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Slamios did not leave a written review for this product.

Expensive, but great for purpose. Post or peri-workout protein for myself (a "hardgainer"/high-metabolism male) this stuff is awesome. Super quick and filled with all the good stuff INCLUDING Creatine, Betaine and some Aminos. It is expensive BUT it includes a typical serving of quality creatine, it also includes a decent serving of betaine and it contains a serving of BCAAs. So there's three other things you can use less of... Swings and roundabouts. Spend money here to save money there. I highly recommend Hydrobuilder to anyone needing a fast-absorbing protein.

charlee1985's Rating

I used this product for over a week now. I take 1 scoop 1hr before work out and 1 scoop after. It gave me that extra push in the gym, moved all my weights around 5kg up after the first week. The taste is not as good but still drinkable.

Rodrigoaiki's Rating

I dont have doubts about tha quality of this protein, it has everything you need, but the taste is terrible, i swallow in one round to avoid the very sweet and sickening flavor.

I honestly think this product tastes good. I went with Vanilla Bean because you can mix it with berries, fruit, or even a squirt of chocolate if you desire. I use this and Syntha 6 and have had great results. I think this is one of the most complete proteins for the money.

This thing tastes horrible. I am a huge ON fan. But you can't drink this thing. So disgusting. The concept of the product is great. A complete muscle building formula. And it would have been huge if it tasted good enough to drink. But once you have this you just want to throw up. I only had one scoop of it. I gotta throw away the rest now. Waste of money.

rickharvey35's Rating

I wasn't really impressed with the Hydro Builder. I was excited because the label looked good, but it tasted awful and it didn't mix well. It clumped a lot. This is better off in a shaker cup than a watter bottle. Over all in the last six months, I've tried five different proteins. This one is at the bottom of my list.

Mitch2018's Rating

is that I need a protein to gain mass and see me the energy for other activities. My exercise routine is intense because I want to win a lot of mass. then I am among Gaspari MyoFusion advanced and On Platinum Hydro Builder. which of these 2 gives me more services per boat. energy and amino acids. which you prefer.

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deflegend did not leave a written review for this product.

The taste / consistency honestly kills this product.

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UniRider did not leave a written review for this product.

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This post workout is the best. I feel really recovered after the gym with this product, it just work awesome. The flavor is excellent. Really recomended!!!!. Remember to wash your shaker after drinking this or it will leave a bad smell in a matter of minutes later. Excellent product!!!

Thick but gained more with this protein then I ever have with any other

mkarar213's Rating

it's taste so bad but it did the job i had gain 1.5 kg muscle mass in one month while im using it off course that's was with good diet & workout

Im not a chocolate anything fan, so always looking for other favors. Vanilla is ok, but the strawberry is actually quite good. Iron Gator.

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mpaladino1984 did not leave a written review for this product.

goldenfish's Rating

Best protein to gain mass. Look at the ingredients. although chocolate tastes bad but I think because of its ingredients,

campomanes's Rating

I just started using Hydrobuilder and I totally enjoy how easy it mixes/dissolves. Chocolate flavor is great. I have been gaining more muscle but I think it is because I have increased my training regimen and intensity. I believe my gains are a combination of using this product and tweaking my workouts.

MaazPakistan's Rating

Oooh My god …! what a product is this I really like it ..my muscles reached at its peak I hv gain huge size but it will work with clean diet .. what a superb result i hv never seen it before….i highly recommend to those who want gain lean muscles with size but clean diet is must… Regards/Maaz

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