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Claudio19871's Rating

Does absolutely nothing for me. Had tried different test boosters and perhaps True Grit was a much better product in the same price range.

gWilt23's Rating

Definitely skeptical of any testosterone booster. BUT this one definitely works for me! I will absolutely be making this a permanent part of my supplement regimen!!

PrototypeOA's Rating

Great test booster. I really had a lot of benefits from it. I gained strength that followed me through the whole day and not just the workouts, gained lean muscle mass and shredded my physique. I give it 9/10 because I think it can be even better, but anyway great booster.

Lithatinquir's Rating

GReat GAINS i literly gained 1.4 LBS a day, most muscle some water but thats normal, my favorite supplement hands down

Beint1962's Rating

If you're looking for good strength gains and an energy increase during your workout, look no further. Test HD naturally increases your body's testosterone levels facilitating rapid muscle growth and faster recovery time. After two cycles I gained 11 pounds, increased my bench by 25 pounds and my squat by 30 pounds. Good for people on a bulk or looking to maintain muscle on a cut. Also good for breaking through plateaus. Plain and simple, this works.

Thred1947's Rating

I felt really good while taking this product. It helped me get through an extremely enduring point in my athletic training. I will definitely be taking it again.

Calluser's Rating

Very noticeable gains! Another consistenly great product from MuscleTech

Hisitent's Rating

I've been taking the this for a few weeks now and I think it's an amazing product. The gains are spectacular!!!

Stor1966's Rating

best supplement so far

Stroo1962's Rating

It works really well, helps recovery, waking up better in the mornings too!

haris99's Rating

haris99 did not leave a written review for this product.

Aling1933's Rating

the best

ColeBecks's Rating

I have tried quite a few "test boosters" in the past only to bet let down several times. A little background on me, I am a natural competitive bodybuilder so what I take is already quite strict due to rules and regulations in the organizations I compete in. Test-HD has given me noticeable strength gains even towards the end of week 1! I have gained 3lbs through week 3 of the bottle which to me is much more than expected. I workout 5 days a week which includes more of a hybrid hypertrophy/power training routine. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking to gain strength and take their game to the next level. Loving MuscleTech's new lineup of products and can't wait to try more of them.

DWrangler's Rating

i bought this product to try it out with no expectations and was blown away.... its a really great quality product and the company muscletech has been around for ever so they know what they are doing. A few things i noticed... 1. i saw increases in strength and mass. 2. my body would recover between sets faster 3. i seemed to be resting better at night. over all if your looking for a great product to change your body this is the one to buy!!!!!!

Colbee's Rating

I've been going longer and harder in the gym while using Test-HD, and also have noticed that my mood and productivity levels throughout the day have been way better. Great product that will last you awhile, and coming from Muscletech, you can be sure the ingredients and quality is going to be exceptional.

AdrianMacs's Rating

I have used several different t- boosters over the past couple years and was looking for a new one that would boost my normal t- levels for a little extra something in the gym. Decided to give Test HD a try after checking out the label and doing my research. The parts that helped me decide on the product was the full disclosure product label and no need to take crazy amounts of pills a day. After about a week and half of taking the product I was noticing an increase in my lifts in the gym. Was adding a couple extra reps on current weights and also helped me move up to a couple of records I was looking to reach. I have used this product three times now with the same great results and don't plan on changing it up any time in the future. also had no negative experiences like I did with other t -boosters in the past! Highly recommend..

JeremyFox11's Rating

Easy to use, and no after taste. I'm glad muscletech listened to the consumers and fixed this from a previous product they had. Ingredients are top class, and if you don't believe it, take 15min and read up on shilajit and see how safe and effective it is. I've been going longer and harder in the gym while using Test-HD, and also have noticed that my mood and productivity levels throughout the day have been way better. Great product that will last you while, and coming from Muscletech, you can be sure the ingredients and quality is going to be exceptional.

TerellA's Rating

I found myself hitting PR after PR while taking Test HD - you can't beat that! For those that struggle getting stronger or putting on muscle, this is perfect. I did find that it increased my appetite and eventually weight, so I don't recommend taking during a cut.

TheRomans8's Rating

I train 5 days out of 7. However i do something for my body everyday. Sometimes i just maintain, sometimes i try to gain strength and muscle mass. while i was taking test hd, my goal was to get stronger, which i did. I cant say for sure that test hd helped, but it certainly seemed to. Very pleased with results so far.

BigCliff87's Rating

Great product from MUSCLETECH!!! I started using about a month ago and the results have been fantastic. I got the alpha male feeling in the gym and it feels great to have intense workouts again. I am also sleeping better at night and feeling much more rested when I wake up. I have noticed more veins from myself leaning out. Can't wait to try my second bottle.

1-20 of 140 Reviews