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Supports Extreme Energy, Enhanced Focus, and Powerful Weight Loss*

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Fruit Fusion
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Blue Raspberry
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ahmadabosrea's Rating
Blue Raspberry

For blue raspberry the taste is good, no side effects but I didn't get what I was expecting from it. I only tried one but as they say on the label it is recommended to use for 60 days which is too much.

FrenchTiti's Rating
Blue Raspberry

I love the flavor. The powder does not fully mix immediate so I tend to prepare it few minutes before actually taking it and it's perfect. It gives me a very good energy boost during the day (but different from a pre-workout product in terms of focus).It has a very good reduced appetite effect for me, which I really value. Will buy it again.

kirstygoss's Rating

I was expecting much more from this product from the reviews. Maybe it just had too much caffeine but it completely depleted my stamina during my workouts and I couldn't finish them even hours after taking the pills with my biggest meals. Running became extremely difficult due to difficulty breathing and my chest feeling incredibly tight. I have stopped taking this product and hope my body goes back to normal. I did feel an energy increase in the morning and sweat quite a bit more during workouts. My appetite was suppressed almost too much and each time I ate I felt nauseous and couldn't finish meals I knew I needed to eat. All I wanted was to drink water all of the time. Unfortunately the cons outweigh the pros for me. I have ordered Evlution's leanmode in hopes it will work better for me.

imorlandoramos's Rating

to be honest it really does work i use it and get a good 1-2 pound loss a week and you really feel the thermogenic aspect of it within 30 minutes. i don't suggest to take it in the morning unless you are going to go workout.

FcoDGF did not leave a written review for this product.

pur3lydriv3n's Rating

I definitely believe this thing works alright! You can feel this working instantly! I do have a few things to say though. I hardly ever have caffeine, so IF YOU ARE CAFFEINE SENSITIVE, I recommend only taking 1 pill twice daily. I have tried to take 2 before my fasted cardio in the morning, and I experienced dizziness, nausea, and fast heartbeat. I have no heart or lung problems whatsoever, but my heart was beating as if I was still exercising (even when I was done)! Maybe I was supposed to eat beforehand? My go to from now on.

ssjones0420's Rating
Fruit Fusion

I used this during my most recent cut cycle and it did not prove to be as useful as other thermogenics I have used in the past. However, I took this product first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and it provided me a great sense of wakefulness and energy to start the day.

Quilkind's Rating

I give it 10 rating because it has helped me loss weight.

Bigod1978's Rating

This product is amazing. Helped me in loss weight. Highly recommended

Herl1943's Rating

Great stuff, would recommend to anyone tryin to lose stubborn fat.

Frothe's Rating

I have noticed a decrease in appetite and increase in energy. I love this product and recommend

Froplithe's Rating

The best weight lose supplement I have ever used .

Humuch's Rating

Wonderful product, helped me lose those few extra stubborn pounds.

Hicuregary's Rating

Its a little funny when you read some reviews and Im sure someone will find mine a bit funny. I purchased this product simply looking for a good cla product and stumbled unto one of my favorite supplements ever.

Dirarew's Rating

Most definitely the perfect supplement for my weight loss goals. I feel in total control of my appetite and I see a slimmer waistline. I�m looking forward to future results as I bulk train

Flualinte65's Rating

I have used this product for 2 weeks now and I see the fat falling off of me and my body is more define since using this product. It says to take two servings on empty stomach so I found out that taking the pills first thing in the morning and late night a couple of hours after dinner to get the best result. I def. would rate this product a 10/10 based on results, no side effects and it being an overall outstanding product!

Wilbeend1947's Rating

Great steady weight loss with a good diet. Good energy and focus all day. Bottle serving was good for a month. Needs to be taken daily and more then one month steady to achieve goals with diet and exercise.

Waaking's Rating

Excellent addition to both a leaning and growth phase. I tend to notice that I stay leaner while growing and this product seems to enhance my overall cognitive function.

Grecond42's Rating

Great product, helped with hunger cravings!

Aphervin's Rating

Could tell the difference between losing fat without Hydroxycut and now the difference with using it. Works great!

1-20 of 1,105 Reviews