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Marvk's Rating

First of people here leaving negative comments about product should know that this product is not a magical pill that you just pop-in and would start to look good/skinny/vice-versa in 2 days, very few people are gifted that way and that is their genetics not really the supplements, supplements just boost the process of weight gaining or weight loosing. This product boost the cell-energy hence the better thermodynamics with your body during workout which with proper workout and diet regiment tends to great fat loss. So do you research, stay away from sugar, bread, soda and other starchy carbs, follow a proper diet plan (remember to treat yourself once in a while as well, I call it a treat day not a cheat day ;-). It is a great product, however, I think it would work better if taken in liquid form which is easier for body to dissolve faster :-) NOW is a great company with great products so far :-) keep it up NOW !!!

ahmadh16's Rating

Like all Now products 10/10

Papi4421's Rating

Didn't do **** for me.

ajohnso1's Rating

Good stuff!

Josiefarro's Rating

Haven't noticed any difference, don't feel different, don't look different, not really working for me, been wanting to return it

kaptsov's Rating

Works great!

efcusa88's Rating

Good product at a good price. it helped me in reducing bodyfat although the absorption is better with liquid L-Carnitine supplements.

helmers's Rating

Took 1 before my workouts and it got me ripped over summer. Obviously I had to have a strict diet and workout routine as well

Primetime213's Rating

Primetime213 did not leave a written review for this product.

Ahmed401's Rating

Waste of money , no extra results even with workout and clean diet

peterjyj's Rating

I lost about 15 pounds in 6 months using this and a host of other workout supplements, mostly Now, combined with good diet and regular exercise. No untoward side effects. Helped curb my appetite. Gave me more energy. Plus points for being a Vegetarian product.

kglee2's Rating

I love L-Carnitine, and NOW has a nice product with great pricing! I support and suggest this.

janromel's Rating

janromel did not leave a written review for this product.

verukia's Rating

verukia did not leave a written review for this product.


SUPERSHERIF did not leave a written review for this product.

jakal911's Rating

This is good, but I just realized that there was another product that had 2x as many capsules, and the same amount of mg/capsule for the same price. I should have researched more. You need to take 2g per day for this to work. So the 30 capsules are only going to last a week.

StayinFit84's Rating

StayinFit84 did not leave a written review for this product.

rozenfeld's Rating

rozenfeld did not leave a written review for this product.

abrownBB's Rating

abrownBB did not leave a written review for this product.

seanpatlong1344's Rating

I stacked this with, Green Tea Extract and Cellucor Super HD and it worked really well for fat loss. Down atleast 2.5% body fat in a month.

1-20 of 48 Reviews