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MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Reviews

Supports Extreme Energy, Enhanced Focus, and Powerful Weight Loss*

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Fruit Fusion
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Blue Raspberry
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pollo220257's Rating

Gave me a painfull stomach ache felt like i was ganna die and gave me headaches and nausa felt i was ganna faint i do not recomend this product im glad my liver is still in good condition

I had high expectations for Hydroxycut, it is one of the few fat burners I have seen on tv and the reviews were good on here. I never noticed any jitters, but then again I felt like zero side effects. I didn't gain awareness, no increase in body temperature, nothing at all. I have used other fat burners, but even too much energy is better than none. I feel like I gained nothing from this and I went through two bottles. I've had success with other products and I doubt I will ever come back to Muscle Tech

liaozp2001's Rating

Easy to touch the water caking

HazemJ93's Rating

Absolute garbage. Did not notice a slight increase in fat burning from it while dieting. Gave me mild energy tho, probably due to the high caffeine content.

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Verified Buyer
Dreg54's Rating
Fruit Fusion

Dreg54 did not leave a written review for this product.

scrub77's Rating

scrub77 did not leave a written review for this product.

emanny99's Rating

Been using this product for all of my contest prep except for my last where I came 6th place -_- The best natural fat burner on the market in my opinion very under rated it works!! Please note you will not like this product if you hate the jittery feeling (I also dont) but it works it works! Helped me become a pro natural and I trust it all the time

ChiPower's Rating

Never believe any person who comes to a review page and says felt nothing after taking a fat burner supplement especially if you bought it from Bodybuilding.com Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is an Excellent Fat Burner. I used to take up to 3 capsules when training KungFu 3 days per week, 2 capsules for bodybuilding days... Had done that for first cycle of 2 month then rest my body 2 month. I decided to lower the dosage in the second cycle(now..) to just 1 capsule in the morning as I feel it enough to boost my energy for all day and still see results as my fat% is low. By the way, I took Hydroxycut years ago and it's still a Great Product. I never take what any fat burner company suggests because it's up to the person's body reaction. According to Hydroxycut recommendation is 4 capsules per day after 1 week on. If i followed that, maybe I could had beaten up every human being I see in the streets as much as Hydroxycut gives you huge boost of energy, aggressiveness....etc that you must remove it from your body before the day ends. Depends on body but if you're taking 2-4 capsules, take it before bed by at least 8 hours to sleep well....Best time is at morning

ocorredor's Rating

I took the pill version of this fat burner. I took the pills as recommended on the bottle. For the first few days, it worked fine but i was feeling hungrier. The bad things started happening on the second day i increased the dosages to two pills. I got an absurdly bad blood pressure (really, really high), extremely light headed and jittery. I couldn't sit down and had to keep walking in my apartment until it wore off (took 4 hours). Im immune to caffein and this got me really agitated. I ve taken caffein pills to dosages of up to 400 mg on an empty stomach and never felt anything of what i felt while using this product. I decided to try it again the next day and i got the same results, if not worst. I threw this in the trash, where it belongs. There must be a hidden ingredient or an absurd dosage of stimulants in this. Do not recommend, unless you want to shed fat by walking around and feeling bad until the effects are over.

pavelbuka's Rating

pavelbuka did not leave a written review for this product.

JayX002's Rating

I had high expectations from this product& i have been taking it for a few weeks, and honestly i believe it is just a rip off. i see a lot of reviews from other people, and i don't feel any different when i take the product, I've followed the recommended dosage. I do not recommend this product

bridgeman62303's Rating

I bought the small bottle, 12 capsules of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. So I tried Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite based off the reviews and recommendations to help give me that extra boost and focus during workouts and during the day as well. Also, to give me an extra boost in weight loss. I followed the directions and took the first capsule. No issues with the first capsule on Day 1 while drinking the recommended 10 glasses of water and then some. Then on Day 2, I did the same thing. On Day 2, I started having terrible headaches, upset stomach, and diarrhea. I did not have the focus and was extremely tired due to the headaches, upset stomach, and diarrhea. With that said, I stopped taking the product and I do not recommend this to anyone.

garrettlender's Rating

garrettlender did not leave a written review for this product.

aburr103094's Rating

I started taking this 2 weeks ago and I'm already seeing some results, except a horrible side effect has been acne. I strongly discourage this product if you're prone to breaking out, I know I am but I keep it under control and ever since I started taking hydroxycut I've been breaking out again.

Kingraj23's Rating
Fruit Fusion

This was an awful product. 0 changes in my physique.

scwright99's Rating
Fruit Fusion

Return buyer. Helped me big time to reach my weight loss goal. Sweat a lot and pretty jacked up on caffeine. Don't bother with blue raspberry flavor.

jennyhad's Rating
Fruit Fusion

Pros: you sweat a lot with this. I take this 40 minutes before exercise and I sweat like crazy. And I don't sweat easily. So, get ready to sweat. Cons: I didn't like the taste. The blue raspberry reminds me of blue cheese but the fruit punch was good. 15 minutes after I drink it, I need to visit the toilet. Urgently!! And then again in about one hour. Tested. This happens every single time I use it. Now, working out while you have this urge to go to the toilet is not easy. Energy wise; it doesn't help me at all. I get more energy from ON PRO PREworkout. Plus, my heart beats faster and at the end I feel more tired than energetic.

jayrock485's Rating
Fruit Fusion

Received this as a free sample. Probably one of the best Thermogenics I've used before. This is my first time taking Hydroxycut in the powder form and its definitely my preference now. The fruit fusion taste was really good. Mixes well (make sure to use ice cold water for best results) and goes down easy. 20 mins later Im already sweating! Amazing addition to cardio days or days I just want a nice energy boost. Solid, solid product!

JulieC26's Rating

Hydroxycut has improved drastically over the years, and so far, this product is my favorite.

neeltsk's Rating

good but too 270mgs of caffeine is too much.

1-20 of 1,033 Reviews
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