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20 Vitamins and Minerals with 865mg of Amino Acids to Support General Health*

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ArmGym's Rating

Good vitamins .

ccretel's Rating

This product is amazing. I was losing hope on finding a great multi vitamin. It gets the job done and is exactly what I'm looking for when It comes to my multi vitamins.

Rebecca011378's Rating

I loved these vitamins. They didnt leave an awful taste in your mouth. I replaced them for my old vitamins

boadil's Rating

Excellent. I feel renewed.

Intense12's Rating

This product is great in many ways. I was losing hope on finding a great multi vitamin, some multi vitamins retail as much as 3x this product . luckily I came across this great multi vitamin. It gets the job done and is exactly what I'm looking for when It comes to my multi vitamins.

kydlow's Rating

As far as multi-vitamins go this is a great one if you fill all the gaps that I can't get on every day with my normal diet in between work and school I highly recommend this protein to a lot of my fellow students and even my coworkers easy to take easy to travel with easy to fill those gaps!

JWebb34's Rating

I have regularly taken vitamins and various multi-vitamins for several years. It is typically a bit annoying due to most multi-vitamins just do not have the kinds of minerals and vitamins together in one tablet. So, I end up having to take two or three different pills/tablets. The Muscletech Platinum Multivitamin has the majority of everything you would expect from a good vitamin. The Amino compound is great. A lot of brands do not have L-Arginine, this one does, also has a good dose of Zinc and Folic acid too. The recommended dose is 3 caplets, I take one , three times a day, after meals. I have found that when taken on an empty stomach I get mild heartburn.Platinum Multi-Vitamin really does not have much of after taste either.

justinsavage333's Rating

Great multi vitamin at a great price! It also has an amino support matrix and herbal matrix which includes green tea extract. Highly recommended this product.

Ironcobb's Rating

This product is excellent! I notice a better increase in my immune system as compared with other vitamins that don't really feel like they do anything for me. These also don't give me an upset stomach, which a lot of supplements do. I recommend these.

jkarm317's Rating

I would like to start by saying I normally take another multivitamin which comes in a pac of about 11 pills, this multivitamin was a blessing, I received this by chance and the fact it's only 3 pills is great and easily manageable in the mornings. this product stacks up to many of the other multi's out there and is a fraction of the cost. I will be promoting this in my lifting circles to anyone looking to make a change or even just start taking multivitamins. seriously price can't be beaten.

ATOC's Rating

I really like this multivitamin. It helps my body function at its best and helps boost my overall daily energy. Multivitamins a very important I think, especially if you don't consume enough fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Great product.

jbautista24's Rating

I have been taking this vitamins for the past three weeks and have definitely felt a positive effect. Would highly recommend for any one that needs to add in extra nutrients to their diet. Also, unlike other vitamins it doesn't have an after taste and they are easy to swallow which is a plus!

khanhspider1's Rating

Good source of vitamin, give you a boost for the day if you take it in the morning after breakfast; just dont take with milk, i experience stomach ache after combine them. Pills are easy to swallow and only 3 pills per day. Some multivitamin brands even ask you to take 6 pills which i feel uncomfortable because sometimes they re too big to swallow.

chadski333us's Rating

Excellent multivitamin. Great energy, easy to swallow. Taken on empty stomach and full and same results. Lots of aminos which is nice. Definitely don't need to take additional with how loaded it is.

busterjoe's Rating

Best Vitamins, I've taken hands down. Easy to swallow and great feeling throughout the day. I take 3 a day and i feel very energized and haven't gotten any headaches.

isaraiva's Rating

I must say this is really good. I lift Mon to Fri and live bodybuilder lifestyle. I switched over to this and noticed more energy and focus throughout the day.

Jaycobr's Rating

I've been on this for about a mother feel way better since I have been taken it..

Adamkorhan's Rating

Very good quality, I was using regular ones before this and I'm very happy that I made the switch

Vasyl93's Rating

Excellent multivitamin, a great way to get those extra vitamins your body is missing.

1-20 of 400 Reviews