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I have bought this supplement a month ago and i took every 2 times day before exercise and sleep and i have to say it makes you sweat like animal only when doing intense stuff and makes your skin a bit harder. But the taste is like a medicine amd reminds me of the medicine i took in my past.though the product is ok but taste always give me shivering after taking it and nightmare.

samuellevy's Rating

Thought ill try a pre bed supplement to give the cottage cheese a rest. This product says unflavoured but tastes BAD. In the end I had to mix it with some flavoured bcaa's just to take the taste away. It also has started to dry up and go hard in the container. I have not noticed any difference with taking this supplement Maybe it works best when asleep!

MikeFromMidwest's Rating

I've been using Pro-GH daily for the past three months and it seems to be working well. I workout with weights for one hour three times a week. I also ride a bike at the health club three times a week (after working out with weights). Using Pro-GH combined with my workout regimen has me gaining lean muscle and losing weight. My hair also seems to be getting thicker.

svetko84's Rating

svetko84 did not leave a written review for this product.

lowblowjoe's Rating

Says unflavored, but has an awful bitter/medicated fruit taste. I add it to my pre-workout(taste best with a fruit punch pre-workout flavor) and It has worked well at giving a better pump feeling and the GABA seems to help calm focused workouts.

dsammyb's Rating

I find that rating products just by the taste is not giving a real review. If that is all someone bases their review on, most products would rate really bad for the most part other than a few of them. What this product does is give you the necessary energy to have intense workouts and very restful sleep. I usually give a supplement a couple of months before giving a rating. This product works great for me. I used it before my workouts and before bedtime. This with a few other supplements brought a significant amount of muscle size in the couple of months. I have tried just a straight gaba but it does not even compare in my opinion. It takes more than taste and a week or two to give a descent rating. This stuff works.

alexiy1's Rating

The taste is not the best, the results depends on a lot of another factors, but if i'll have 4-6 units of HGH production per 24H - it will be superior :) I'm using it with stack of Animal PM and Tribulus - to maximaze anabolic and growth hormones production.

capitalsolution's Rating

well ... wanted to try a product to stimulate the pitutary gland while sleeping and kinda turn back time a bit ... (slow down the aging process) so far.. less grey hair ... tighter skin around face... and more energy throughout the day ... do not feel as though i need a nap every day like before... i'm 48, do not work out regularly... and from what i've witnessed so far ... i will continue with this product...

engineer719's Rating

I am doing my best to follow the container instructions. I will let you all know how I fair. I do like the product so far and I have had some really good lifts lately. My gf and I are both using it. Im only giving it a 7/10 right now cuz I just started using it. Well I just finished the container...I have mixed reviews. I was really excited at first but didnt really feel much. I would save the money on this one...

1-9 of 9 Reviews