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MusclePharm MuscleGel Shot Reviews

Build Lean Muscle, Fuel Fat Loss & Recover Faster!*

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eukaobasi's Rating

A super excellent way to increase your protein intake! Tates good too. Mango is my favorite

AlainaRoss's Rating

Definitely would buy this again. Convenient protein!

mburaczy's Rating

As of late, all of the orders that I have received contained at least 3-4 of the gel shots that were not edible. The packages where expanded due to some spoiling or other bacteria that was present in the gel pack.

dmeasel's Rating

This is a good product that tastes great and per the label gives you a nice lean protein shot. The only reason for a lower rating is that each pack I've ordered always arrives with at least one (and up to 3) of the packs ruptured.

EjSurvaunt's Rating

This Product was horrendous in every way possible, just left me with a headache for days along with a sour stomach,

lshepherd2011's Rating

Great for the busy athlete. These are great when refrigerated, otherwise they taste a bit bitter, but great product none the less!

newyorican4u64's Rating

I keep a few in my gym bag for post-workout protein. Convenient and taste great. Works well into my macros (low carb diet). Another great MusclePharm product.

brett1234's Rating

Very convenient, but a bit pricey. Poor digestibility limits is odd amino acid profile's usefulness and gives me the runs. I don't eat it alone and will probably not buy in the future. Mango is my favorite of the three flavors. Vastly-better tasting than some competing products which taste like dead skin (which they are).

robichri's Rating

I only purchased two packs of these so I obviously didn't see any gains, but it was a great snack on the go. I will definitely purchase these again though.

christealynn's Rating

I had the banana cream and it was pretty delicious! Def can't wait to try the other flavors!

MetFan's Rating

I really enjoyed having these MuscleGels to just toss in the gymbag/lunchbag. Flavors were spot on and you get a decent 22G shot of protein with each Gel pack. Key Lime & Banana Creme were phenomenal and Tropical Mango was just ok. Didn't like that flavor as much, but still a great product. These will certainly be on my next bb.com order as I find these are essential for me as I am at work a lot and can't always get a protien shake or eat a full proein packed meal at all time.

LadyLore420's Rating

These things are convenient, but the flavor I got(tropical mango) was actually not very tasty. I sucked it down out of necessity. Perhaps other flavors are better? It's something to bring with you to down with a banana, some water, then some gum to get rid of the taste. As athletes we should be used to doing what it takes to fuel ourselves and this stuff is just that, fuel. Fuel doesn't always taste good, but it works. I keep a few of these in my purse for whenever hunger strikes and am pleased at the convience, it's definitely smaller than a shaker bottle and doesn't get crumbled and smushed like a protein bar. If I could find a better flavor these could be a go to snack for me! The price is a little bit much, but hopefully with some competition and more business the price can drop to be under $1 a serving.

Eddy4488's Rating

This product is awesome!!! I am currently in military police school and we don't always have the best nutrition to pick from and I will use one of these to supplement my nutrition when there's nothing good to choose. Also great to use after a workout to get into your system quickly.

Samvig16's Rating

Key Lime is by far the best tasting gel in the pack, kinda sweet but tasty. Banana Cream and Mango have a weird taste that makes me want to gag. I choke it down just cause I don't want to waste them. I will re-order Key Lime for sure the other two doubtful.

G8RNATION22's Rating

Easy way to get your protein on the go. Great flavors!!

Stonewall17's Rating

Muscle gel is a great and convenient way to get high quality whey protein into your body on the go. All the flavored taste like their advertised, so just pick the one you'll like. The this bad about this product is the price, 12 "shots" for $25 dollars is way too expensive for this cowboy, but if you have the money, go for it.

seansobey's Rating

seansobey did not leave a written review for this product.

StefanMarc's Rating

This is one of my favourite products. It's so easy to rip open a packet and suck the gel out after an intense workout where the last thing you want to do is try and force down a generic chocolate or strawberry flavored protein shake. The fruitiness is refreshing, although it can be difficult to get all of the gel out. I love the Key Lime & Tropical Mango flavors.

outfielderwin's Rating

These are great little packs to take on the go or when flying when u need to get a meal in but duct don't have the time , great little protein replacement snack

cmryals80's Rating

I love these quick protein packs!! I typical have a hard time with the flavors of supplements, but I can down these with no problems. Love to throw one back after a great workout. Highly recommend!

1-20 of 236 Reviews
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