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Supports Healthy Heart Function, Joint Flexibility, and Cell Production*

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MatFit7's Rating

MatFit7 did not leave a written review for this product.

Crackbutter's Rating

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hypermoo's Rating

Below the average product for your money. Check the ingredients. Don't just buy blindly because you like the brand. Only contains 300mg of Omega 3 per capsule. Doesn't even state the breakdown of EPA and DHA. From my research, NOW Ultra Omega-3 is best bang for the buck. Won't be buying this product again.

iKOH423's Rating

It is a solid product and I have zero complaints about it. No fishy aftertaste and I find that it does the job.

Cmillss's Rating

Best fish oil I've found!

deloachrd's Rating

Been using this product for maybe 3 years! Great value, but I do take about 6 capsules a day. The mg dosage is a little lower, but it's all good. I get the amount of fish oil in that I need daily.

Buy these. When you receive them, take them. That's what I do. Good fats.

chilly79's Rating

Very normal product and don't like the constitution of the softgel.

Nena26's Rating

ON's Fish Oil is easy to digest and leaves no fishy aftertaste. These are a main staple in my supplement regiment.

tbarron12's Rating

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Just started taking these, but one must have fish oil in their diet I think it's a must! So far so good

malaka757's Rating

Good product and u dont have that fishy burping up I recommend it one of the best fish oils iv taken

slobaugh's Rating

Not bad, but I still burp up the fish taste after taking it and I'm not real thrilled about taking this product 3 times a day.

Dodgefather's Rating

Only 300mg of omega-3's, what you are actually paying for, so duh, no wonder its cheap. Also, its a PROPRIETARY BLEND, doesn't tell you how much EPA/DHA is even in the 300mg blend. A good, purer, fish oil has as much as 700-900mg of omega 3's per serving and they will actually tell you how much EPA/DHA makes up the total. The enteric coating is nasty as well. Buy Bb.com lemon flavor ultra EPA/DHA if you are looking for a high-quality fish oil, it has almost triple the amount of omegas per saving. It's funny from all of the reviews that everybody thinks these are a "great deal" when the product is, in reality, cheap crap. Educate yourselves.

brendanlawler's Rating

brendanlawler did not leave a written review for this product.

Fadijzn's Rating

I got this for my parents and i to use, it's good no fishy aftertaste or anything:) great product!

AbramClan's Rating

AbramClan did not leave a written review for this product.

Seligajshoe's Rating

Excellent product.

supersteak's Rating

supersteak did not leave a written review for this product.

atpounds47's Rating

This is a great fish oil. I take 2 capsules with every meal. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a good fish oil.

1-20 of 469 Reviews