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40 Active Ingredients and Essential Daily Nutrients in One*

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ttesso's Rating

Quality Multivitamin with most of the essentials

Rootabega63's Rating

Rootabega63 did not leave a written review for this product.

bluegurl2005's Rating

Take these on a daily bases ... Seems to work good

yonuh89's Rating

Great multi-vitamin! I'm a gal that does her research and this vitamin does nearly everything for me. It has the full amount of iron, vitamins A,C,D, and E and the twice daily dosing ensure better digestion. As a female and pescitarian, the iron and other vitamins are really important and the twice daily dosing ensures superior digestion. The garcinia enhances my metabolism and as an added bonus I've noticed my hair and nails grow faster (no joke) thanks to biotin. I combine the multi I take fish oil and calcium but honestly it has saved me lots of $ by being a nearly complete multi-vitamin. Highly recommend!

IngyGetsFit's Rating

Opti-Women is my go-to multivitamin supplement. It has everything I need and is a great price. I really recommend this to other ladies.

GirlonFya's Rating

I love the energy level this vitamin provides. The OptiWomen vitamin has also improved my skin, hair and nails.

melaniebaez7's Rating

tried these before a work out and yielded great results :)

Brownskunk's Rating

Brownskunk did not leave a written review for this product.

ajcpal's Rating

This vitamin is great!!! There is a huge difference between the Opti-Women vitamin and the old vitamins I used to take. I literally feel so great when I take this everyday. Highly recommend to all the ladies.

lamb_'s Rating

One of the best multi-vitamins out there!

wendyt427's Rating

I was in the market for a better multi-vitamin. The women's vitamin that I was taking didn't seem to give me the energy and focus that I needed. I started taking this about 7 days ago and I must admit there is a huge different in my energy level. I am no longer getting tired at mid day or mid afternoon. I work 10 hr days and need all the focus, energy and alertness I can get and so far this is doing it. The only draw back that I see with this vitamin that I have never experienced before is that it makes me very thirsty. And I drink nothing but water, at least 80+ ounces a day. But I will continue to use this product. I have noticed a big difference in how I feel.

DaniBlocker's Rating

Love this for my daily vitamin!

PitbullGirl1990's Rating

Since I've been taking this supplement I've had an increased energy levels and great results , I would for sure recommend this product

Daliokas's Rating

Daliokas did not leave a written review for this product.

mcgriff09's Rating

This is a must have. For women who are bodybuilding and strengthening, you need this. Stop buying the cheap multivitamins and put some money into great products. I take them before I go to bed. My body feels refresher and like a well oiled machine. One of my favorite products by ON. I am an O.N. customer for life.

sunnie0115's Rating

I have been using this multi since February. the best mutli i have taken in a long time. does wonders for my hair, skin and energy level. I keep it stocked.

mgtsolis's Rating

I love taking this product. I've never been one to add a vitamins to my routine, but these are so easy to take. I like that it has folic acid, because I would still like to have another pregnancy in the future. There's no ugly flavor and the only side effect is see is a deep yellow color in urine. That actually makes me want to drink more water.

jessann8822's Rating

I am unsure on this one. It makes my urine a very deep yellow color - I am sure it is this as I have phased out other items to see which was causing this. I have not noticed an increase in energy either.

boothesavage's Rating

boothesavage did not leave a written review for this product.

sexxysallylifts's Rating

sexxysallylifts did not leave a written review for this product.

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