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70 Active Ingredients and Essential Daily Nutrients in One Convenient Tablet*

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usmcmcauliffe's Rating

My favorite mulitvitamin. It has all the vitamins and minerals that I like, as well as an excellent herbal blend. It may just be the large amounts of vitamin B in it, but I feel an increase of energy and general wellness while taking it. I always recommend it.

Teutonic1's Rating

Opti-men used to be such a great product but they reformulate it every couple of years and it's now pointless. This site is mis-selling Opti-men. It is still using the advert from the old formulation, when it had over 75 ingredients, many of them useful to bodybuilders. The product I received today is a much smaller pill, and the label now says it only has 40 ingredients. It's barely any better than a simple multi-vitamin now, and you can buy them for a pound in your supermarket. Really disappointing that the manufacturer has eroded their previously great product and that bodybuilding.com has not updated their advert to show the actual product they are selling.

thebladeappi's Rating

Best Multi-Vitamin For MEN Price is good. Brand that i can TRUST. What else is there to say about a Multivitamin. A must Try.

sawiukas's Rating

Very nice vitamins !

MaddMaxxick's Rating

This product has been a staple of my training since 2014, and I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about starting a serious fitness program. With a hefty helping of all essential vitamins (especially B-vitamins), this product delivers a long-lasting and healthful energy boost. Great price too!

Vatman5757's Rating

Vatman5757 did not leave a written review for this product.

IamFakeJesus's Rating

Like always optimum nutrition has top quality products. Switching from animal pak I love that this is less pills. No little baggies. No bad flavor. Easy to swallow 3 pills a day. Price per pill is good. This is now my go to daily vitamin.

LawrenceTD's Rating

There are so many vitamin options and it seems there is a different pill for everything. Taking one pill at breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a trade off I do not mind making for one pill that is easy to swallow and does not leave a chalky texture on my pallet.

sarangp's Rating

Very well made product and this product did not upset my stomache like many other multi-vitamins. Only cons I would have is the price and 3 tablets daily.

Gexicom's Rating

A vitamin are rare to give a bad or a good review, but i was using this and i always feelling good.

Alimz1996's Rating

Alimz1996 did not leave a written review for this product.

bradmac43's Rating

A good source of vitamins, minerals and herbs to meet your daily intake. Helps me get that headscarf on the day. I don't like that you have to take 3 tablets daily, but otherwise a good product.

Soldia1988's Rating

Best Multi-vitamins on the Market would not recommend any other Multi-Vits.

museloff's Rating

museloff did not leave a written review for this product.

itsgermy's Rating

One of my go-to supplements. Many of us don't get the nutrients we need from our diet alone, a multivitamin becomes essential because of this.

rserra's Rating

Best multivitamin!!!

kingaden's Rating

Great multi vitamin product! Very easy to intake.

smoothest485's Rating

smoothest485 did not leave a written review for this product.

hardtango's Rating

Really hard to swallow. It is like the pill stuck in your mouth, something weird with cover...Where is inside i am not a doctor...

1-20 of 1,600 Reviews