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kerbycl9's Rating

Really like the product and the orange flavor. Ventured out on the Peach Mango and it is way too sweet. I have to chase it with water where the orange flavor is perfect.

AntM1564's Rating

If you are looking for that intra product that tastes good and will decrease recovery time, I would look into Nutrabolics' Anabolic State. It is truly a great product and will help with recovery. The only drawback for some may be the price, but you have to remember that in a single scoop, there is 10 grams of BCAA and HICA which alone has many benefits. 9/10

almost13's Rating

1 This product mixes very well-10-10 2 Taste great can work with almost any shake. 9 3 i noticed my recovery rate was much faster and my gains were there. 10-10 Over all i would get this post again i am cycling off so my body does not build a tolerance. I would highly recommend trying this.

cmanpineda's Rating

Taste is just ok. Too sweet. Gave this a try for a while now, hoping for better results. But nothing. Nutrabolics has really declined in recent years and quality is suffering.

derickp38's Rating

One of the Best intra workout supps on the market Pineapple taste amazing and I just got the Peach Mango, it taste like those Trolli Gummy Peach Rings. Best way to mix it is 1 scoop in 20oz or so in my opinion otherwise it's too sweet. Do yourself a favor and Get you some ANABOLIC STATE your body and taste buds will thank you ;)

trishclough's Rating

Peach mango tastes amazing. It's like a peach juice you can buy anywhere. Amazing product!!

lowroller21212's Rating

Very solid with the HICa which the vast majority of aminos out there do not have but that they should. To me, the bare minimum does not do it for me so when I got the chance to get this from a promotion, I wanted to compare it to other bcaa's with eaas, hydrolytes, or hica. Hica makes this bcaa a huge reason why I like it, incrementally reduced doms. Depending on your training it will vary however out of the two times I tried it both different brands, I thought hica was the reason, other bcaas with eaas I also compare to this blend. For the flavors, I only liked the Peach Mango from a sample I got with the Lemon Lime as a keeper, the chalkyness was masked so well, but the lemon lime was hard to drink down, too chalky.

austinreimer's Rating

It's taste is awful. Didn't notice any difference in workout and gave me diarrhea. You're better off buying bodybuilding bcaas that are non flavored


WOW. Great profile and the taste is PHENOMENAL. Definitely give this stuff a chance, you wont regret it.

brooks13333's Rating

I didn't like it at all also it gave me a diarrhea while working-out and the orange taste is not that bad

Dkosinsky's Rating

the taste is uglyyy

aop1702's Rating

aop1702 did not leave a written review for this product.

rpittet's Rating

I really wanted to like this product after reading the awesome reviews here on I ordered it online and received it right away! Buuuutt... when I tried this it was the most awful thing I have ever tasted. I had the orange flavor that everyone had praised about but this actually tasted like SOAP. No orange flavor at all. I feel like I am being punked. Literally undrinkable and I poured it out. I had to survive that workout on the quarter serving I had left of my old stuff.

cdevocht's Rating

Great BCAA product (For Many reasons) one of them being that it contains HICA! Helps with recovery, getting through a tough workout, tastes great too! Please check out my in depth review over here

Sephra's Rating

Recovery was on point with this product. Took one scoop post workout and it reduced my doms by a couple of days. Not only that but the taste was very pleasent in 500ml of cold water. It tasted like a less sweet welch's grapejuice. Improved recovery was for sure, after doing a squat day it didn't feel like my legs were about to fall off the next day

STElric's Rating

I first tried peach mango. You can definitely smell the mango flavor upon exposing the powder. The powder was very fine and easily dissolved in my shaker cup with little shaking. The color was a nice bright orange, slightly opaque, and kept its peach aroma. Packed with over 10,000mg HICA, BCAAs, lysine and glutamine, I expect this product to reduce DOMS, help me retain lean muscle mass on my cut and to overall, accelerate recovery. Flavor: 10/10. Tastes and smells exactly like peach mango, although the mango taste is more apparently upon consumption. During the workout, consuming the product added a very nice refreshing, cool sense versus plain water and it was indeed refereshing. Solubility: 10/10. The powder mixed very easily. No clumps at all. In terms of recovery, I decided that I will use a scale system to gauge it, using a scale from 1-4. 1 being how I feel on a rest day (no soreness), 4 being the day after a workout, full out DOMS with no other supplements. On a scale of 1-4, I feel like a 3. Experiencing DOMS around the shoulder and quads; however I do expect it to dissipate mostly by tomorrow. This product has definitely helped though in regards to accelerating my recovery!

jeffjones1332's Rating

Love Anabolic State.The taste is perfect,not too sweet,not too bland,and it mixes very well,no grit left in the shaker.Definitely will consider this product the next time I load up on supps and recommend to others looking for a good quality recovery supp.

Thunder1995's Rating

This is my favorite supplement of all the ones I have ever taken. It works extremely well and Im looking forward to buying more

ragnar1199's Rating

Taste: The taste is very good. I got grape. I don't think it really tasted like grape, it had more of a peach flavor to me. It was very tasty, though. I like it. Mixability: This is fantastic. Mixed with a spoon for about 20 seconds and let it rest for about two minutes and there was barely any powder visible. You can see through it when its in a glass. It doesn't have too much coloring, which I like very much. It mixed pretty clear, nothing floating, nothing sitting on the bottom of the glass. Excellent. Recovery: This was great during the duration. I was lifting max weights leading up to a powerlifting meet, hitting PRs every week, as well as doing assistance work in the 6-12 rep range. I was rarely sore and recovered very well. I don't have a desk job either, I do landscaping and lawn mowing, so my job can be pretty physical throughout the day. With recovery being so good, DOMS was very minimal. I recommend this product and have enjoyed using it.

nailamafaaz's Rating

Great taste, easy to drink and mix. Top notch profile. Helps with recovery.

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