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It has increased satieity and it helps me at the gym i dont feel fatigued anymore ,aiding me in weightloss therefore.

shotputter231's Rating

I used this on and off abs bit is great however the downside is that I personally built a tolorence to it fast. It gave me energy the direct tone around and then I stopped cutting for 6 weeks and then was ready again and it was nowhere near as strong. Plus when I stopped using it I had the mother of all headaches for like a week. However, I lost 30 pounds using it and used it in place of preworkout and it was great

malakyoussef's Rating

From the first pill i and till the 3rd ( 3rd day ) i feel energetic and i feel the fat burned in the abs level.

jewelsfor76's Rating

Started this product yesterday. Only took one pill in the mid morning. Increased my metabolism and made me "hotter" throughout the day and a wee bit nauseous. I do crossfit at 7pm 4 nights a week so the energy faded by then back to normal energy levels. I def. had a decrease in hunger. I'm going to stick to one pill per day for now until my body gets used to it.

denissemariie's Rating

I started this product this morning. One cap after breakfast and one cap in the afternoon. After the first cap I started to feel jittery. After the second, rapid heartbeat for like two seconds, jittery and my stomache. I hope to feel better tomorrow. I will take only one cap to see if I can take it longer. Also, I hope to see better results to rate this product as it deserves.

I'm getting ready to start taking this product again. I took it in 2012 for about 3 months consistently and had amazing results. No side effects, no issues with sleep at all and intense fat burning. Of course this was in addition to a strict 1200 calorie diet and lifting weights 5x a week but that's how you're supposed to use it. I highly recommend this product. Ive tried other fat burners and none have given me results like this one.

LarrisaXrenee's Rating

Only been on this for a few days so I cannot say whether or not it "burns fat". I have no had any discomforting side affects (no jitters and I don't feel high). I'm not sensitive to caffeine though, either. I am using one pill a day- I take it before my run in the morning and like that it gives me that little extra boost at 5 am :).

In my exlerience, this product is not suitable for those who are sensitive to caffeine or any other content of these pills. On a first day, I took one pill in the morning and I felt really jittery after, had to drink a couple of cups of camomille tea...( I wanna say that in general -I usually drink coffee in the morning-1-2 cups and feel ok). So, for the next couple of days, I decided to split a one single capsule on 2 parts so it had twice less impact. Didn`t work- I still felt nervous and kinda stressed out. In a month or so I repeated this splitting and taking-same result. At the same time I didn`t really notice the appetite supression)) Therefore, even though, it was a good quality supplement,I had to cut it off. I used to take Votrex, JetFuel, Xpel- these worked for me well.

supastar2353's Rating

I love this I always notice a little extra energy on this. I also notice with proper nutrition and cardio with this it helps shrink my waist and burn more body fat. I love the ingredients in this as they are clean and appeal to the female body. I also love how this doenst make you get that horrible jittery feeling. This is the best product!

I LOVE LIPO 6 !!! It really works and I don't get sick or feel like I'm going to die. It helps me push thru my workouts and keeps the cravings away.

This is by far the best product that I have ever used. I didn't realize how much it helped me until I finished taking my last pill of the bottle. It is the only thing I have ever found that controls my appetite. That is the main reason I take it, I don't have hardly any cravings, when I am not taking it, I feel hungry and my stomach feels empty all day long.

nibrilhadori's Rating

nibrilhadori did not leave a written review for this product.

Some people have reported jitters and getting sick using this product. I used it when I hit a heavy plateau and didn't experience any of that. I ate 5-6 meals a day, took it once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I HIGHLY suggest starting out with just one pill a day and taking it in the morning. In one month, I lost 20lbs using this product, eating right and exercising 2+ hours a day. Once I overcame my plateau, I stopped using the product and had no issues with the weight coming back on. I also recommend speaking to your doctor before using a product like this because it can be hard on your system. Definitely up your vitamin intake with this product as it strips a lot of that from you.

Analuizaottoni's Rating

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Had to take once a day. Not twice a day because it weaken my nervier system. In hands. Then it gave me acne. Bad results at beginning. Very strong in ingredients. Nomore acne and cut back on coffee. I drink tea. But do feel energy when jogging. It's okay. I also have the unlimited lipo. Hope product gets betta thru time.

So far I like it. I've been a user of OxyElite Pro for a few years and recently ran out and thought I'd try something different. Had a sample pack of Ripped Freak - didn't like that, way too jittery. Decided on buying a bottle of the Lipo-6 Ultra Hers - only a couple days in now and I've no complaints. Glad I bought it.

If you're not sensitive to caffeine, this product is definitely a good energy and awareness booster. I'm more sensitive to caffeine and I drink coffee and tea frequently, so it wasn't the best for me. It reduced water retention, but I can't say it made me lose fat. It probably would have helped me lose more weight if I didn't get such bad caffeine headaches from them. Good price, decent energy boost, solid formula, but not the pill for me. Another note, don't try to put it in a pill carrier in your purse. The capsules will leak a brown fluid and stick together/get all over the place. Leave them in their original container.

candagemorgan's Rating

candagemorgan did not leave a written review for this product.

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