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rippinlipz707's Rating

Took 2ooo mg every day and got a huge increase in test in the first week. Got some acne as a result and decreased to 1000 mg every other day.overall it's a good product i would recommend you start slow

Friday7's Rating

Friday7 did not leave a written review for this product.

natural10's Rating

Good cheap safe product. Good for ***** health and libido help. An article in muscle development said it doesn't increase testosterone at all and that Tribulus is a scam. This product is good for *****/sex health and for those reasons, it's worth taking.

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erv1n's Rating

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jackadaddy's Rating

This tribulus product each AM / PM plus multi-vitamins in the AM and ZMA in the PM and I feel like I'm getting the right mix of micros. I'm not measuring my T levels so I don't know that it's specifically working but definitely have felt an increase in performance.

donnybaseball's Rating

donnybaseball did not leave a written review for this product.

layowen's Rating

I've tried a few different companies, trying their different Tribulus. I've always come back to NOWs. Everytime I start taking theirs, I notice great energy, fast recovery and more strength through my workouts. A few small pimples on my rear delts and mid chest but hey... shows it really boosting my test!

sudevan's Rating

Bought the 180 tablet bottle and am close to finishing it. Didn't notice any difference in terms of libido, strength or gains etc. In fact my libido has gotten lower. I cannot blame it on the product as there could be other reasons causing it but I have to point out that I have taken tribulus before on multiple occasions. I will be trying Arginine next time perhaps.

Mcapy72's Rating

Used all of it up, good product, pills were HUGE though!

stan2099's Rating

stan2099 did not leave a written review for this product.

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wkrose's Rating

wkrose did not leave a written review for this product.

ericwickline's Rating

I bought this supplement a while back. Not really sure if I wanted to try a " test booster ". I decided to try it as I haven't been seeing any gains in a while. Been taking 1 in the morning with my shake and 1 in the evening before bed for one week now. Nothing else has changed at all workout level still the same calorie intake is the same. Within that week my shoulders have started to cut up nicely Quite a surprise to me. I have not experienced the side effects that I have read about others having. However, I hate my job right now and I don't know if it's the tribulus or just the fact I hate my job. maybe a combination. Libido no change

ajh734's Rating

Didn't really notice much with this. Usually stack it with mucuna &when I like the mucuna better by itself. Not terrible, but not great.

Technoking2013's Rating

I've been using this for about a month. I have been gaining muscle about 20% faster the past month as well as noticing an increase in libido (which is great if you have a girlfriend) lol. ;) Try them!

APBabcock651's Rating

APBabcock651 did not leave a written review for this product.

cadubezerra's Rating

cadubezerra did not leave a written review for this product.

edgeo1978's Rating

It has a mild stimulant effect for me, green tea and tribulus taken together have an energizing effect for me!

88shashank's Rating

First booster I have ever tried. Results are good. There is frequent gain in muscle mass. Using it with Dymatize dymaburn. Good fat loss in 5 weeks with muscle gain. I take 1 pill daily. (have observed slight increase in temper)

tmatzoll's Rating

first test booster ive tried and saw very nice results. my fat slowly was replaced by muscle, and felt more alive throughout the day. awesome product very cheap!!

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