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JuankBenavides's Rating

I´m very happy with the resulto of this product. I increase the strength a body build. I recommended.

mdemirdjian's Rating

This is an effective test booster, however you have to take a lot of pills to get the same effect compared to other boosters, and I noticed I was much quicker to temper (this has happened with other boosters, but this had a significant increase). Not a fan of the unnecessary additives (the coating, talc, and maltodextrin) IMO, save your money & body by investing in a better quality booster.

pudgyacres's Rating

pudgyacres did not leave a written review for this product.

matttrains4real's Rating

I have always been skeptical of testosterone boosting supplements, trying many with little noticeable effect. It was great of Muscletech to send a sample bottle of this over for me to try. I found that with Test HD my experience was different from others. I felt stronger and overall trained with better intensity. You can definitely notice that the formula Muscletech uses is very concentrated which makes it as effective as it is compared to others I've tried.

raedyassen's Rating

i used up to two bottles and no serious gains happened.I noticed that it retains water too because once i stopped taking it , my weight dropped without changing any of my regular diet. I have stopped taking the pills two weeks ago and i still maintain my normal strength at the gym. Waste of money plain and simple.

Godi38's Rating

Good product, this is perfect for my training...recommended!

Azikiwei's Rating

Azikiwei did not leave a written review for this product.

Huntleigh's Rating

I truly recommend this product as it helped me with my fitness journey. I have noticed my strength increase in the gym since I have been using it, as well as an increase in my weight. Even though I have only been using this product for a couple weeks I have put on 5 pounds and am lifting heavier. Test HD is no joke!

johnsonkdj1414's Rating

Was hoping for good results but was very disappointed. I'm a normal guy works out 3 day a week with a good diet. I took the product as directed and didn't feel any different in the gym or at home. would not buy again!!!!

wicarla's Rating

just a placebo

Emilio12's Rating

truth excellent product helped me a lot in my endurance and muscle power could feel it in the gym and mma classes and libido skyrocketing friend even recommend 10/10

InfernoN7's Rating

Tried a lot of boosters ,Currently on Test hd for 5 days. Energy levels during workout seem to be increased, recovery 100% and minor effects on better sleep also . Aggression went up slightly. No change in libido though thus far but because is slow action it might kick in soon. Seems to work without any side effects especially for the stomach. Sweet spot: I Take it 45 minutes after bfast and 45 mins after my pre workout meal/30 mins pre train. The pill is big ,but is the most easy to swallow pill ever...EVER! Maybe it works maybe its just hype but without experiencing any side effects so far and the noticeable super faster recovery alongside with alpha male energy feeling taking in after 5 days ill give it a str8 10 . Cool product

rockymate635's Rating

Must say placebo affect is great and feeling better than usual. I'm digging it.

mahdiattrash's Rating

mahdiattrash did not leave a written review for this product.

ammaraljuborinm's Rating

good quality and action but weak and slow .

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bj03sm's Rating

I had used other forms of test boosters and had mixed results. I had high hopes for this, but after running a bottle was very disappointed. I really didnt notice much difference in my workouts or libido at all.

lowroller21212's Rating

I was injured while on it so I won't comment on strength with use, but I was using Creacore as well as Test HD for a month and a week-long log I did for Muscletech and it was very effective in keeping my muscles lit and firm the majority of the time which speaks to it working. The form factor is easy to remember for 1 caplet twice a day. I had a sense of "control" most of the time as my stress levels were quite low, I focused better as a result at work, study etc. I had a very easy going attitude the whole time which is still "alpha" although I didn't feel that "aggressiveness" as much. Libido 10/10, I felt great effects in this area I didn't have to "force" anything as it just came to me. Sleep was pretty good but not the best I'd say solid 8/10. Overall I would love to try Test HD as part of my stack given the effects I had, and I wish I could elaborate on physiological effects like recovery after hypertrophy which is my preferred lifting regimen.

Basile0751's Rating

I have been deployed for 5 months now and have gone from 170lbs to 194lbs. My strength has gone up and my muscle endurance. Test HD I think has played a huge role in my results. The first month I was trying Prime/Test Powder but gained hardly anything and once I switched to Test HD i started gaining fast. I take one pill when i wake and one 30 minutes before I head to the gym. Great product!

liftlyknotom's Rating

This test booster encouraged muscle hypertrophy, some lost in body fat and faster recovery. I also noticed less soreness than normal. If you have the money this is one of the better test boosters I have tried. I am a certified personal trainer and npc men's physique competitor.

RoadPigJohn's Rating

RoadPigJohn TestHD Review ------------------------------- I been using several products since the beginning of my weight lifting journey. The most basic products are always what I care the most so a little creatine here and there, combined with some aminos and that's it. Now that took TestHD, I know for sure what the real power is. TestHD gave me that extra manhood needed to make the job done at the gym at all times. This is what I'm taking about, a good product that keeps you on inside and outside the gym. I would recommend TestHD to anyone looking to get that extra push of confidence to make their lifts a reality. Thanks Muscletech for delivering such outstanding products.

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