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Its been a week since I started on this product. After reading reviews online, I was scared that I'll be jittery and will get a lot of cramps. I have used Hydroxycut before and that was a pain. Anyway, I started with one capsule a day, which did not induce anything effect. Now I'm on the recommended dosage. No cramps! One the third day, I started on the recommended dosage (3 capsules x 2), by the end of the day my water weight had vanished. I have few veins that pop up when I workout but now they show all day, but they just look like they are going to burst when I work out. I don't know if that is a good thing or not. I'm drinking water like a fish in water. I've never consumed so much water and still have had urine that looks like pineapple juice. It does make me sweat like I'm in a steam room after about 15mins of taking the capsules. But other than that not really sweating a lot (probably because it evaporates all the water). I'm a caffeine addict so I don't get jitters because my body is used to assimilating caffeine I'm ingesting. I find it weird that they have not mentioned how much caffeine each dose has. I've stopped drinking coffee because of that and I feel no difference. It takes me 2 strong coffees to get started in the morning. By strong coffee I mean coffee that tastes like poison. This product probably has an insane amount of caffeine. My heart does palpitate once after exactly an hour after I take the second dose. Its not painful, just the sudden realisation of feeling my heart beat is uncomfortable. I've had anxiety issues before and there have been times when heart palpitations would make me stop whatever I was doing and just clutch my chest. So, I guess if you have severe anxiety issues, please talk to your doctor before starting on Lipo 6 Black. Also, if you take a pre-workout, they usually have high caffeine content, so either you space the dosage or again, talk to you doctor or trainer. Whatever works, I don't use pre-workouts but the caffeine content seems to be pretty high in this product. Dying because of a caffeine overdose is not a fun way to pass on. Be safe guys! Be safe. No changes in my sleeping patterns. I sleep for about 8 hours daily. My energy levels have spiked up. Not tremendously but I feel the difference. Last week, I would feel like my soul has left my body after cardio but now I feel like I'm still alive. I do have issues eating now. I don't get hungry at all. Seriously, no feeling all day long. Now this is great when it comes to those pesky 'night time munchies' feels you get but eating has become difficult. I have to force myself to eat and after 2-3 bites I feel like I might puke. i never do but come on! Eating is not supposed to be an uncomfortable thing. Before writing this review, I ate a medium sized banana and oh my God, what a chore that was. Never in my life has it taken me 15 freaking minutes to eat a banana. In fact, I still taste it in my mouth and it does not feel good. For me, this is the biggest side effect. On second thought, since I can't eat properly and yet I can run like a beast.....big spike in energy! This worries me slightly, how much caffeine are you putting in Lipo 6 Black, NUTREX TELL ME! No headaches. I do feel a slight heaviness but thats probably because of dehydration. It resolves after I drink water. Overall, Lipo 6 Black, the extreme fat destroyer seems to be working. I will update again once I finish this cycle and share my results. To conclude, I'd say, this product seems to have an insane amount of caffeine. The label doesn't specify anything. Talk to a professional before starting on this. Also, if you are a fitness newbie then this product is not for you. In my opinion, this product is good for people who have already have a good fitness level. Lipo 6 Black is not a starting point for fat loss, it should be used as a supplement to spike up your metabolism when you have already started dropping fat.

I'm getting ready to start taking this product again. I took it in 2012 for about 3 months consistently and had amazing results. No side effects, no issues with sleep at all and intense fat burning. Of course this was in addition to a strict 1200 calorie diet and lifting weights 5x a week but that's how you're supposed to use it. I highly recommend this product. Ive tried other fat burners and none have given me results like this one.

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Only been on this for a few days so I cannot say whether or not it "burns fat". I have no had any discomforting side affects (no jitters and I don't feel high). I'm not sensitive to caffeine though, either. I am using one pill a day- I take it before my run in the morning and like that it gives me that little extra boost at 5 am :).

