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Supports Healthy Heart Function, Joint Flexibility, and Cell Production*

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Kingraj23's Rating

Ehhh I don't think the dosage is correct to meet daily recommended needs

Fieldservice1's Rating

It lacks the indgredients of other products on the market whom have greater quantities of the omegas that I am looking for. Read the label and shop carefully as there are others whom do a better job. One test that was recommended to me a while ago was the way you perform a second test of quality for fish oil is simply clear your mouth and bite into a the fish oil capsule, the stronger the taste the lower the quality.

clintsumerall's Rating

clintsumerall did not leave a written review for this product.

AndrewChow12's Rating

It's recommended to take 2-4g of Omega-3 as combined EPA/DHA daily. It's so "well-priced" because you have to jam like 10 of these in your mouth to get 3g of the daily recommended intake of combined EPA/DHA, which is the part of the fish oil that actually matters. I am a loyal customer of their Gold Standard whey, but I felt really cheated with this product.

stevegd's Rating

Seriously, does ON do anything half assed? Once again a top product.

arzakaryan's Rating

arzakaryan did not leave a written review for this product.

msmashik's Rating

Good fish oil on a budget. No fishy after taste. Easy to swallow. Not a great profile of omega 3, Under-dosed. Better to stack it with a Multivitamin supp.

mtboy128's Rating

Good product la, I tried lots of other fish oil products, they all gives me fish burps, even fish far.ts sometimes. But this one just taste like candy. PkDogg

dida1984's Rating

My first choice fish oil after trying many other brands; Even my mom told me that my skin and face are getting clearer. will always be in my stack :)

GabrielCS's Rating

These are great. They really have no fish taste and go down smoothly. Just be sure to take 2-3 daily.

josephvo09's Rating

Never had a after taste. great product.

Mohamad021's Rating

First I thought It may not be as good as those famous supplement on fish oils.. But it turned out really effective. Overall I have bought two of these. Still I'm using it and happy with the product

vazzyvaz's Rating

Doesn't have a bad aftertaste. Can feel the difference in my joints.

Thunderball007's Rating

It has come to my attention after buying these that Fish Oil claims are not supported by research which kind of sucks.

sexxysallylifts's Rating

sexxysallylifts did not leave a written review for this product.

dromerno's Rating

dromerno did not leave a written review for this product.

heavysetwallace's Rating

Helped me move around more on the field. Reduced soreness on my knees.

avastarr075's Rating

These fish oil pills dont have any bad aftertaste. They are a great value and have helped me continue to lean. Definitely recommend.

ssjones0420's Rating

I absolutely love this fish oil supplement. When anyone asks for me to recommend a fish oil supplement, this is the one I recommend. It gives me the optimal amount of EPA and DHA I need in my diet. I also never have to worry about getting the fishy tasting burps that many other products cause. ON Fish Oil is the best!!!

MichaelDunn26's Rating

MichaelDunn26 did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 533 Reviews