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Didn't really notice any effects from taking this. I may have been slightly less sore but not enough to make me say "hey this is working." I was taking 4 pills a day, 2 before and 2 after workouts and I'm not sure that is enough to affect anyone. Reading up on it is recommended to supplement with at least 5 grams so maybe if I took more I would notice a result but as of right now not real impressed.

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I've read a lot of good things about glutamine and its effects on building lean muscle. ON makes quality products, so I've added this in my regimen. I'm at around 12% BF and I've noticed muscle growth and strength. I'll continue to use this supplement. Great price, too.

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Well, rather disapointed as I was mislead by the "1000 caps" mention. As a recommended daily dose is 10-20 grams, it means that with 120 caps you have 120g so maximum ten daily doses and more likely 7-8. Yes the price is good but you better look carefully at you buy. Partly my fault but I don't see the point selling such a packaging.

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well lets face it. when it comes to Protein powder of pre workout supps reviews having to do with taste , consistency , mix ability and results are helpgul. But Glutamine is Glutamine. Pretty basic stuff. I would say this. If your hitting the weights hard all the time like I do and you start running Low on amino's and you Dont replace them. You will start to feel weak. you wont be recovering. you can get upper respiratory infections or just plain sick because of weak immune system. Basically whats called over trainers syndrome. Getting extra Aminos from Glutamine is a good Idea if your hitting it hard. Light to moderate gym activity and maybe you can do without it. But its Good stuff.

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It's hard to say whether it's working or not. I haven't noticed any particular improvement in post workout soreness, but I haven't finished the bottle, yet. Will check in again after some more brutal workouts to see how post workout response is.

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I really don't think I have been taking the supplement Glutamine long enough to accurately evaluate it. I have made some gains but I can't absolutely say it was due to Gluetamine. I will continue using it and rate it later.

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Im giving this a seven because in order to get the right amount you would have to take 20-30 pills a day. There are def products that can give your more dosage per serving.

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Excellent Product, Good Quality

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Added these to my supplement stack, and am happy with my results. Would recommend this product.

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Good, quality product.

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The product looks and tastes like glutamine. It's optimum so the quality is definitely there as well.. However, glutamine doesn't do a thing for me. I get very sore for two days after workouts, like I was beat in the thighs and chest and arms with a bat repeatedly. My doctor attributed this to a muscle disorder and had no further s****estions or help. The fitness guys and the internet said glutamine would work wonders. But nope! I can attest that Creatine is much more helpful with the recovery and the pain. I still feel sore like I had a good workout, but not like someone beat the crap out of me.

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