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Designed to Assist Your Body in Destroying Fat Deposits*

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dcity21's Rating

I took the OxyElite Pro a couple of years ago before it started shutting people's livers down (probably due to a lack of proper water consumption). It was awesome and provided instant results, I had wished it was still on the market. Long story short, my wife and I went through our first pregnancy and it got the better of my weight to the tune of 20 lbs (I have always been an athletic build so this is and has been really bothering me). I am back into running and hitting the gym now and this is the first product I tried to help kick start melting the extra weight. I instantly was satisfied, literally the first day. The energy boost is awesome and for me it is an excellent appetite suppressant. I feel slight hunger pangs but do not have any cravings and thus can resist the senseless snacking or over eating. Almost exactly the same effect the OxyElite Pro had for me. If you are even minimally dedicated to losing some weight, the Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate will most likely help you. Everyone's body is different and I am still fairly in shape and just needed to get back into things, but it has worked wonders for me and I imagine would work well for most ppl I will try to follow up with my weight lose in the coming weeks. After the first few days I expect with my diet and working out to easily lose my 20 pounds in the first 2-month cycle.

I take one serving in the morning with breakfast and vitamins and it seems to provide good energy to lunch. I'm happy with that. I don't take any on the weekends and feel more of an effect on Monday.

jvcmarzola's Rating

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Hvreed22's Rating

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trevorgee4's Rating

Insane results - no jitters! This along with Lipo-6 CLA had me lose 15lbs quick. I don't do any dedicated cardio either, just intense strength training. These metabolism boosters kick @$$!

leonardotpc's Rating

Recomendo o melhor termogĂȘnico, Brazil !!!!

Idaifallah's Rating

I'm using this product for about two months and now starting my third month the first week I use I had headache because it was strong but it go away the following week , I got energy, lose fat like crazy with a good diet and exercise, I love this product except it make me a Jittery I mean too much which I think from consuming too much caffeine also this product need to be cycled, lastly this product will make you poop twice a day any one else who doesn't like this product either not having a good diet or not patient.

RackManray95's Rating

Warning when you first start taking this you will get increased energy! This product is great but only one complaint, Its a fat burner which means it will make you feel like poop at times and nausea. Recommend this product to anyone who has a strong stomach! This has also been proven to be the strongest fat burner on the market!!!!!!! Thanks Nutrex for a great product XD :)

sweezykw's Rating

Garbage : no fat burning effects , lose energy and appetite suppression after first week. Big waste of $$$ don't waste yours

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robichri's Rating

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mgoldberg4's Rating

Gives an amazing boost of energy. Been taking it for about two weeks and I can feel the effects in my workouts. Beginning to lean out also.

yarivonl's Rating

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anubhavsarda's Rating

SUPERB ! 1.) It was my second day today on this pill and i worked my *** out in the gym for 3 hours. Isn't that crazy ? Earlier i could hardly workout for an hour. Every ******* one in the gym was stunned to see me work out like an animal. 2.) This pill actually does give me a positive nitro boost to work out Hard n shred all that filthy fat. 3.) I am not saying that it increases your strength n stuff but it pushes to work and you hardly feel exhausted while working out. 4.) I didn't really feel any raise in the heart rate (differs from p to p) , and yes it does make me sweat a little extra and i like that. 5.) Hasn't suppressed my diet, i am on a low calorie diet (4-5 small meals a day). 6.) For best results , Consume 1 serving of casein powder before u sleep for better recovery of lost muscle and building muscle. 7.) To be on a safe side i am taking multivitamins, anti-oxidants , omega-3 fatty acids, BCAA , vitamin C , Whey Protein (isolate), and zinc.

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Verified Buyer

Love this instantly cleaned me out .... I feel a huge difference and have not finished the first bottle yet . Will order more soon . It does take an adjustment at first to get use to the pills but with eating a healthy meal and plenty of water it evens out .

LariMoore's Rating

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AhmedZalat's Rating

It's amazing so wonderful, it really work like a magic.. The best fat burner I ever tried. It giving me excellent results.

staciald's Rating

Gives you just the right amount of energy to get through a tough workout with out getting jittery. Curbs your hunger overall, especially for sweets.

bigchapp's Rating

this is the business if you want to really lift and perform like a boss in the gym. But it still got nothing on the old LIPO-6 formula that had ephedra in it... I MISS YOU, EPHEDRA!!!

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