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Watermelon: Taste? Yikes....Way SWEEEEEEEEET! Results? We'll see...jury is still out. (Update soon)

shaunsnow's Rating

shaunsnow did not leave a written review for this product.

alexoc949's Rating

I rated this as high as it is because the flavor wasn't bad. I got this on discount because it was close to expiring and it was really cheap so why not. It didn't do nothing for me, 40 Gram Property blend is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen with a supplement. Do not pay full price for this.. do not pay half price for this.. if you don't get this for 15 to 20 cents max per serving then you are being heavily ripped off.

tommynddl's Rating

Take it twice a day. I can tell a big difference with recovery. Love it!

shyde001's Rating

I have to say that Re-Con is one of the worst supplements on the market. Be warned, this Re-Con is loaded with Maltodextrin, which causes major cramps and diarrhea if you are sensitive to high doses of it.. More Interesting is this ingredient is not directly listed on the FDA label, perhaps as Natural and Artificial flavors....? They only mention it off-label in their marking mumbo-jumbo talk on the side. Yet another supplement company providing you "Proprietary Blends" where you have no idea of the ratio of ingredients going into the product. I guess I should have been more careful when researching this product, lesson learned. I just wish more consumers would stop buying into this crap and force companies to provide quality.

bmahathey's Rating

The Orange Mango flavor is one of the best supplement flavors I have ever had.

musclegain101's Rating

I have been taking this with MP Assault as my pre-workout. It has a good taste and i recover well when I take it. They really throw everything into the post workout here. I draw back is that it has it proprietary blend so im not sure that im getting everything in the correct amount. If they would disclose everything i would probably take it everyday with my post workout. I switch off between this and JYM products.

terminatorx14's Rating

terminatorx14 did not leave a written review for this product.

mossyjordan's Rating

Product formulation is put together very well. The formula pretty much contains everything that you need to optimally recover from a tough workout. Goes perfect before a light protein shake.

castanzab's Rating

Everyone at the gym always talk up the Re-Con, so I figured that it was worth a try. It most certainly lived up to the hype. Tastes good, but it really makes a huge difference in my post recovery.

melvinsho's Rating

This product has everything necessary to fully recover from workouts. Tastes really solid on top of the recovery as well.

wilkinsc's Rating

Most effective supplement that I've ever taken. Its great for aiding in recovery. Ive been noticeably less sore, almost feels like recovery time has been cut in half.

Beck6481's Rating

I love this stuff. I Crossfit 5-6 days a week and this is what allows me to do that. I have been taking it about 14 months and I honestly could not train without it now. When I started increasing my workout days I was struggling to perform because of soreness and stiffness, someone recommended I try this and the difference was drastic. I never deal with severe DOMs anymore. I really like the Fruit Punch, have not tried any other flavors because this has always satisfied me. I highly recommend it.

TheeTactician's Rating

I have been taking Re-con since December 27, 2014 and I have found this product to help very well after my workouts and I workout seven days a week. So I have seen it help with recovery and recommend it to anyone out there though I do use a blend of different vitamins/supplements and re-con is but one of the two post workouts I use in a combination blend the other is Black Matter. They make for a very powerful post workout blend in my humble opinion.

kijako02's Rating

Flavor taste great, it mixes well, and a huge help for recovery after workouts

DavismanLarry's Rating

Love the product. Works great & makes me way less sore.

askofb's Rating

Re-Con is so clutch post-workout. Especially after tough AM leg workouts.. Prior to discovering the product I would usually have a tough time bringing my energy levels back up post workout, but this really seems to do the trick. Superb complex carb source.

kamerongo's Rating

Ingredient list is very clean & complete. Taste is very thirst quenching after tough crossfit wods, and it really elevates my energy levels!

coltonsw's Rating

Ive been using the Re-Con for months now and have been a fan. I drink it every day after my workouts and takes the place of my carb source. Added recovery blends are a huge benefit on top of the carbs though. Makes all of the difference.

1-20 of 503 Reviews