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MuscleTech NanoStim Reviews

Super-Concentrated Nitric Oxide Stimulant!*

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uraboros's Rating

uraboros did not leave a written review for this product.

kingsizek's Rating

good product! price is a bit too high

lifting11's Rating

Good alternative to your normal pre-workout, or great to stack with your current pre-workout. I've used in the past with Neurocore and C4. Have felt great results. There are other alternatives out there now - looking to try something new - but glad I gave this one a shot. Great pump and even felt a boost in energy.

pattersonj2's Rating

pattersonj2 did not leave a written review for this product.

chamoyuan24's Rating

pretty much the best product on market ! it works really good , i take 45 min b 4 workout . result over achieved

elrich00's Rating

elrich00 did not leave a written review for this product.

AHAM769's Rating

Vascularity is simply awesome in this stuff. Pumps are awesome. MT does the best research on their products and has never let me down on anything. Some things seem to good but it actually delivers. With "guarantee's" I always try them cause I'm not afraid to send them back but i thoroughly enjoyed it. They said focus increases but I didnt notice much of a different.

Philnoy3s's Rating

This product is great, just when don't think you have anything left it gives you another rep.

debs1's Rating

I try out all kinds of different pre workouts and iv always got like 4 or 5 going at the same time lol I dont know why but i just find they help out so much and i like to switch them up all the time. Nanostim is one of my favorites. I like it because its not a huge energy rush, more of a steady one with alot of focus towards your task at the gym and getting it done. Ill never skip out on a rep or set with this stuff.

trepanner's Rating

I cycle thru a lot of different supplements. I got a free sample bottle of this and have put off trying it mainly because I was using mostly powders.I decided to try it because I'm sick of drinking powders all the time! This stuff has been giving me great pumps. You can get a little bit loopy on it, but it's not too bad. I like the fact I can just swallow the caps with some water and not have to go thru another lame mix and shake ritual! The main ingredient in thisw works well with my system! I will probably purchase a bottle and add it to my cycle, trying not to take it for more than a few days in a row so my body doesn't adjust to it (if you know what I mean).

fathyphene's Rating

Bought it just to see if it works... It does I get a great pump on aswell as im visualy more vascular. My girlfriend hates I take it thought.

KramerCos's Rating

Best pump I've ever got is when I'm taking this stuff.

nikkibee2100's Rating

I use this as a pre workout and I absolutely love the pump and focus it gives me during my workouts! I have noticed a substantial difference in how pumped up I look during my workouts which is definitely a huge motivation for me to keep pushing myself. I also love this focus I have it reminds me of the feeling the nano vapor gives me which is a huge plus. I do not experience any weird shaking or anything while taking it just an amazing pump and superior focus!

TMiller1024's Rating

I have been trying lots of pre workouts but I keep coming back to this one. Great energy but not any jitters. Great pump and focus and I feel a lot stronger when I take this. I love the fact that this product has a strong but simple ingredient profile. The "male enhancement" is a nice plus also. I would of gave this a 10 if it were a powder. The pills are convenient just take to long to kick in.

canadian1970's Rating

Thank you Muscletech I used to use straight Agmatine for my pump product, until now!! I take this 45 minutes before my workouts, 1/2 hr after i take it i take my C4 pre workout. The pumps you get are awesome, full and quick once you start lifting. I normally am not vascular but this does give me some vascularity as well. I believe the great pump helps with my mind muscle connection. Nanostim i highly recommend. They are average size pill that are easy to swallow. No smell, no taste. I take 2 pills for upper body and 3 for leg day as my legs do not pump the same.

bluehulk10's Rating

bluehulk10 did not leave a written review for this product.

oelhayek's Rating

this definitely improved my workout, im really happy i got a free 20 capsule sample of it too. and i didnt need to take 4 capsules to feel the effects.

scottiacobucci's Rating

Huge pump, great feeling and lots of vascularity! Price is a little high.

Ricky_Rick's Rating

I took one pill rather than two and I noticed the tingling sensation soon enough. Felt ready to hit the gym hard.

Matty019's Rating

i never write reviews but i had to for this product. Im already a pretty vascular person but i decided to give this a try. My pumps were insane on arm day and my veins looked scary...in a good way. Good results only with half the dose

1-20 of 203 Reviews
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