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flipmode954's Rating

Product is the best at any price. I experience less recovery time after a hard weight training session.

TiffanyKayFit's Rating

TiffanyKayFit did not leave a written review for this product.

GatorGoku's Rating

Got it with my protein. Decent product. Took two after workouts and felt less soreness.

WIBrewed's Rating

I got it free with my protein for a promotion, I did not see or feel any difference. I only took it post workout so maybe I didn't use it enough, but either way I cannot justify buying it. I will stick with my Post Jym and protein powder after my workout

Didn't really notice any effects from taking this. I may have been slightly less sore but not enough to make me say "hey this is working." I was taking 4 pills a day, 2 before and 2 after workouts and I'm not sure that is enough to affect anyone. Reading up on it is recommended to supplement with at least 5 grams so maybe if I took more I would notice a result but as of right now not real impressed.

Houzinpd's Rating

I've read a lot of good things about glutamine and its effects on building lean muscle. ON makes quality products, so I've added this in my regimen. I'm at around 12% BF and I've noticed muscle growth and strength. I'll continue to use this supplement. Great price, too.

mustang1978's Rating

mustang1978 did not leave a written review for this product.

Well, rather disapointed as I was mislead by the "1000 caps" mention. As a recommended daily dose is 10-20 grams, it means that with 120 caps you have 120g so maximum ten daily doses and more likely 7-8. Yes the price is good but you better look carefully at you buy. Partly my fault but I don't see the point selling such a packaging.

leoskepi's Rating

leoskepi did not leave a written review for this product.

It's hard to say whether it's working or not. I haven't noticed any particular improvement in post workout soreness, but I haven't finished the bottle, yet. Will check in again after some more brutal workouts to see how post workout response is.

marine35's Rating

I really don't think I have been taking the supplement Glutamine long enough to accurately evaluate it. I have made some gains but I can't absolutely say it was due to Gluetamine. I will continue using it and rate it later.

Vdance416's Rating

Im giving this a seven because in order to get the right amount you would have to take 20-30 pills a day. There are def products that can give your more dosage per serving.

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RLICA100's Rating

RLICA100 did not leave a written review for this product.

Ryanmmas26's Rating

Ryanmmas26 did not leave a written review for this product.

javiermichelen's Rating

Excellent Product, Good Quality

littlesleeper's Rating

Added these to my supplement stack, and am happy with my results. Would recommend this product.

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