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Provides Support For Muscle Gain While Limiting The Storage Of Fat!*

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pez26's Rating

Tried something new. I usually stick with Bsn Nitrix. This is a good product. I would recommend trying it.

HoraceKnight's Rating

While I am a huge fan of L - Arginine, I am not a fan of this brand. I purchase other NOW products an I like them, but did not notice any change or difference after 1 bottle of use. I have already gone back to the brand that I was previously using (From a different company). I wouldn't recommend this product.

wkoopal's Rating

Quit wasting money on expensive preworkouts. Take four grams of this with a cup of coffee and yyyeeeeeeeeeee. Great pump and vascularity.

johndavid55's Rating

I have been using this product for about 3 months now. I haven't really noticed any difference. As for a pumped feeling, still waiting for that to happen. I have taken as recommended. 3 before my workout and then 3 before bed. I figure it can't hurt. But like others have said, everyone is different.

sirreemer's Rating

Great supplement.

masi1318's Rating

Good supplement, not too expensive and good with glutamine

austinjones425's Rating

Great value, good pump.

souljahimmortal's Rating

Good amino for a good price, I know it works great for me cause when I take on an empty stomach my drill sgt stands at attention.

tbauman1's Rating

This product is great. The price is right and the effectiveness of vaso-dilation to get the blood flowing to the muscles and all distal regions helps with development and recovery. I recommend it.

layowen's Rating

This Stuff is insane. I live by it. The pump it gives is beyond the best I have ever felt.

ekbrooks2's Rating

There's nothing fancy about this... it does it's job and you get what you pay for. It is a solid amino acid but I didn't really notice anything. I probably won't try again.

brady3mta3's Rating

Great pump when taken on an empty stomach

adobespain's Rating

adobespain did not leave a written review for this product.

wfujii90's Rating

I've been taking it for about a month now and I can really feel the extra pump it gives me during my workouts. It also seems to help me sleep at nigh when I take it right before I go to sleep.

ashsulky's Rating

This is one of 4 supplements I take for my pre-workout stack. When I don't take this supplement, I definitely notice the difference. Great to stack with Beta Alanine for a great pump.

Jimnasio's Rating

This product (Now L Arginine) did have some results. However its impact is very minor. The differences are hard to recognize as I go throughout my daily routine. However everyone is different. Why not give it a shot?

djx1318's Rating

I just started taking this supplement and I can honestly say that I can definitely feel that it has helped me with my workouts. I take 1 pill with the C-4 30 min before workout. I can do an extra Rep on every exercise in my routine.

natecoppock's Rating

Works awesome. You get a great pump for a cheap price

fatus26's Rating

fatus26 did not leave a written review for this product.

JonFranyutti's Rating

Awesome product; but tablets are HUMONGEOUS. Throat irritation from them being so huge & sister couldn't swallow them but I managed... Gotta suffer to get the results but this would be nicer in capsule form 1000mg (plastic caps)

1-20 of 51 Reviews