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40 Active Ingredients and Essential Daily Nutrients in One*

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Hyoona's Rating

Hyoona did not leave a written review for this product.

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yukarihamaoka did not leave a written review for this product.

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ajon0987's Rating

Love this multi-vitamin. Great energy, easy to swallow, easy on the stomach... only crazy thing is, it makes your pee a neon-yellow color, even though I drink a gallon of water throughout the day. Its ok though, I know my body is absorbing all it needs and getting rid of the rest. I will be a purchaser forever. Thanks ON!

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Snuggs2123's Rating

Great Multi Vitamin for woman. What a huge difference in my skin, in my recovery, and overall feeling of good. My go to Multi Vitamin

beckja1988's Rating

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sasha124's Rating

Love this stuff perfect to get all my vitamins in daily!

briscoemeghan's Rating

This is my fav protein powder!the taste is similar to a milk shake .my kids are always begging me to make it soo that they can steal a taste it two!i would def recommend to anyone that's trying to loose healthy weight and gain muscle .i drink one shake in the am and another at night for dinner !!thanks for making such a wonderful product u can't go wrong wit this one !!

BellaValerina's Rating

Love this high potency multi vitamin and mineral product. Ideal capsule formula. I've used this for many years. This fills in the gaps when I'm dieting to provide a better Daily nutrient profile. I do add 10000 iu of D3 as well.

victoria9902's Rating

I love this vitamin!! I have tried so many others and this one makes me feel great. Plus it is easy to swallow and you can't be the cost. Highly recommend!

meganpohlman's Rating

I have tried several multivitamins and had a lot of trouble with feeling nauseas. After reading the reviews I decided to buy the opti-women and have been impressed I do not feel sick at all I tend to feel more energetic and I can notice when I don't take it.

omione's Rating

I have been taking these multi-vitamins for a few year and feel great! They are easy to swallow and do the job!! I will continue to purchase them. THANK you ON!!

chinyong's Rating

bought this for my wife. reasonably priced and much better than the men's version that will turn dark after a few days of opening the bottle.

mkrue's Rating

Everytime a friend tells me to check out their vitamins, opti has a ton more variety. Hey also tend to have better percentages without being obnoxiously high amounts (no 20,000% vitamin c or anything). Definitely an optimum nutrition fanatic.

thompsonj118's Rating

The profile of this vitamin is awesome. It was first recommended to me by a Popeye's manager as it is what he gets his female family members to take. The price on bodybuilding.com is much better than what I can find locally. I notice a difference in energy levels when I run out of this and I do not notice any negative side effects with prolonged usage.

amyzingjones's Rating

I prefer the 120 count, the smaller bottle runs out too fast. Easy to take, I've used these for almost a year. I have an autoimmune disease and I feel better when I take these regularly.

DelaA's Rating

I like this dietary supplement so far because it help replenish my body of any vitamin I am missing in my diet. I usually take in the morning 2 capsules with my breakfast. I being taking it almost 2 month now. I noticed an increased energy. I usually take it with breakfast for better absorption.

heatherjay23's Rating

Best multi-vitamin I have ever tried. Go ahead and try to find a better women's multi-vitamin, because you won't be able to. When comparing labels, ingredients, or how I feel when taking a multi, Opti-Women wins every time. I have been using Opti-Women for over 5 years now.

HeatherJoS's Rating

This is my favorite vitamin supplement. I take 2 capsules at night and wake up feeling refreshed and energetic. I sleep better and wake up better and believe this is giving my body the nutrients I need to heal and perform at my best.

1-20 of 269 Reviews