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70 Active Ingredients and Essential Daily Nutrients in One Convenient Tablet*

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deepbuckets's Rating

I I get older I realize how important vitamins are for the body. This really does put in a better mood.

jinske's Rating

The only way I can tell if it's a good product is the way I feel! And I feel fantastic!

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Befole's Rating

This product is excellent, i use it every day and have seen fantastic results. I highly recommend this product. Opti-men is my go to supplement.

jbowker5's Rating

jbowker5 did not leave a written review for this product.

BxWar88's Rating

Great Product Easy To Swallow Easy On The Stomach Give Me Good Energy And I Notice That When I Take It My Mind Is Better And More Clear I Consume One Tablet In The Morning And One At Dinner I Really Recommand It

Harvard's Rating

60 years old,take 2 with a protien shake after light morning empty stomach work out. No after taste and actually feel a bit of an energy boost. Suffer from spinal cord /nevrve damage and it has helped me. Maybe all in in the mind,but beats alternatives. Take another with light lunch.

ChristopherTait's Rating

ChristopherTait did not leave a written review for this product.

MichaelKor's Rating

I've never used another multivitamin in the last 8 years - as a young adult, multivitamins aren't needed at the recommended dosage of ON - I take 1-2 depending on the meal sizes, I try to only take with large meals for more absorption, 3 on weekends. Give em a whirl if you haven't!

GFlo24's Rating

Am I doing the right thing by taking 3 tabs at lunch or should I be taking one at breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Bmyers0904's Rating

These multivitamins are great and easy to take!!

DEZn00ts's Rating

I like these. I have some great vitamins already but this just adds more nutrients to my daily intake. Love em. You can tell they work when you take a p i s s ;) lol. JK!

bigarb1987's Rating

its makes your **** bright

IrvingAguilar's Rating

IrvingAguilar did not leave a written review for this product.

Ethanjames18's Rating

Brilliant product if u want a multivitamin which is top class well this is want you want.

AaronAbelove's Rating

Great product, I take it twice a day, don't need it three times a day personally. Works well, only problem is the taste and smell. It also turns your urine a bright yellow almost hyper-yellow color. Kinda cool feature, but all in all I'll keep buying.

Mawkli's Rating

well it is a good product, nothing annoying, but it do make the urine yellowish, so I have read many articles one of them from Dr.Oz show and they indicated that it does not have negative effect on the body at all and it's due to some excess in B vitamin.

ltl1975's Rating

Pretty good product.

Kledjp's Rating

Kledjp did not leave a written review for this product.

jsnvst's Rating

Great product.

Spara199's Rating

Great product

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