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Excellent Product, Good Quality

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Added these to my supplement stack, and am happy with my results. Would recommend this product.

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Good, quality product.

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The product looks and tastes like glutamine. It's optimum so the quality is definitely there as well.. However, glutamine doesn't do a thing for me. I get very sore for two days after workouts, like I was beat in the thighs and chest and arms with a bat repeatedly. My doctor attributed this to a muscle disorder and had no further s****estions or help. The fitness guys and the internet said glutamine would work wonders. But nope! I can attest that Creatine is much more helpful with the recovery and the pain. I still feel sore like I had a good workout, but not like someone beat the crap out of me.

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Not a fan of the caps. Didn't seem to get any boost with my recovery.

This product help me a lot, either though you might not think that one pill or one substance wouldn't really affect your body growth that much, it will. i took it after a workout, and notice that my body reacts(grow) better when i take glutamine and protein together rather than just protein alone.

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It's hard to say if i noticed any difference from taking this product and the fact that it the most abundant amino in your body makes me wonder if you should even bother supplementing it. But it is a good price and I like to take it during periods of work out recovery, when there simply isn't enough time to make a protein shake for my aminos.

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Great supplement. Helps in all ways needed, and cant beat the price.

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I feel great using this product excellent!!!

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I bought these alongside Optimum's BCAA 1000 caps as my introduction to amino acid supplements. I like the idea of getting as pure a source as possible of the key ingredients I'm looking for, and the value is fantastic. With a total of 4 caps per day, (1 immediately pre-workout, 1 immediately post workout, and 2 before bed) I definitely noticed a big difference in terms of alleviated soreness during the 24-48 hours after a workout. I also take 2 caps of Glutamine and 2 caps of BCAA with a B12 before hockey games and have noticed a huge difference in the amount of gas left in the tank during the third period.

1-20 of 168 Reviews