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Coated Citrus Flavored Fish Oil to Support Heart, Brain, Vision, & Joint Health*

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DonVdo's Rating

Been taking these for 2 years now. You won't find better quality for price than right here.

lukeminnick4's Rating

I've used this for 4 month now and it's worth it. The only bad part of this is, the fish burps. It says ("No fish burps!) I wish that was true.

Thedayne's Rating

Very happy no fish smells here

SRodoussakis's Rating

Good product! It doesn't happen everyday, but some days I do get the nasty fish oil burps.

Joel189's Rating

I Love these, no Fish Burps.

rLsFrozeN's Rating

Good product, you can definitely taste the citrus coating, but sometimes there are the fishy ones. Not a big deal as it's not very often.

srasuli's Rating

I am having the same issues as the reviewer below me. MP fish oil is my number one source of fish oil that I buy. But I had ordered 2 bottles from and received stinky fish oil pills with no enteric coating around it. So I sent those back and ordered them from here and got the same. I opened up he bag and there was a horrible fish smell and when I opened up one of the bottles WOW I almost threw up. My fingers still smell like the pills....=O

eriklundh23's Rating

This was my go to fish oil. However my last order of 3 bottles contained pills that were coated with smelly fish oil. From pills that leaked. I sent them back and got 3 more bottles that had the same exact issue. Hopefully it was just a bad lot but I no longer trust this product.

JodyJ21's Rating

JodyJ21 did not leave a written review for this product.

CharlesAhoy's Rating

CharlesAhoy did not leave a written review for this product.

cecocem's Rating

If you make fitness and diet very useful product

ravenx11b's Rating

Good fish oil , The oil is of high quality. Still burp fish burps though, maybe just not as fast as when they are not coated ones.

jpaulsen12's Rating

No fishy after taste. No fish burps. Burps taste worse with the CLA.

Goodee35's Rating

Goodee35 did not leave a written review for this product.

Brunotremblay's Rating

Brunotremblay did not leave a written review for this product.

ppgflyer's Rating

Been using this for a long time now, been through quite a few bottles and just ordered more. I have in the past had bouts of depressive moods for no reason and cloudy vague thinking/low motivation and poor mental clarity... I read someone on here said this is the only thing that worked for him to fix his depression so I figured I'd try it. I don;t know if its the fish oil or a really good placebo effect but ever since I started taking Muscle Pharm Fish oil my state of mind and mood has been the best more consistantly than any other time I can remember. No more cloudy thinking or depressive moods for as long as I can remember. I dont know how its affecting my workouts but I just wanted to thank MP for making this and bodybuilding's reviews

JoeyWNoble's Rating

JoeyWNoble did not leave a written review for this product.

cbrunt541's Rating

My last review said, "Awesome product! No fish burp and no strong citrus smell or taste." I must update this. the last few bottles have caused horrible fish burps. The look of the pills have changed as well. I love this company, but am starting to wonder if the rumors about quality are true.

Alejandro593's Rating

good supplement

kylegtheassman's Rating

Love these fish oils really can feel the difference when taking them.

1-20 of 229 Reviews