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Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate Reviews

It's So Strong You'll Never Need More Than One Pill!

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GNCPostal54's Rating

Love this product. Gives me the kick in the pants I need on my training days and at work. No jitters and I don't cramp as I do on other diet supplements. Also taking Nutrex CLA and Carnitine with it.

BushyZeus's Rating

I started my weightloss endeavor about 2 months ago at 295, I have a strict 1500 calorie a day diet but I couldn't get past that 280 plateau. Since starting this product I have lost 8 pounds in a week and a half I'm currently at 272. I would definitely suggest this product it's good for breaking plateaus

nickjames1414's Rating

Just started using this product about 3 days ago, so for the fat loss portion, I have not seen that big of a change. Ive felt a little bloated and have been peeing a lot (I think that's because the pill pushes out all water so u don't see the water weight). As the energy boosts and appetite suppressant goes, amazing! I love to eat little unhealthy snacks throughout the day and now I don't. ive been eating my 4-5 big meals and that's it. I take 2 pills a day (1 in the morning and I when I get home from work around 3) and I have clean, focused energy allllll day. No noticeable side effects ,just urination and pooping more. So far im happy with the purchase

kylereece's Rating

This was the last of 4 thermogenics I tried during a 6 week period and I can safely say I like this one the least. Nutrex pumps up the stimulant level on this one high enough to give a crystel meth addict cardiac arrest. Im the kind of guy who's always got a coffee or cappuccino close by and have taken loads of caffenated preworkout drinks so Im no stranger to caffeine/stimulants but this was just cranked beyond necessity. Instead of providing an energy boost to my workout, found myself weak and out of breath just from my warmups! Also noticed it negatively effect my mood. I could barely THINK about food while on it so it does make for an effective appetite suppressant but thats not good enough reason for me to try it again. Will stick to BSN hyper shred or MusPharm shred matrix for my fat burning supps STAY AWAY if ur at all sensitive to caffeine!

amashlee88's Rating

Just started taking this product and started out with one pill at a time just so I don't feel like I am on drugs. Started taking two pills at a time twice a day and so far I love it. Will post another review once I see results or am finished with first round of 8 weeks.

gustavopfd's Rating

This product was stronger in first time i have used. I like this, but the old was better. Well, this Is the best fat destroyer i have taked. The product is good enought. I whould buy it again.

MisterMalaya's Rating

it actually help me lose fats and i'm getting ripped here :) really recommended it guys who wants to lose fats. well of course you have to workout/exercise to reach your destination brah. gotta love de workout everyone.

grmo did not leave a written review for this product.

SaauloC's Rating

SaauloC did not leave a written review for this product.

BUbaseball's Rating

BUbaseball did not leave a written review for this product.

soccerhockeyguy's Rating

Question for anyone...all help is much appreciated. I am taking my first bottle of Lipo6 Black, once im done with this bottle, do i continue to take the 2nd bottle or take a break in between? Thanks all. Also, I have taken other Lipo6 products and worked for me, just want to try L6B to see how good it works. Giving it a 6 because i know Lipo6 works, just dont know much about the L6Black...working on it right now.

I started taking this product on Saturday the 4th of January. The reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10 is because of the first 3 days of using it. I'm used to caffeine (Coffee, tea, everyday stuff. No supplements before in my life). But after taking the first pill that day, I felt my body warming up a little after 30 minutes. It started shaking on the inside. I noticed the word "Jittery" here, that's probably what I felt. It was hard sitting at the desk the whole day! I train 5-6 days a week. A mix of weights and cardio . So, the coach at the gym looked at me on the 18th of January and said I looked a little different and should take measurements. 2 weeks I dropped around 10 pounds and 3% body fat. (No change in my bad diet)

Joker702510's Rating

Joker702510 did not leave a written review for this product.

ambunikhil's Rating

omg its extreamly dangerous its making me uncontrollable.......extream energyr

mbogdan01's Rating

Works perfectly...i have combined it with garcinia cambogia and CLA.In not even 2 months...6 packs,no jokes!


I felt something wrong in it's formula, I knew it's bad because i tried better products.

Analuizaottoni's Rating

Analuizaottoni did not leave a written review for this product.

asteroidpump3d's Rating

Been using for one month so far, paired with cardio and diet. Have lost 20 lbs so far and hoping for another 20. Product gives me the energy needed for my low calorie diet.

bushyman's Rating

Not for me. Might work for some people but was not effective with me. The only reason why I am giving it a 5 is because it does give you an energy boost, but weight loss wise.... Nada. I have had much great success with Red Acid Reborn (no jitter) and Anadrox. I think I will stick to what works for me.

crunkjuice1's Rating

I have also tried UNLIMITED and out of both This UC has the strongest appetite suppression of both of them granted this serving is only one pill twice a day over the two pills twice a day of UNLIMITED. Nutrex should streamline the Lipo6 series to just this UC and UNLIMITED versions as they focus on two main playing fields which the UC straight fat burn appetite control and UNLIMITED focuses on mood. If your looking for Nutrex strongest fat burner and need help curbing appetite this one will help you and stay true to it label. You have to put in work, most really don't but like with any supplement its not a miracle pill that you take and don't hit cardio or anything that helps burn fat.. Do your part and this line will help you. Good luck!

1-20 of 109 Reviews
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