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Advanced Weight Gain Formula For Dramatic Muscle Growth!

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Yougurt93's Rating

The taste is so delicious if compare to any mass gainer out there. But it is a little bit thick especially when mixed with milk. Anyway after American Pharma Sizer XXL, this is my best mass gainer that I have taken since starting working out. Will try to finish my first tub and going to buy another one because it works for me! Go for the Milk Chocolate! Way better!

pauldonahue's Rating

I'm a young powerlifter and i order to compete i needed to put on some mass. i found this and was hooked after the first sip. i break the 5 scoop serving into 2, and take both after a workout. I use the milk chocolate and it tastes like a Swiss Miss hot chocolate. I love this product, definitely suggest for anyone wanting to put on a few extra pounds quick.

DapperAnkit's Rating

I bought this today based on the reviews on this website. i was using WHEY protein but i wasn't able to gain the mass so i thought to switch my protein with this new product. Mow lets see how it goes i am neither skinny nor fat But i have a goal to be fit and achieve a lean body this year. Train hard guys Thanks for posting your reviews and experiences here.

Joshmm95's Rating

This is now my go to mass gainer. I am currently on my third tub and I have been making progress in the gym like never before. The vanilla flavor is great and I usually only take half a serving which makes the product last longer and still have 500 calories.

jeetpatel108's Rating

It does what it says... Great product

onamor's Rating

I started using this product about a month a go and have used 2 tubs and am currently on my third. I am a big fan of it cause it tastes good, its filling, and it gives a lot of the proper nutrients that we need. I have gained between 8-10 lbs with it. I did notice a little fat gain in the stomach area which can easily be lost. Also, the large amount of creatine causes bloating and a retention of water. All in all, this product has its positives and negatives. I do recommend it though.

Djedery123's Rating

Works well, has a nice amount of creatine in it. And definitely saw results with this. But the serving size is 5 scoops. Way too much for me. I'd advise buying separate whey protein and creatine. Then drinking it after a meal. This **** will wear you down. Impossible to drink a serving at once. But it does taste pretty good compared to other mass gainers. I'd go with true mass tho

kwameb13's Rating

This is the first mass gain protein I've used. I've taken gold standards whey in the past and also muscle milk and didn't gain the way i have been using mass-tech. In the 2 months I've been using mass-tech i gained 12lbs (about 2-3 lbs per week). My muscles are growing and I'm a lot stronger than before. Its mixes pretty clumpy even with a blender bottle but the strawberry flavor is great. I would recommend this to anyone with a fast metablolism like myself that has trouble gaining.

morherr's Rating

I'm loving the 1k calories right now! Strawberry flavor is working out fine for me. The thickness of the drink is a bit too thick if you're looking for something a bit smoother. The texture of it taste like yogurt after you shake it up real well. Overall, not a waste of money. I would recommend anyone who's trying to bulk up to get a hold of this bad boy.

Sh3rdfloor's Rating

I love this product, 10/10 easily consumed and mixes well. I have the 7lb container and ive put on an amazing 14lbs in 3weeks!! My way to mix mass tech 4 scoops Mass Tech 2 eggs Various fruits (strawberries, mangos, peaches) Banana yogurt 1 fresh banana 1 teaspoon of honey (Twice a day, morning and after workout) I love this product and will purchase it again!

LucPilotte's Rating

LucPilotte did not leave a written review for this product.

leonelcabrera's Rating

I recommend this for people to have a fast metabolism and can't gain. It did work out for me but I did get pretty fat in the process. So I went to a lean protein but good product.

Gstewart30's Rating

Ok I tried this because a friend of mine believes in mucsletech like its religion. Good protein I just didn't like it cause it gave me constant protein *****. Compare to carnivore mass which no gas or constants trips to the bathroom and only was 4 scoops to mass-tech 5 scoops once u stop taking the weight comes off. With carnivore mass I did keep some, well one good thing it did make me really eat , but wont be purchasing again the chocolate was delicious

leo2695's Rating

Es genial, compré 4 tarros y ya para el segundo había aumentado 3 kilos sin aumentar grasa y al 4 tarro aumenté 1 kilo más y solo tuve una ganancia de 2% de grasa pero las ganancias en musculo son geniales y en fuerza también

Msanity's Rating

great taste and easy to swallow. normally just used it for post workout or breakfast. went up 5 pounds on the tub and have not lost any of the weight weeks after being off it.

moustafazeez's Rating

i want to buy this gainer but i want to ask something i am about 80 kg weight but i still have about 20 % fats and i do workouts and cardio ... but my question is if i want to take mass tech it will give me weight only in the muscle or weight with body fats that will make me look a fat *** ??

stepleader17's Rating

Bought the chocolate flavor...pretty **** good. However was sadly disappointed finding out that this product is amino spiked. Will never buy a muslcetech product again.

Supadupastar's Rating

Just got this product to try to put on more mass on my legs. I have bad genetics so i thought to try a mass gainer to help out. I got the strawberry flavor and the taste is ok. Its not the best, but its downable. A little too sweet, but can be mixed accordingly to achieve right sweetness and thickness. I take 1/2 serving with 8oz milk/water in the morning and another 1/2 serving in the evening. Mixes up well in a shaker and blender. I can literally feel the carbs soaking my muscles, only downside is after a serving you feel kinda full.

aankur9810's Rating

Used the performance series for around 4 months..... pretty decent gains.... mainly took this supp cause my arms were lagging, which have now increased by 2 inches..... squat and deadlift increased by 30Kg and 25Kg resp.....bench didn't increase much though.... The only issues were bloating and a bit increase in fat % by 3%.....although i didn't notice any bloating when using half the dosage between workouts and the rest post.... over all a good stuff for bulking.....

MaziarKia's Rating

This is the first weight gainer I've tried and I absolutely loved it.The ingredients are very well balanced.I took half serving on workout days immediately after workout and a full serving (separated in 2) on non-workout days.I managed to gain 2KG(roughly 4LBs) after finishing it. Oh and milk chocolate tastes delicious!

1-20 of 133 Reviews