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MusclePharm Shred Matrix Reviews

Boosts Metabolism, Increases Energy, and Supports Stamina while Helping to Control Cravings*

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JoeGhafari's Rating

I was 232lbs, and now I'm 215, like I'm glad to say this **** worked, i lost 17lbs after using this product for about 2 months, like i literally didn't do any cardio at all, just lifting 4 days a week and started eating healthier, and it will defiantly help u have a calorie deficit for the fact that it suppresses ur appetite well. i def recommended it to anyone, because after using it for the first 3 weeks i was getting compliments on how i thinned out. 10/10

bsmoov1911's Rating

Helps to satiate me and feel less bloated. That's about it. I did notice side effects. I've taken a lot of different types of supps and never have side effects. I believe it's because I drink coffee in the morning. The added caffeine is probably what's contributing to the headaches and early crashing feeling (like noon!) I only drink coffee during the week and it doesnt have that effect on weekends so I would s****est no added caffeine. Common sense right?

ttedwards's Rating

ttedwards did not leave a written review for this product.

iameb57's Rating

I tried this product for about a week. Works fast... recommended amount is 6/daily. Makes you sweat, even if you are not working out. Pros: -Works - loose weight in about a week - a little energy Cons: - VERY STRONG - If you take this on an empty stomach it will kill your stomach (and dehydrate you if you dont drink lots and lots and lots of water) - It suppresses appetite to the point of nausea when trying to eat food. Too strong - Stays in your system for about a day or two after you stop It was hard for me to eat on this... and I needed to eat because i felt weak. NEVER take this and a pre-workout at the same time (unless you can handle it). It will destroy you.


Good energy boost. Helped me shed a couple extra pounds. Mostly boosts energy. Didn't feel like it boosted my core temp or metabolism all that much. Did help level off hunger though.

mjshaheed's Rating

Every time I take this, it either gives me heart burn and makes me eat like a pig! If you don't mind throwing your money down the drain, you can very well buy this!!!

BannoSantoro's Rating

I'll be brief......this stuff works! I lost 8lbs in the first 2 weeks, no bull. I'm caffeine sensitive, I get palpitations, anxiety from high caffeine products. I got none of this from these. I actually felt a sense of well being. One negative, they make your *** stink!! My wind smells like diarrhoea all day! My toilet trips are normal though, weird huh?! I paid £22 British pounds for these, which may seem like a lot to our US brother's. It's actually really cheap for the UK as supps are generally double the price here compared to the US!! I love em, and I will be using them again after my lean gain phase.

COwens78's Rating

I have almost finished the entire bottle of 120 ct. Not a very good product. You have to swallow about six off these tabs to feel anything. Which makes the product not very potent. Their are other products on the market that actually work with one or two tabs. This one does not. At least not with my body chemistry. I would not recomend this product. You would be better off drinking a cup of coffee. This product need improvment.

EZE79's Rating

Almost finished with my first bottle. I don't feel much of an energy boost but so far it's working. What it mainly does for me is kill my appetite and make me full faster. Which is what I need. When used with proper diet and exercise this product works.

NoSurrender1988's Rating

I got this because I thought I had to cut, But for hard gainers we dont need fat loss pills. It works great. the best part of this product is that it gives off awsome energy. So it makes you lose weight with the power of 3x monster drinks.

jaleesah's Rating

jaleesah did not leave a written review for this product.

raraptor's Rating

Did absolutely nothing except eliminate the need for coffee. No fat burning, nothing. fancy words. Just like another fat burner. Don't bother.

Strongnfit016's Rating

This is my go to fat burner. I take this during my cut and my fat melts away. I've tried other fat burners and this is the one that gives me the best results. Highly recommend.

cindysancheztx's Rating

O.M.G.! This stuff is amazing. There is no jitters or heart races. I was so worried about taking it but I swear, I think they put pieces of unicorn rainbow poops in this stuff because I always feel amazing and am in an awesome mood after I take it. There is also no crashes. It feels like you aren't even taking anything and just naturally feel good about everything. I have also noticed that it does control appetite very well and I don't even desire to eat bad stuff.

Kingraj23's Rating

This was a waste of my money.

SuicideCharley's Rating

I wouldn't purchase the product again. For the first few weeks, the product worked. It mitigated hunger pangs and the caffeine provided some energy, but overtime, I quickly adapted to both the appetite suppressant and the caffeine. I followed the recommended dosage, and it just became something that gave me stomach bloating, causing indigestion and bad tasting burps. The benefits are short-lived and overtime, I felt worse taking them than while off them.

nvalenzuela515's Rating

Had to return this product. The warning label on the bodybuilding.com website doesn't state that this product contains LEAD but it does on the description of the actual Shred Matrix product. Check your bottle.

LadyLore420's Rating

This is by far the best fat burner I've ever taken and was the best part of MusclePharm's Lean Stack! It offers a clean energy that's jitter free, that motivates me to get everything I possibly can do in my day done. The energy stays for 5-6 hours and while there's a small come down off of it, it's nothing that a small dose of carbs doesn't pick up. I personally got hungrier on this supp but it's supposed to suppress one's appetite, in my opinion it just helps moderate the appetite to a healthy amount whether that is more or less than what the user was ingesting. My vitals were 110 over 60 and HR was 82. This was done 45 minutes after taking 3 capsules of Shred Matrix. I was really surprised at how natural this supplement felt in my body vs the usual synthetic jitter inducing stimulants that are normally what we call fat burners. The smell is herbal and leafy and is takes a good hour to really kick in vs most other fat burners hitting in 15 minutes with an immediate heart pounding panic inducing upset. If you're looking for a clean and effective shred without a bunch of ups and downs, this stuff is by far what I would recommend. 10 out of 10 hands down.

rickthestump's Rating

Product did very little to actually suppress my appetite. Prior to Shred Matrix I was taking B4 by BPI and found it to be more effective in the short term, but over 30 days my body adjusted to the dosing and I was seeing little benefit from it. I mention this because I went straight from B4 to Shred Matrix, no break in the cycle. Shred Matrix would often make me feel sleepy immediately after taking it, to the point that when I would take it before lunch, I would have to spend the first part of my lunch taking a nap. I gained several pounds of lean mass while taking Shred but my weight stayed relatively constant going from 195.5 and 14% to 194.5-195 and 12% its still an accomplishment but I can't point to Shred Matrix as the direct cause...

kclerval's Rating

I lost 23 lbs while taking this and it gave me good muscle definition

1-20 of 780 Reviews
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