KiloCarcajou's Rating

To start, I bought these because they were the cheapest per dose of anything I could find. I even bought two bottles because they were half off. I kinda regret that. The bottle says "easy to swallow 2-pill serving" That is like saying Everest is just a small hill in your backyard. These things are huge, and for the first few times taking them I would gag or even cough them back up. I got used to them after a bit and only had issues with them once in a while, until this morning when I went to take some and they got stuck in my throat, causing severe pain. For 15 minutes I was hunched over a bowl in agonizing pain, gagging and dry-heaving, coughing up bloody mucous and just generally not having a good time. The only reason I didn't give these a 1/10 is that they are cheap for what you get out of them. But seriously ON? You couldn't maybe make these pills smaller, and just have us take a 4 pill serving? I'm not about to leave ON for another company but it baffles me that someone approved these things. I can swallow pills easier than anyone I've met, people think its weird...yet these are too much. I wouldn't give these to a horse.

Ahadsami's Rating

Ahadsami did not leave a written review for this product.

gw165174's Rating

I tried the softgels the first time I bought these, now tried the tabs. its funny the bottle says new smaller tab size, yet they are bigger than the other tab I have trie d(met-rx) I like to have these handy when I'm on the go to make sure I get my aminos in when I don't have time to snack/make a shake, it's better than not getting anything in at all.

Ryanmlee's Rating

I really love this Optimum Nutrition product. 2.2 grams per tablet in each BCAA is awesome. I love the quality and the simplicity of this product coupled with the fact you can get 320 for about $15, a great price compared to others on the market. I have never been disappointed with Optimum Nutrition. The ONLY downside is these really are big tablets. The about as long as an almond and about as tall as a deck of cards. If you an inability to swallow very large tablets I would go with the soft-gels or smaller dosage BCAAs from Optimum Nutrition or you could go with whey protein if you have a total pill intolerance... Just remember to take into account many whey proteins have more than just amino acid blends.

1-20 of 210 Reviews
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