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scream666 did not leave a written review for this product.

Ok it's my first day and this is giving me an effect. First day first pwo though. But it's really good I can say

I had the Bruisin' Berry flavor. Flavor was pretty horrible. Didn't really give me the pre-workout feeling I like.

This is by far my go to pre workout when I want to throw around some weights, it never leaves me hanging mid workout tired, I always get my energy the whole time and get it done I'd recommend it if you want some mean energy

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deflegend did not leave a written review for this product.

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girlslift20 did not leave a written review for this product.

provides good and steady energy....good strength n all.... Tastes like a cough cyrup though

All delicious! I feel it! Energy to go hard and finish my work out strong! This was part of my nutrex stack. (Muscle Infusion, creatine, glutamine, cla, lipo 6 unlimited, amino, Carnitine, t-up)

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thiagoaraujo021 did not leave a written review for this product.

Hemo Rage is a PWO that seems to be made for energy and mental focus as that i was what i received from my single serving dose of this awesome PreWorkout from Nutrex!!! Just a single scoop of the great tasting formula was enough to power me thru an intense mind was focused on the weights and i was able to feel every muscle fiber flex and contract as the mind muscle connection was working great!!! over all i give hemo rage a solid 9/10

I believe that pre-workout works differently for each person. In my case I saw great results, now talking about taste, never took something so bad, dipyrone is not so bad.

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Awesome stuff....had me throwing weights through the wall

HEMO-RAGE is one of the strongest preworkouts I have tried. It doesn't, however, leave me feeling lightheaded or spaced out like some other really strong PWs do. It provides solid energy with a run through walls type focus. Flavor is not typically a big deal to me, but the Sucker Punch is delicious. The Apple is a bit to tangy for my liking, but could easily be watered down to make less potent. This product also worked for me longer than most before having to switch to something else. I was still getting full, strong pumps even at the end of the container (when most products typically lose most of thier effect after a week or two). At 250lbs+ 1/2 or 3/4 of a serving is enough for me, so you should be able to get some extra value out of a tub.

The flavor of Apple Ambush was ok. The first couple times I tried it, I thought it was decent and a little bit different. After continual use, it kind of wore itself out. If you are a big apple fan, you might like taking this day in and day out. Just not for me. As far as for performance, I wasn't overly impressed. My energy in the gym was ok, but nothing really above average. Focus seemed to be pretty decent. For the price, it's not that bad of a deal, but there are several other supplements in this category that I would opt for first.

I've tried the Apple Ambush and Lunatic Lemonade flavors of Hemo-Rage. While I enjoyed the Lunatic Lemonade flavor, the Apple Ambush flavor was my favorite. I got great focus and good energy from both tubs. There's no crash when Hemo-Rage wears off which is always good. This is a great pre-workout, give it a try if you're looking for something that provides good energy and focus when you step into the gym.

Man at 300 mg of caffne, i was jumping off the walls with this product. And lets not forget the taste. not the best berry out there but there were no complaints when drinking it. Went down smooth and give me the nergy i needed for every workout. the best thing is, it contains creatine as well! not a lot, only 2 grams, but an awesome addition to a preworkout. reccomen this product to anyone who is looking to try something a little different and is willing to RAGE in the gym!

This pre has worked really well for me, both pump-wise and stim-wise. I get pretty awesome focus on two scoops of it and when I was hitting the gym with the World Cup on I kept forgetting I was watching it because I was glued to the weights. Bruisin' Berry isn't bad. It's not the best flavor ever but it's decent. I've since gotten my hands on a sample pack of Sucker Punch which I think was a bit better. I didn't have any problems with mixability or anything with either flavor.

I have used this PWO just for two days and i don't know if it is just a placebo but i have to say i felt more focus and got that extra pump without that feeling of crazy squirl . Now I do body weight work out and i think it'll work, i felt with enough strenght, my veins look awesome and when i finish my routine and rest for 15 mins, wanted to start all again. It smells great, and the taste is good enough, but have an after taste like medicine, think i can live with it for a while.

I've taken many different pre-workouts in my time, and I can definitely say hemo-rage has one of the best overall energy/focus/pumps I've ever got. I tried the Lunatic Lemonade flavor, it wasn't the greatest, BUT it didn't taste bad, more of was just a bland flavor. I'd definitely recommend trying Hemo-Rage as it will give you some of the best pump and focus you've ever had in a workout. Definitely a 9/10 product.

I used this product while on a cut because I felt my energy in the gym and recovery time both between sets, and between workouts was suffering due to being in a caloric deficit. Energy immediately increased in the gym, and I have not had any fatigue issues, now 3 weeks into using the product. There a fair amount of caffeine in this, so if you are sensitive I would start at a half dose. I have maintained or increased all of my lifts since starting this product, despite consistently losing 2.5lbs per week. I did not experience a powerful pump on this product like I have with other PWOs. I will definitely buy it again. Flavor is good, it tastes like watered down sugar free lemonade. If you like crystal light lemonade, you can't go wrong here.

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