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MusclePharm Shred Matrix Reviews

Promote Energy & Stamina While Helping Control Cravings!*

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Cchavez1319's Rating

Gives me a great workout boost and no jitters or sick feeling! Good product

rhiannonsacks5's Rating

This product is awesome. I literally take it and think about nothing but working out. I'm really sensitive to stimulants so I have been sweating a lot and it's making me hyper. Also, most people say it puts them in a good mood but I've noticed it's making me a lot angrier.

crench3's Rating

Took it today for the first time and it did give me all kinds of energy and I was in a great mood. You can really feel it kick in. But I am curious about The 6 pills a day. I'm not really fat. I just need an extra boost to help trim my stomach a little more so I thought 4 pills a day. Is that a bad idea?

rexj92's Rating

I started my weight loss journey at about 262. I am 6'2". I did it at a drastic calorie deficit where I was only eating 1500 cals a day, high intensity interval training for 30-40 mins run 7.5 walk 3.7, and lift weights for a good hour. I did this mainly on my own and got down to 217.6 in a little under three months. I was stuck there for two weeks. I added in shred matrix because I heard good things. This completely busted my plateau. I am now 207 on the dot after my first 10 day bottle. I started intermittent fasting yesterday to give a one two punch on weight loss and it is going well so far. Combine this with intermittent fasting and you will literally drop weight like it is nothing. Very happy with this, definitely would recommend.

kaptsov's Rating

I don't know if is works, but it gives me Real headaches, Jitters and Non-sleeping nights( but I took only 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills before training before 5PM). What if I take 6 pills a day? Will never buy it again, and don't recommend Whole MusclePharm products line.

pentompkins's Rating

I have been using shred matrix for about 12 weeks now. I was weighing in at 255 at the beginning. At the end of the 12 weeks today, I have lost between 20-25 lbs while putting on muscle using the Arnold Blueprint To Mass. Since I've used Shred Matrix, I've noticed that while my muscles were gaining mass, the fat has been coming off as well. Going from 255 to almost 230 is a huge difference, and I believe this product helped me get there along with a strict workout regimen and diet. I would definitely recommend over a product like Hyrdoxycut. The jitters are not worth it for that product. No jitters for this one, and suppresses appetite while doing so. Note that I only take 4 pills a day, so I'm sure 6 would have done even more.

turtlej44's Rating

I love this as a weight loss supplement. I take it when I first wake up in the morning about 30 min before my workout. It gives me a sufficient boost that I don't need stimulants in my preworkout or intra workout supplements. Has shown excellent results. Definitely drink 1 gallon of water as recommended to avoid headaches, possibly due to dehydration. I also recommend watching adding additional supplements with stimulants. If you have problems sleeping you could try a glass made with RAW brand Alkalizing & Detox superfood mix with dinner. That helped me. I haven't found another product that works this well.

AnaFitCakes's Rating

I really really REALLY like this product a lot. I bought thinking "it wouldn't hurt to try it." I honestly wasn't expecting any results or any real changes. I have been battling a plateau where know matter what I did at the end of the week I would still be at the same weight and percent. So far I am 2 weeks into using the product and I am so focused to get my workouts in, I have tons of energy, and I am losing lbs and body fat. Of course its a slow process.. but I am down 3 lbs and 1 % already yeehoo. However I can't say the 1% is entirely to shred matrix since I've been consistently lifting, and realistically that takes 1 month to get down.. but hey results are results. I will definitely buy again to continue on for the entire 8 weeks. AND. Right now I only take 2 pills in the AM and 2 pills in the PM. I wanted to get my body use to it. The next bottle I buy I will do the recommended amount. ya its a lot of pills at once but the price is pretty fair, so I don't really mind. Everyone complaining about nausea, tummy aches, dizziness this and that. DRINK WATER! -_- Caffeine makes you dehydrated. It says drink at least a gallon of water a day! Not that hard. Take it for what it is. Do your research and don't knock it til' you try it.

