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Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder Reviews

Unflavored Creatine with No Fillers or Additives to Support Strength and Power*

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Jman26's Rating

Everyone needs a good creatine. Best bang for your buck

kylegtheassman's Rating

I don't understand how pure Micronized Creatine gets less then 10 out of 10 and love the gains it give me and that boost in strangth.

This is a good product. Simple but gets the job done. The only thing that bothered me with this is that it doesn't come with a scoop. I know you can use a spoon bla bla bla but I use an old scoop 5g scoop from another product and it's way more convenient :D I would recommend this product.

If used properly; this product works. I mix this product with Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey protein after all my workouts. I've noticed increased muscle mass and reps at the gym. You don't taste this supplement. The fact that this Creatine is made with Creapure is a plus as well. You can't beat the price of this product; especially for one that works.

First time using creatine. I put some water in my mouth and take a teaspoon, then wash the rest down with a protein shake. Seems to work great. Seen some good results. Price is decent.

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Verified Buyer
rr690's Rating

I have not used creatine for 10 years and a lot has changed. This stuff mixes so well in protein shakes. I do notice some grittiness when I use water or juice, but it is not that bad. I am already seeing gains and its only been a week.

This is the most convenient creatine and it works great! Priced right as well.

Great creatine product without flavor, I mix a teaspoon in my whey protein shake and my casein protein shake daily, cant even taste it!

first experience on a creatine product and had no problems. noticed gains

iconfusiousi's Rating

i was looking to get back on creatine after a couple years off so i gave ON a shot with there creatine. I did load for the first couple days ( although not sure you really need too). Takes about a week to notice a real difference but you certainly do notice one. I have high rep workout days which the creatine really helps. ON did a good job with this. i mix it in with 100% juice after my workout, so the insulin boost will help push it into the muscle. Doesnt blend well at all, from what i hear no other creatine does either. It will settle at the bottom once you stop mixing so just dump it in, swish it around and pound her down, no taste at all.

alessandrotrey's Rating

alessandrotrey did not leave a written review for this product.

Comes as advertised. Works great, buy two bottles off the start, you tear through them pretty quickly

I mix 5g with every post workout shake I take. Mixes like Kool-Aid with everything in my shaker cup. The value of this quality is what makes this product a 10/10. I have seen strength and size gains while on creatine. O.N. has a home run here. It is a staple that will not leave my stack. Kudos to you Optimum Nutrition.

Great product! I was on Monohydrate by AST and had to switch to this one because the store I usually buy the AST was not carrying it anymore. They said Optimum Nutrition is from the same company as AST so I decided to try it. It still works great. Creatine Monodydrate does make a great power/strength different. This brand is good, the unflavored option tastes like nothing and it does not dissolve in water like any other creatine won't. My suggestion is to mix well, in a half cup of water and drink it as soon as you stop mixing it.

mquinard did not leave a written review for this product.

This **** tastes terrible. It felt like I was doing lines of k and got the drip from it sliding down my throat. However, it works great and even gave me a little buzz. 10/10 would try again. Wish you infused this **** with strawberries and unicorns though. It could really use a taste boost.

ZeusMaster's Rating

This was a complimentary item as part of my recent order from BB.com. I'm not a fan of creatine because of the water weight though it has proved beneficial. Lastly, I've been very happy with ON's products which is one of the reasons I agreed to the complimentary item.

Incredible value, exactly what you need and nothing else. Only small downside is it doesn't mix well with just water.

Bleachway's Rating

Best Creatine on the market. ON Creatine is **** awesome and the price is a steal! I am literally weeks in and I am seeing a significant change during my workouts. I have more energy and I can push out more reps while racking up weight during my workouts. It really is unflavored but leaves a very 'weird' after taste in the mouth, though that doesn't bother me. I mix it with water and take 5-10G a day. The water weight gain is very even over the weeks and doesn't make you retain a lot of water like other Creatine products.

Just started taking. Already see progress. My max bench incareased in very short time. Absolutely no taste at all which is awesome for water. Not too easily soluble but it does what its supposed to do.

1-20 of 691 Reviews
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