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Lose Excess Water To Bring Out Muscle Definition!*

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denissdedic5's Rating

denissdedic5 did not leave a written review for this product.

CPD4life's Rating

I recieved this as a sample kit and for the few days I got to try it. I felt really good taking it. I felt that I loss some water that I was hold. I wish I had the full bottle to do a full cycle and see what would really happen. But, overall I did like this product. thanks

sliverstang01's Rating

This prdouct works pretty well. I only had a sample kit but for the few days I was taking them. I felt a great and tigher. I really want to go out a buy a full bottle to see what it can really do. But a kit, this stuff was pretty good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bigsby's Rating

This stuff works pretty good, it's about the same as any other diuretic. I did notice a decent amount of water loss, about equivilent to the water loss of a low carb diet.

DanceShay's Rating

I had never used a "water pill" before, because I thought they were ineffective. This product proved me wrong! It's amazing for reducing that bloated look, and really bringing out muscle definition. My abs felt a lot harder while taking this product. I highly recommend it to anyone competing.

1-5 of 5 Reviews