In my exlerience, this product is not suitable for those who are sensitive to caffeine or any other content of these pills. On a first day, I took one pill in the morning and I felt really jittery after, had to drink a couple of cups of camomille tea...( I wanna say that in general -I usually drink coffee in the morning-1-2 cups and feel ok). So, for the next couple of days, I decided to split a one single capsule on 2 parts so it had twice less impact. Didn`t work- I still felt nervous and kinda stressed out. In a month or so I repeated this splitting and taking-same result. At the same time I didn`t really notice the appetite supression)) Therefore, even though, it was a good quality supplement,I had to cut it off. I used to take Votrex, JetFuel, Xpel- these worked for me well.

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I love this I always notice a little extra energy on this. I also notice with proper nutrition and cardio with this it helps shrink my waist and burn more body fat. I love the ingredients in this as they are clean and appeal to the female body. I also love how this doenst make you get that horrible jittery feeling. This is the best product!

I LOVE LIPO 6 !!! It really works and I don't get sick or feel like I'm going to die. It helps me push thru my workouts and keeps the cravings away.

This is by far the best product that I have ever used. I didn't realize how much it helped me until I finished taking my last pill of the bottle. It is the only thing I have ever found that controls my appetite. That is the main reason I take it, I don't have hardly any cravings, when I am not taking it, I feel hungry and my stomach feels empty all day long.

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Some people have reported jitters and getting sick using this product. I used it when I hit a heavy plateau and didn't experience any of that. I ate 5-6 meals a day, took it once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I HIGHLY suggest starting out with just one pill a day and taking it in the morning. In one month, I lost 20lbs using this product, eating right and exercising 2+ hours a day. Once I overcame my plateau, I stopped using the product and had no issues with the weight coming back on. I also recommend speaking to your doctor before using a product like this because it can be hard on your system. Definitely up your vitamin intake with this product as it strips a lot of that from you.

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Had to take once a day. Not twice a day because it weaken my nervier system. In hands. Then it gave me acne. Bad results at beginning. Very strong in ingredients. Nomore acne and cut back on coffee. I drink tea. But do feel energy when jogging. It's okay. I also have the unlimited lipo. Hope product gets betta thru time.

So far I like it. I've been a user of OxyElite Pro for a few years and recently ran out and thought I'd try something different. Had a sample pack of Ripped Freak - didn't like that, way too jittery. Decided on buying a bottle of the Lipo-6 Ultra Hers - only a couple days in now and I've no complaints. Glad I bought it.

If you're not sensitive to caffeine, this product is definitely a good energy and awareness booster. I'm more sensitive to caffeine and I drink coffee and tea frequently, so it wasn't the best for me. It reduced water retention, but I can't say it made me lose fat. It probably would have helped me lose more weight if I didn't get such bad caffeine headaches from them. Good price, decent energy boost, solid formula, but not the pill for me. Another note, don't try to put it in a pill carrier in your purse. The capsules will leak a brown fluid and stick together/get all over the place. Leave them in their original container.

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Tried this for 5 weeks and lost 10 pounds with consistent working out - nothing super hard/crazy! It definitely gave me great energy and got me tight and fit, without jitters or headaches, etc. I stopped taking it for about 5 weeks and prob gained 3 pounds back (without consistent exercise). I tried regular Lipo6 again after this and it just wasn't the same. Definitely recommend!

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I'm not a fan. I have tried fat burners before and this one didn't give me any energy. My appetite was suppressed for a couple days but then the effects wore off. I took half the bottle before I returned it. I will not refer a one to this product.

Really works! I ceased to be tired, energy suffices for all day, appetite decreases, and I need now less time to sleep, excess fatty deposits leave as it is well combined with other types of products. I accept Lipo strictly as it is specified in the instruction! It is pleasant to me! But without trainings and a diet any tablets won't make your tummy - flat and sexual! ) )

I really enjoy this one, I usually am a Hydroxy fan but thought I would try something different and mix it up. It definitely kills my appetite, but a little too much I find myself falling short on my calorie intake because I literally have no appetite. Might be a little too strong for me. No jitters surprisingly though. So far so good, I work out 4 times a week with weights/cardio and cross train 1 day. And have noticed a little umph in my workouts but not as much as I expected. I would recommend it...

I've always had good results with Lipo-6. I needed something a little stronger than the regular one, so I tried this one. I did have some jitters in the beginning, but that wore off. Definitely works better when I combine it with CLA/fish oil and L-carnitine.

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