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NOW MCT Oil Reviews

A Weight Management Thermogenic That Spares Lean Muscle Tissue!

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NPR77's Rating

Really like this product. been using about 2 weeks and really feel like I notice improved sustained energy levels as well as improved recovery.(faster and less sore)

musclewolf72's Rating

Really good,i used in all my cooking and salads.Will decreased your body fat,along with intense cardio and weight lifiting

BoilerBrad's Rating

I am rating both product and service (order and delivery). It appears the product is working because it helped get me into a deeper ketosis in an easier way (less coconut oil, butter, etc.) -- MCT is easy to add into a cold drink, dressing or coffee. The service was excellent -- I usually only order products, when available, via Amazon, but wanted to give BB a shot so I ordered one from each at the same time (Sunday evening, Oct 4th). Fast foward a few days, I received the BB order on Wednesday, Oct. 7th) and the Amazon order two days later on Friday, Oct. 9th. I'm very impressed with the BB order handling. Also, the BB order of NOW MCT came very well packaged -- essentially a bottle in a box, in a box. The Amazon order was the bottle wrapped and boxed -- it worked, but not as good as BB. Good work Bodybuilding.com!!!

ssolo_99's Rating

This stuff is fantastic. I did a bit of research myself, watched the BB video and then took the chance that I wasn't being spun and tried the stuff. Wow! First I'm doing the Atkins diet and the stuff helps me get back into ketosis after my weekly cheat meal (common...you do it too). But even more than that its helping shed pounds like crazy. You take it three times a day and my appetite has disappeared. Amazingly though it seems to act like an energy boost too. If you're doing Atkins, trying to shed weight, are worried about your blood lipid levels or just want an energy boost then you've found your liquid gold. I'm personally going to stock up before word gets out and the price increases.

sam1400's Rating

I'm on the Keto diet and Coconut oil is a very big part of it for me. The MCT Oil is basically all the good benefits of the coconut oil concentrated. This Oil gives me the energy boost to get though the day and my workout. I really like this product.

pipes1939's Rating

I am using the oil to up the calorie count in my shakes. My body weight has gone up 3 lbs in the last month mainly due to the shakes with the oil. You definitely want to start by adding only two table spoons to 72 oz of shake (Vit D Milk, 6 tbs Now MCT oil, Vanilla Monster Mass, Now's CarboGain, Egg Whites, 1/2 banana and Creatine Monohydrate ).

pammartin86's Rating

pammartin86 did not leave a written review for this product.

Dude1974's Rating

Just started using this with my own version of Bulletproof coffee...about 1oz/20oz coffee, 1st off noticing a nice sharp head all day, evergy is most definitely raised as well, now If I can get actually working out back into the mix....

defrow16's Rating

defrow16 did not leave a written review for this product.

sylvieash's Rating

This product ia great. I use 1 tablespoon every morning in my bulletproof coffee. Will definitely buy again when I start running out.

RANCID215's Rating

I add a tablespoon in my morning smoothie now. It's a excellent product for the price. I Feel very focused early in the morning and threw out the work day. I love this stuff.

snowbunnie8421's Rating

use it in my salads and gives it a sweet taste!! love it!!!

Frankietheman's Rating

my go to MCT oil currently

superdmoo's Rating

This is an amazing product. I've never dabbled into consuming a large amount of good saturated fat before and its ridiculous how much of a change there is. I felt it pretty hard. Energy and stimulation. Though, this can be kinda rough on your insides. You may want to add a digestive enzyme or probiotic.

romansotelo's Rating

Very nice product. I use it for my oil shakes mixing it with my whey protein before and after workout. Seems to work in giving me extra energy I needed for my workouts since I don't eat carbs (ketogenic diet). Seems to help me get back to ketosis after my refeed day..

drbrown19's Rating

This product does seem to help with my ability to focus and gives a little more stamina throughout the day. It is excellent with coffee in the morning or mixed in with a shake. I havent noticed any effect with weight management yet, but still early in the process

pattybell's Rating

Excellent product. I just start getting the result i want

chogan25's Rating

I love this product - I use it in my Bulletproof coffee every morning and it has been fueling through my day and through my 2nd of 2 workouts. LOVE it!!

aliciagoungo's Rating

MCT OIL is AMAZING!!!!! I just started picking up my workout routine in February and have had great changes but I've been struggling with shedding the last of my body fat. I bought the MCT Oil and started it 2 weeks ago. My weight at that time was 108lbs and today I'm at 104lbs.... I can actually see my lower abs..... OMG!!!!! There is no weird taste or smell to the MCT Oil, which makes it very easy to consume. I suggest taking the oil 1-Tablespoon at first to allow your body to get use to it. It sometimes causes a bit of stomach cramps/aches at first, but goes away after the first week. The results don't lie! I highly recommend this product!

TheBroberts1986's Rating

Best mct oil product period. No sugar no flavoring which i would avoid with this product sugar+ mct oil= fat gain. I currently have been using this product as a staple supplement for over 1 year now and its the bedt fat loss, fat burner, energy product ive ever taken. Its not marketed for all that but thats what it is capable of.

1-20 of 29 Reviews
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