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RoadPigJohn's Rating

I been using several products since the beginning of my weight lifting journey. The most basic products are always what I care the most so a little creatine here and there, combined with some amino acids and that's it. Now that took Test HD, I know for sure what the real power is. Test HD gave me that extra manhood needed to make the job done at the gym at all times. This is what I'm taking about, a good product that keeps you on inside and outside the gym. I would recommend Test HD to anyone looking to get that extra push of confidence to make their lifts a reality. Thanks Muscletech for delivering such outstanding products. I would recommend it to intermediate to advance athletes looking to maximize their potential

TROYFETT7's Rating

I'm 40 years old... Natural Testosterone Levels are depleting... This Product Has Helped me Feel 'Normal' Again... :) Buy it, test it, and see !!! T

HasteSlowly's Rating

Received a sample bottle recently--I'm impressed! My energy levels are staying high, recovery is on point and I managed to get an extra week in before a deload! Dosage is easy, twice daily, unlike others I've seen.

sliverstang01's Rating

After taking this for about a week. I felt a increase in my strength. I felt stronger and more focus into my workouts. I don't think I've put on any weight but I haven't check the scale. All I know is that my bench weight went up after about a week on this product. So far I haven't had any negative side effect. I did notice that I am a bit more hungry. I guess that a good thing. Very impressed after a week of taking Test HD. Thanks

Deanbarlage's Rating

i have had great positive effects from trying this in the past (almost) 2 weeks. i believe it's a newer version of the Testosterone product that Muscletech has. but by all means i've been having better workouts. thats the main reason i actually started taking it. i can definitely recommend this product to people who have been anxious to try it. i will continue to use it myself till i finish the bottle.

2FAST4YU's Rating

I personally felt my training was a lot more rewarding and looking forward to go train was always on my mind. I did gain some noticeable mass. I like this stuff because I felt it worked for me. Would definitely try it again.

nbakken8's Rating

I received a free sample from Muscle Tech. The product is great so far. Very easy to take, just twice a day. I've noticed more progress in the gym strength wise. No crazy side effects, I feel safe taking this. I would recommend this product for sure.

tleonard1986's Rating

I've noticed an increase in aggression at the gym. When I am getting to rep 12/15 or so, I notice that I have a bit more strength in me at that moment. I'm not feeling weird or anxious outside of the gym. The TestHD product is appropriately showing up. I know that it is an increase in testosterone so I noticed that my libido has increased as well. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants an increase in testosterone safely.

Steveburns555's Rating

These pills are easy to take, work fast and are a must if you want to make sure your testosterone levels are above healthy range. After taking this product for a week Ive noticed increased energy and overall well being. The product helped me with agression in the gym too which lead to heavier lifts and breaking PRs. I would recommend to anyone looking for a test booster on the market!

Marms1's Rating

Great natty test booster from Muscletech. There are a ton of natty booster out there but this has a solid profile. About a week of use and you can feel a huge difference in your training and recovery. I did not experience any negative sides with this product at all. Would recommend this to anyone at any age.

nathanm186's Rating

I gave this test booster a 7 because it doesnt make me feel like a complete animal like other ones ive tried - namely p6 black/red. I can notice a bit more activity, but some of the lack of my performance might be due to poor sleep quality lately. That does slow down my energy and output levels during workouts. I also thought it would boost my sex levels like the p6 when it make me feel like a 14 yr old young man again.

qkalashnikov47p's Rating

qkalashnikov47p did not leave a written review for this product.

trinity36's Rating

Within two weeks of using Test HD I noticed increased aggressiveness in and out of the gym. I was more intense in my workouts and felt fuller after. Not earth shattering, homicidal rage, aggressive, but enough to see a difference in workouts.

ttimofey77's Rating

ttimofey77 did not leave a written review for this product.

Mhouliha's Rating

Good boost to test-levels and energy.

EvanCarter32's Rating

EvanCarter32 did not leave a written review for this product.

MSN166's Rating

Good product the only thing it take time to see some results ,,,

antfo's Rating

I bought this supplement with no expectations. This was the first test booster I had ever purchased and didn't know what to expect. Within a week I noticed my energy levels boost tremendously. I started to sleep deeper and be more aggressive in the gym. I would recommend this product to people looking into boosters that have never tried them before. I am still a young male with plenty of testosterone but this certainly feels like it gives you an edge.

SonOfALegend's Rating

Overall this product was a waste of money. To be very honest, I took it with following the directions that was shown and did not see any results that I wanted to see.

JuankBenavides's Rating

I´m very happy with the resulto of this product. I increase the strength a body build. I recommended.

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