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Nutrex Lipo 6 UNLIMITED Reviews

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cassie413's Rating

cassie413 did not leave a written review for this product.

phillipmaz's Rating

Awesome product! Really helped to reduce food cravings, gave me a ton of energy, and helped me burn a lot of fat! Definitely recommend to anyone looking to lose some body fat!

p1thomas's Rating

First off, I am not a fan of fat loss products. Most of them upset my stomach and just pack a caffeine punch. This one does not upset my stomach and does not give me the jitters as others have. I would try a fat burner once or twice a year after reading good reviews but end up throwing them away. This one I will buy again as it does what it promises, but like all weight loss products.. with diet and exercise.

jaxielew's Rating

Worked really well! I started out taking 1 capsule right when I woke up before my workout, and 1 capsule right before lunch. So around 6 hours apart from one another. After 4 weeks, I started taking 2 at a time, I felt this worked better, since my body had become tolerant. But I would feel a little light headed at work, if I stood up too fast from being crouched down on the ground. So I went back to only 2 a day. As far as raising positivity and energy I rate this product at a 10! I'm already a pretty positive person, but this really helped during the week when I went to work. I had more focus and push during workouts! And in the first few weeks the appetite control was phenomenal! Just purchased Lipo6 Black Hers to try something more powerful! This is definitely a great product to start with!

Roarer's Rating

My weight loss stopped mid Dec 2013 and I could not get it to go in the right direction. Someone recommended these. I have taken them since the 4th Jan 2014 and the scales are defo going in the right direction. They give me tonnes of energy during training. I find that after an afternoon lull I am awake again for low level pm cardio. I can only put this down to the fat burners. They keep me busy. When I first started taking them I did feel a bit sick. I eventually realised that even though I was drinking quite a bit of water I wasn't drinking enough. These fat burners, combined with lots of water (you will need it, it raises your body temp and makes you thirsty!) produce a great result. I would recommend them for a pre-work out boost and appetite suppression ( I only take a dose before training and don't bother with the lunch time one...they still work great for me!)

abquester's Rating

abquester did not leave a written review for this product.

Analuizaottoni's Rating

I had no results at all using this product.

genoMU69's Rating

I'm taking Lipo 6 and I am very impressed. Hunger throughout the day is down. I also find that I have increased energy during workouts without feeling jumpy or buzzed. I'd recommend!

stornerm's Rating

straight caffeine pill

riquemanara's Rating

Great product!

zealot1314's Rating

I Am currently taking Lipo-6 Unlimited, and I have to admit I am very impressed. I started my journey at 225.5lbs and after only 4 weeks of using Lipo-6 I am currently at 213. 12.5lbs down and 13 to go. I feel the energy, but unlike the Monster drinks I used to consume, I do not crash when the caffeine wears off. I also notice the appetite suppressant working because I am no where near as hungry as I used to be. If you are looking to lose fat, and start your journey to getting back into shape, I strongly recommend checking out Lipo-6 Unlimited.

AbrahamMcMuscle's Rating

Im actually using this product currently and I have nothing but awesome words to say about this.... I have lost 23 pounds in 4 weeks and I know I couldn't of done it with the help from lipo6.. its like when you slip it helps and when you work hard its like a plus 4 to weight and not that pricey... def going to be taking this for awhile

virto90's Rating

I have been using Lipo 6 Unlimited for a a week now. Started with taking 2 pills just before my workout Pros: - It actually gives you motivation - Strength: able to lift more weight - Energy: doing my cardio workouts with no effort Cons: - Maybe too much energy as can't really stand still - I had a pretty strong cramp on my right calve while doing my post workout cardio on Friday. Was quite worried. - VERY fast heart beat

dritri's Rating

This is a great fat burner if you want a more natural product without the potent stimulants that many of the other fat burners have. Compared to other products, this fat burner provided plenty of energy and appetite suppression without the "bouncing off the walls, heart about to burst" feeling I had with some of the fat burners loaded with other stuff. It makes it much easier to take a couple throughout the day for a more even effect and not have problems sleeping/breathing. And if you miss taking it or start to taper down, you don't get the withdrawal as with many other products. Definitely a great product, I always keep a few with me wherever I go. Helped me lose 21 pounds over 3 months, along with regular exercise and a clean diet.

1986ggm's Rating

I have tried many fat burners in my "personal fitness battle" and all of them have fail. Lipo 6 unlimited has to be one of the best fat destroyers in the industry no questions asked!!! With this amazing product and a good clean diet I was able to drop over twenty pounds of just fat in 90 days. If your serious about your goals and your ready to compromise yourself to a good diet I would highly recommend you to add this product to your check list for the next trip to your local supplement store ;-D

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nfneto's Rating

It doesn't work as Lipo6 Black. I didn't see any results taking 2 capsules per day before meals. Money throwed in trash!!!

trino863's Rating

It's one of the best I have used. I'd stack it with t-up and I had results in a months worth.

darthredskin's Rating

Tried it for a month after hitting a plateau in weight loss and it certainly didn't help me "Break Through Weight Loss Plateau" at all. I still have an unfinished bottle on my counter.

ashisonfire's Rating

I took these pill for 2 months (2 a day with a meal) and saw no results. They often made me feel sick to my stomach so I couldn't even make it to the gym

iusufedwin's Rating

iusufedwin did not leave a written review for this product.

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