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40 Active Ingredients and Essential Daily Nutrients in One*

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victoria9902's Rating

I love this vitamin!! I have tried so many others and this one makes me feel great. Plus it is easy to swallow and you can't be the cost. Highly recommend!

chinyong's Rating

bought this for my wife. reasonably priced and much better than the men's version that will turn dark after a few days of opening the bottle.

mkrue's Rating

Everytime a friend tells me to check out their vitamins, opti has a ton more variety. Hey also tend to have better percentages without being obnoxiously high amounts (no 20,000% vitamin c or anything). Definitely an optimum nutrition fanatic.

thompsonj118's Rating

The profile of this vitamin is awesome. It was first recommended to me by a Popeye's manager as it is what he gets his female family members to take. The price on bodybuilding.com is much better than what I can find locally. I notice a difference in energy levels when I run out of this and I do not notice any negative side effects with prolonged usage.

amyzingjones's Rating

I prefer the 120 count, the smaller bottle runs out too fast. Easy to take, I've used these for almost a year. I have an autoimmune disease and I feel better when I take these regularly.

DelaA's Rating

I like this dietary supplement so far because it help replenish my body of any vitamin I am missing in my diet. I usually take in the morning 2 capsules with my breakfast. I being taking it almost 2 month now. I noticed an increased energy. I usually take it with breakfast for better absorption.

heatherjay23's Rating

Best multi-vitamin I have ever tried. Go ahead and try to find a better women's multi-vitamin, because you won't be able to. When comparing labels, ingredients, or how I feel when taking a multi, Opti-Women wins every time. I have been using Opti-Women for over 5 years now.

HeatherJoS's Rating

This is my favorite vitamin supplement. I take 2 capsules at night and wake up feeling refreshed and energetic. I sleep better and wake up better and believe this is giving my body the nutrients I need to heal and perform at my best.

nicolelindseyj's Rating

great multivitamin for everyday! Really helps increase my energy levels too! I recommend this multi to all my friends, the price is right too!

FJay's Rating

it's a good multivitamine that can be used on a daily bases to boost your immune system

Naomi84's Rating

Naomi84 did not leave a written review for this product.

KittyTreets's Rating

These are a pretty good multi-vitamin and seem to be better for my sensitive stomach.

Sanura's Rating

Great multivitamin! I love that I don't experience stomach problems when I take them and it doesn't cause funky scented urine. You're still going to get the neon yellow color that we've all come to expect from a vitamin, but that goes without saying. I take mine midday right before the 2pm drag can hit me and it keeps me going even through the most boring of days. Plus, it's always such a good price.

dl1983's Rating

Great everyday multivitamin, very cost friendly with everything you need in a daily multi, whether you workout or not, reviewing this for my girlfriend, and she likes it alot! Only required to take 2 a day as well so its very affordable. Optimum never dissappoints.

Healthspiration's Rating

This is the best Multi-vitamin I have ever taken. It is also the only one that has not made me queasy, I feel energized and I definitely noticed a difference when I missed a day.

Laurenirick's Rating

Use exactly what it's for! Supplementation! I eat a healthy variety, but just covering all my bases here by utilizing a DV. I also like Opti-Women uses Calcium citrate which has a better absorption rate!

RacheliftsJk's Rating

RacheliftsJk did not leave a written review for this product.

pinaychild's Rating

This is one of the few multi vitamins I feel comfortable taking. Always with a full tummy.

FitGirlKaty's Rating

I really like the ingredients on the label but at times, this product can really upset my stomach. Generally I don't have problems with this but for some reason this product can. I am a huge optimum fan regardless based on great products and trusting company

Kathleen Tesori's Rating

Multivitamin – I take once daily with breakfast or lunch. It can be tough to get all the needed essential vitamins and minerals through food each day, so I take a multivitamin to supplement and try to achieve complete nutrition. Being an Athlete with a crazy work schedule I have to be more cautious about my immune system and I know I do not get enough through food. This multi-vitamins you only need to take once a day which makes it so much easier to remember. I also like that is multi is a capsule because it dissolves quickly which leads to less waist. I notice a positive difference in my hair and nail growth and strength when using this vitamin.

1-20 of 258 Reviews