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Support New Lean Muscle Growth and Reduce Muscle Breakdown*

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VeloRush's Rating

VeloRush did not leave a written review for this product.

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fiercenoble's Rating

Excellent source of Amino Acids to enhance your protein intake and a excellent way to recover after smashing the gym in the face. Easy to take capsules make it a no brian'r, with no after taste and zero side affects, I highly recommend Optimum's BCAA!

rouillard00's Rating

Great price. You can use it as a pre workout, during a workout, after workout or with a meal! The only problems is the taste. Even if it's a pill sometime it will stock in your throat and you will taste it believe me.

swollm8's Rating

swollm8 did not leave a written review for this product.

oohEvolved's Rating

Great price for such a usually overpriced product. It works really well as a pre workout on days when I have run out of my pre workout. But I love using this product and in tandem with a good diet, it can really help you. It would've gotten a 10, but it's a pill and the taste just sucks.

FcoDGF's Rating

FcoDGF did not leave a written review for this product.

alixc's Rating

I would never go back to this. when comparing to EVLUTION NUTRITION BCAA 500. this has so less content in one serving. For example L-Leucine is in Evo is 312.5 where in ON its only 250 mg. you decicde. compare their chart and you would know what I mean. You lost a customer ON....

mblinovas's Rating

mblinovas did not leave a written review for this product.

EspavoFit1's Rating

Been using these caps for the last 3 months and absolutely love them! It's super convenient to take them, rather than mixing powders that end up making my blender bottles smell. I can tell they are working by the way I feel. Great product!

sonportan's Rating

Great Gains

bigarb1987's Rating

i like them

whoknowsmarz's Rating

I only take my BCAAs as a pre-workout and take the powder out from the caps and mix with C4.

AmenDela's Rating

not bad, i just dump these down every now and then during the day. when on lunch break

codyr20's Rating

Decent . Only complaint is that I burp them up and I think it's the magnesium In it gets stuck in my throat . Not pleasant .

RoyShi's Rating

RoyShi did not leave a written review for this product.

evansm31's Rating

They work well, but the results are subtle. I am still sore the day after training, but the BCAA's seem to really kick in, two or more days later. For what it's worth, they are very reasonably priced as compared to comparable supplements.

1975yourway's Rating

I'm satisfied but not happy! Through increased calorie intake & supplements like this one, I am still sadly sitting at 96 lbs!

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1-20 of 387 Reviews