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Supports Healthy Heart Function, Joint Flexibility, and Cell Production*

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jdonohue11's Rating

Good fish oil to take. I notice my joints don't feel as sore after heavy workouts. Plus the benefits of heart and cardiovascular health are always a plus with fish oils. It is a larger pill, as most fish oils are, but pretty easy to swallow. Can notice a small taste afterwards but otherwise a solid supplement

batsonbilly6564's Rating

batsonbilly6564 did not leave a written review for this product.

Crackbutter's Rating

No fishy taste or burping.

malgi177's Rating

Great fish oil no after taste at all. I will keep this one in my stack for ever!

laxgrindline's Rating

No fishy aftertaste, feels great, and I honestly haven't had better.

ForMyFamily's Rating

Bottle lasts forever. Best bang for buck

stoddarddavid9's Rating

Can't go wrong with ON fish oil. People may argue that there is a better brand or whatever...but for the price and amount per bottle this is the way to go.

GLADIATOR007's Rating

it contain a beacon gelatin, i just know after i purchased it, i called the customer service to know what kine of gelatin they use, and he told me the use beef and beacon gelatin, i really upset, i give it to my friend as a gift.

arobles27's Rating

This product is beyond my expectations. Prior to purchasing this product I had no knowledge what so ever that this product act as fish oil just without leaving/burping the fish after taste until the 2nd day I took the vitamin and noticed that i did not have the taste and when to observe the bottle and there it was written on the bottle "NO FISHY AFTER TASTE." So if your annoyed by the fishy after taste, this is the one your looking for!! It's perfect!

rperez2577's Rating

I really liked, doesn't have that bad flavor for hours after taste. The only bad thing is that the peals are huge!

Jflip2002's Rating

They're fish oil.... They don't make me burp a fish taste. What more can you ask for?

FoxxX86's Rating

I purchased this fish oil since I'm using a lot of other ON products, and I'm more than happy with those. However, upon doing some research on fish oil supplements, I realized this is one of the worst out there. The ON fish oil only has 30% total EPA/DHA per serving, the rest is useless filler oil. According to the Leanitup fish oil buyer's guide, this product falls into the 'Lowest Quality' category with the following recommendation: DON'T BUY. REPLACE IF OWNED. So out of 1000mg total fat, only 300mg is omega3, and they don't even tell you what the exact EPA/DHA ratio is.

MatFit7's Rating

MatFit7 did not leave a written review for this product.

hypermoo's Rating

Below the average product for your money. Check the ingredients. Don't just buy blindly because you like the brand. Only contains 300mg of Omega 3 per capsule. Doesn't even state the breakdown of EPA and DHA. From my research, NOW Ultra Omega-3 is best bang for the buck. Won't be buying this product again.

iKOH423's Rating

It is a solid product and I have zero complaints about it. No fishy aftertaste and I find that it does the job.

Cmillss's Rating

Best fish oil I've found!

deloachrd's Rating

Been using this product for maybe 3 years! Great value, but I do take about 6 capsules a day. The mg dosage is a little lower, but it's all good. I get the amount of fish oil in that I need daily.

Buy these. When you receive them, take them. That's what I do. Good fats.

chilly79's Rating

Very normal product and don't like the constitution of the softgel.

Nena26's Rating

ON's Fish Oil is easy to digest and leaves no fishy aftertaste. These are a main staple in my supplement regiment.

1-20 of 479 Reviews