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Herbs And Nutrients Designed To Support Healthy Liver Function!

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kprimm's Rating

I have been using this company's supplements for a long time. Until now...Yes they are cheap, but here is why, this product, and all of this company's products contain magnesium stearate. You can google it if you want. but it makes it so the powder doesn't stick to their manufacturing equipment. So it cuts down on costs for them, magnesium stearate is toxic, and has serious effects on your digestive tract, nutritional intake from it damaging the intestinal walls and blocking absorption, and has been linked to other serious health effects, I will never use this company's product again. Look out for magnesium stearate is all your supplements!!!!

wnaskor's Rating

Eating large amounts of protein and having a previous spell of higher liver enzymes show up in a test, I used this product for the past year, was just tested again and have GREAT test results. I will always have this product as a staple in my supplement regimen. I can attest that it works, its at a great price,, and made by a brand I trust

millymil's Rating

I've been using this product for over a year. It does what it's supposed to.


Great product. it does exactly what it says !

kingcaesar1's Rating

kingcaesar1 did not leave a written review for this product.

christapheo's Rating

The Ingredients listed on the store's page for the product are different than those detailed on the bottle I received.

makster's Rating

This is an excellent product. The Dr. told my wife she had high liver enzymes and the start of a fatty liver issue. I had her start taking this and in two months her liver enzymes were in check and the Dr. said her liver was in better shape. That truly made a believer out of me.

gibster's Rating

I had my blood tested and it came back that my liver enzymes were high. I took this product or a month and my levels are normal again.

rundcm's Rating

I think anyone who takes a pre-workout should take this. It's to re-whack your liver when it gets outta whack.

JoliBell's Rating

I had been taking Now Detox for a year. In June 2012 I found out that my liver lab results came out within normal. In the past I had never had any side effects from this products. It appeared to work well for me. However, after started taking the batch of Detox that I purchased in April, 2 cap/day ( I had 2 to 3 month supply of this product), I began to have stomach cramps, and eventually diarrhea. Besides having this,I felt just fine. I then reduced the dosage to 1 cap/day, the diarrhea is lessen. But I wanted to be sure if this reaaly came from this product, I stopped taking it for a few days, the loose stools were gone. I took the same batch (bottle) of product again, and the cramping with diarrhea were coming back. Now, I am very sure this had caused the problem. I then opened a new bottle, the diarrhea continued (It had been for 3 weeks). I have to admit that the product is excellent in regenerating the liver. However, I am not sure because of its ingredients or just of the quality of the recent batches had accidentally bypassed the Now Quality Control without their knowledge. Hope they will take a look into this and review the formulas (?) if it is neccessary. Thanks. Please let me know if you have any other Regenerator with a similar formula, less in strength, and may not cause problem as mentioned above.)

Isralien's Rating

I felt discomfort in a stomach when I accepted NOW during meal. After meal, about 15 minutes, it was better. Probably personal intolerance of one of components.

nikobb's Rating

Be very carefull with this product. I took it at night before bed with fish oil - fat free Greek yogurt with flax seed and 1000mg of D-3 and I ended up in ER with stomach cramps that wouldn't subside. After 4 shots of morphine and 16 hrs of pain the cramps subsided. I don't know if it was some kind of alergic reaction to some if the ingredients but be cautious if you decided to take this product. I only use Now products and am very happy. By the way this have the nastiest smell you can imagine.

alex_155's Rating

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Maybe not as potent as other brand for liver protection but more complete product.

Robin-12's Rating

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Charone's Rating

Highly recommended!

onuraksu's Rating

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