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wpronok's Rating

This is my fast review in BB. I actually like this produce, it works well for me. It increases energy level and help me maintain my diet,i did not feel any side effect, but after 4 weeks of consuming body become use to this product. So its great 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Obviously i recommend this product, it you can maintain clean diet and increase high intensity workout. ****it's really great for me****

NuclearRadio's Rating

WOW! So rarely do products deliver their full promise. Everything you read on the label is true. About 30 minuts after taking a capsule and downing water, your day will improve even on the toughest regime. I'm doing the warrior diet, so essentially a hard 20-22 hour fast every day, and this has helped immensely with the acclimation phase. Workouts are great. Don't overdo it and don't drink energy drinks, coffee or tea with it.

beireefer's Rating

brought this for two of my friends, both said that it had no effect, sadly.

gameronline's Rating

Awesome sweating and energy while workout and appetite control

xiaowyue's Rating

OK, so I only just ordered this yesterday. I took the recommended 2 pills the bottle said to take for the first day. The night before taking the pills, I had under 6 hours sleep so I thought I would get to bed at my usual time the following night (3/4am). HOLY ****. I haven't slept for over 28 hours, no joke. I'm not even remotely sleepy or tired. Lmao, i'm pretty sure this connotes to the pills' caffeine. I like the energy though and it's a good thing i'm on summer holidays so I don't have anything important to do or to be anywhere. Uh, I just hope I eventually fall asleep. I find this so jokes though. ENERGY SURPLUS, that I can assure you. (stats incase wondering, 5ft2, 109lbs, maybe too much caffeine for me? Nah)

SophieD6621's Rating

I've been using this product for about 3 weeks consistently, I've lost 6lbs. The first week I lost 3lbs and was having time to work out, the last 3lbs have been over two weeks but I've not had time to work out once in this period. Also I am very forgetful when it comes to taking pills of any sort so I take two first thing in the morning and if I remember, another two before lunch. I try to leave at least 6 hrs inbetween the doses but I'm a person who likes sleep so I try not to take any after 2pm absolute latest. There is no doubt that Lipo-6 Unlimited works, I've never tried other fat burners before so I can't compare them to anything else, but the results are there, I have lost weight. When I take two doses a day, I do feel side effects, I'm hotter than usual, if I work out I sweat buckets and I mean buckets - I am not usually overly sweaty when I work out. My heart rate - according to the Gym X-Trainer was 184, my aim was 122. However saying this, I didn't feel like my heart was about to come out of my chest, I felt pretty good and like I had an extra energy boost I'm not used to having whilst working out. This does scare me a little, I'm sure my heart rate should not be that mad, but I can't find anything to suggest this product is unsafe. Afterwards I felt jittery and a bit shaky, I had to re-hydrate quickly, had some food and felt fine within an hour. I still have about 20lbs to lose to get to my goal weight and I will continue to take these until I reach my goal. I did read somewhere that one of the ingredients causes calcium levels to decrease so you may want to to take a calcium supplement whilst taking Lipo-6, but don't quote me on that - it's up to you to do your own research.

EnigmaPBS6's Rating

This product is really good, talk about energy levels on another level... It keeps me on top of my game from morning all the way through my work day and enough energy on deck to push me through my evening workout or run.

holtjess's Rating

Seems like it would do what it's supposed to, but there was too much caffeine + whatever additional stimulants are in it. I'm not overly caffeine sensitive, but I struggled with this product. The first couple days I spent throwing up, and the levels of stimulant in this product caused a reaction with an existing injury. I suppose it was over stimulating the damaged nerves, significantly increasing the pain I already struggled to keep to a manageable level on a daily basis. Needless to say, I didn't last longer than 10 days with this product, and I couldn't try it again.

Fit4LifeGirl's Rating

Fit4LifeGirl did not leave a written review for this product.

autumnrubio's Rating

I highly recommend this product to everyone. It was been great for an energy booster during my workouts. I have been taking this product for three weeks and I have lost almost 9 pounds so it has aided greatly in my weight loss. My only suggestion is to test your tolerance to the product because I took the max dose and felt nauseous. Other than my sensitivity, this product has been awesome.

sabrinagadams's Rating

I have been taking the green apple Lipo 6 for three weeks now. My energy levels are up so much and I have already lost 5 lbs and several inches using Lipo 6. The green apple flavor tastes pretty good and I am loving the results so far!!!

dadalowery13's Rating

I have lost 8lb in 2 weeks while on this. So far everything has been good. i had to start with 1/2 scoop and then move up to full scoop. overall i would rate this product a 10 out of 10

doctorblack's Rating

doctorblack did not leave a written review for this product.

honor1st's Rating

First time using this product, not bad, good appetite control.

waite24b's Rating

waite24b did not leave a written review for this product.

cassie413's Rating

cassie413 did not leave a written review for this product.

phillipmaz's Rating

Awesome product! Really helped to reduce food cravings, gave me a ton of energy, and helped me burn a lot of fat! Definitely recommend to anyone looking to lose some body fat!

p1thomas's Rating

First off, I am not a fan of fat loss products. Most of them upset my stomach and just pack a caffeine punch. This one does not upset my stomach and does not give me the jitters as others have. I would try a fat burner once or twice a year after reading good reviews but end up throwing them away. This one I will buy again as it does what it promises, but like all weight loss products.. with diet and exercise.

jaxielew's Rating

Worked really well! I started out taking 1 capsule right when I woke up before my workout, and 1 capsule right before lunch. So around 6 hours apart from one another. After 4 weeks, I started taking 2 at a time, I felt this worked better, since my body had become tolerant. But I would feel a little light headed at work, if I stood up too fast from being crouched down on the ground. So I went back to only 2 a day. As far as raising positivity and energy I rate this product at a 10! I'm already a pretty positive person, but this really helped during the week when I went to work. I had more focus and push during workouts! And in the first few weeks the appetite control was phenomenal! Just purchased Lipo6 Black Hers to try something more powerful! This is definitely a great product to start with!

Roarer's Rating

My weight loss stopped mid Dec 2013 and I could not get it to go in the right direction. Someone recommended these. I have taken them since the 4th Jan 2014 and the scales are defo going in the right direction. They give me tonnes of energy during training. I find that after an afternoon lull I am awake again for low level pm cardio. I can only put this down to the fat burners. They keep me busy. When I first started taking them I did feel a bit sick. I eventually realised that even though I was drinking quite a bit of water I wasn't drinking enough. These fat burners, combined with lots of water (you will need it, it raises your body temp and makes you thirsty!) produce a great result. I would recommend them for a pre-work out boost and appetite suppression ( I only take a dose before training and don't bother with the lunch time one...they still work great for me!)

1-20 of 47 Reviews