Livinlarge11's Rating

The shred matrix its doing the job for me it gives me the energy throughout the day and i am able to go to the gym after work with the intensity that i would have if it was earlier in the day. It also always has me in a great mood since i have started taking it but it could be because i am not feeling as tired.

albiz's Rating

in a word - WEAK. maybe its cos i take a split dose of 3 before breakfast and 3 before lunch. but thats 6 pills total and i've taken 1-2 pills of other stuff and felt like i was sweating off the lbs. the first day i took it i felt like it worked, but now that i'm 3 weeks in, i've changed my tune.

dhruvsatsangi's Rating

Had it for three days. Caused extreme nausea, stomach ache and diarrhea. I have used burners before but never had such nasty side effects. I shall be going back to Muscletech's Hydroxycut (a great product).

sjdonadio's Rating

Great product. Chose it because the ingredients list was more natural than other fat burners out there and claimed to address many different aspects of weight loss including energy, mental focus, appetite, mood etc. Took for several months and with the help of diet and exercise of course, dropped almost 40 lbs. At first 1 pill before lunch kept me up at night. I don't take in the morning because I drink coffee and seems like a bad idea to mix the two. Once my body adapted 2 before lunch worked just fine and no longer up at night. Currently cycling off for a few weeks to give my body a break and wow, I notice the difference in appetite suppression the most. 9/10 only because these do make me nauseous if I don't eat pretty soon after taking them.

Alexsmith88's Rating

It works. You do the work and it helps. Just a little bit extra energy and a lot of help with your diet. Worked great for me. Started around 260, I am now 185!! Thanks MP Love this product.

that_1_guy_87's Rating

Took this supplement for 2 days and quit. While weight training I got extreme migraines. I drank plenty of water as directed and still got headaches. Took over a week to flush the stuff out to where I could start lifting again. I am guessing I had an allergic reaction perhaps? Never had any problem with any other muscle pharm products but this stuff was poison to my body. Taught me not to cut corners.

cwohlf1's Rating

What a waster of money this was. I took the supplement as directed and it did absolutely nothing for me. Tried to burn off that last layer of fat hiding my abs and it did nothing. Felt no extra energy, no curbbed appetite, nothing. Very disappointed and I am a fan of muscle pharm.

JuicedMoose99's Rating

Pretty solid supplement dropped about 7 pounds from this product and noticed a lot of muscle hardness I would deffintely recommend this product

sturek1313's Rating

Ive been taking Shredd Matrix for over a month and I love it! Awesome energy without the jitters and focus. Ive taking alot of different appetite suppressant, and this one really works. All of the products I use are Muscle Pharm. Great quality, Great price. Cant go wrong!!

destineeb4894's Rating

I've taken Shred Matrix twice. Once a few months ago and now I'm taking what I have left. I was at 133 when I started, and 127 when I finished the cycle. I have been able to keep that weight off since then, so that was a plus. It also gives a lot of energy, and suppresses my appetite if I actually wait the entire 30-45 minutes before a meal. The downsides... It makes me feel disoriented and somewhat high at first. I've had to start on one pill for a couple of days both times. Also, since you can't really take a preworkout with Shred Matrix, the energy wears off by night time when I am ready to workout. When I am able to workout right after I take it, it gives great energy just not that of a pre-workout. Good but probably wouldn't buy again

kylereece's Rating

Started a cut about 6 weeks ago and decided to try this product out. It got me energy (sometimes jittery energy) for the first week then my body adapted to it. Did very little for me as an appetite suppressant so just have to rely on good old fashioned will power to keep calories low. Overall, a decent aid to fat loss if you are consistent w/ diet and training. Started at 20% bodyfat now down to 16.5 a month later.

zacheckman's Rating

Love this product. Assuming you're following a diet and working out, shred matrix helps cut the love handles right off you. The only negatives that I've dealt with have been diarrhea and the occasional heart burn.

1-20 of 740 Reviews
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