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40 Active Ingredients and Essential Daily Nutrients in One*

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dl1983's Rating

Great everyday multivitamin, very cost friendly with everything you need in a daily multi, whether you workout or not, reviewing this for my girlfriend, and she likes it alot! Only required to take 2 a day as well so its very affordable. Optimum never dissappoints.

Healthspiration's Rating

This is the best Multi-vitamin I have ever taken. It is also the only one that has not made me queasy, I feel energized and I definitely noticed a difference when I missed a day.

Laurenirick's Rating

Use exactly what it's for! Supplementation! I eat a healthy variety, but just covering all my bases here by utilizing a DV. I also like Opti-Women uses Calcium citrate which has a better absorption rate!

RacheliftsJk's Rating

RacheliftsJk did not leave a written review for this product.

pinaychild's Rating

This is one of the few multi vitamins I feel comfortable taking. Always with a full tummy.

FitGirlKaty's Rating

I really like the ingredients on the label but at times, this product can really upset my stomach. Generally I don't have problems with this but for some reason this product can. I am a huge optimum fan regardless based on great products and trusting company

Kathleen Tesori's Rating

Multivitamin – I take once daily with breakfast or lunch. It can be tough to get all the needed essential vitamins and minerals through food each day, so I take a multivitamin to supplement and try to achieve complete nutrition. Being an Athlete with a crazy work schedule I have to be more cautious about my immune system and I know I do not get enough through food. This multi-vitamins you only need to take once a day which makes it so much easier to remember. I also like that is multi is a capsule because it dissolves quickly which leads to less waist. I notice a positive difference in my hair and nail growth and strength when using this vitamin.

CaroLaPetite's Rating

CaroLaPetite did not leave a written review for this product.

stan35rus's Rating

stan35rus did not leave a written review for this product.

SieraCapesius's Rating

SImple and has everything I need.

pinkstyrs's Rating

pinkstyrs did not leave a written review for this product.

hailey0317's Rating

hailey0317 did not leave a written review for this product.

irishk35's Rating

Gave as a gift She says they are easy to swallow and seems to have more energy throughout the day.

LBARRETT66's Rating

I love this product. I have been using it for almost a year and I will continue using it. It is the only multi vitamin that I will take.

jordyxjinx's Rating

I do like that this product is just 2 concise caplets. The multi-vites I've taken in the past either had really large pills or more than 2 per dosage. Simple and nothing to fuss over.

Jdblifts10's Rating

Overall I really enjoy Opti-women. It works very well for me.

Saliema's Rating

I feel great before and after works

AlyMaeRenee's Rating

I take half of the recommended serving (recommended to take two capsules). If you lack vitamins/minerals this will defiantly give you a spike of energy. I try to take this multi-vitamin between my meals so there is no possible interactions with foods I eat and also only take it with water. I recommend this multi-vitamin to any female who does or does not workout. One ingredient I'm confused as to why this multi contains it is the lycopene. This is because lycopene is proven to help reduce the chances of testicular cancer in MEN. Women do not have testicles. However I understand the importance of phytochemicals in the right amount and how that has the possibility of having protective properties in the body.

Blanca35's Rating

Blanca35 did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 246 Reviews