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Coated Citrus Flavored Fish Oil to Support Heart, Brain, Vision, & Joint Health*

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kylegtheassman's Rating

Love these fish oils really can feel the difference when taking them.

FSDLebron's Rating

FSDLebron did not leave a written review for this product.

o3bdelhamid's Rating

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chrisrock319's Rating

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jmatt07's Rating

This is a great fish oil! No fish burps and doesn't taste like anything really which is good. I take it everyday with a multivitamin. No complaints!

Aneeln31's Rating

This is probably the best fish oil you can buy but so far two of the bottles i have purchased had broken capsules which ruined and drenched the rest with sticky fish oil.

ronyrrr's Rating

Just started taking these and I like that I don't get fish burps. No nasty smell or taste when opening the bottle like cheap fish oils. I would recommend these!

medinaj143's Rating

I have not tried any other fish oil product, but have read many of the negative reviews like fish burps and stuff. I have to say I don't have any bad to say about this... easy to swallow, no fish burps.

sce0030's Rating

Excellent fish oil. High level of EPA and DHA fatty acids. Has a nice coating on the capsules that makes it easy to swallow.

belinalwing's Rating

I have only taken it for around 2 weeks. My skin and digestive system both have been improved. Good product!

sergiowolf's Rating

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sklong's Rating

I used this product for several months and was pleased with the lack of fishy smell or taste. However, the last two bottles I ordered have a horrible fishy taste making them hard to swallow and leaving me concerned about the safety of the product; I will not be reordering.

Mokshp's Rating

The plastic (Cover) doesnt melt in my stomach . And when i chew the capsule i felt the plastic is very thick.

tmanwoo's Rating

The high amount of omega in this product is why I bought it. I haven't had any after taste or anything else related to this product. It is a great value compared to lower omega concentrate products sold on here by other company's. I will buy anytime I need them.

CGT86's Rating

I havent noticed any benefits yet but I dont believe that I have been using it long enough to be fair. I just wanted to let people know that I am still getting fish burps. I get fewer fish burps if I take the pill before eating vs during or at the end.

EpsilonThor's Rating

OMG! No fishy belching. That alone makes it worth it.

Aedius's Rating

Great price and product.

mrpibbs81's Rating

Fish burps! I just switched to this product because I wanted something more potent than optimum' fish oil. First serving down and I'm fish burping for two hours now. Never happened with the optimum fish oil. Rated a 6 because it says no fish burps which was wrong, but still have to assume the high potency is correct. This will have to be a place holder until Omega JYM comes out.

tmann140's Rating

UPDATE: Fish Burps. Previously never had a problem with fish burps Muscle Pharm but this last batch I've ordered has been particularly bad about it. I've noticed on this order that the enteric coated case in much more pliable than on a previous order. I have a feeling this could be the cause of the fish burps. Don't know if its a quality control issue or a change in how the product line is made. Used to be great though....(old review below) Great product!! I have tried many different types of fish oil from Naturemade all the way to Optimum Nutrition. This is by far the best I have tried. I have NEVER had fish burps with this brand. Highly recommend!

jrod1965's Rating

As a heavy lifter who has been training for over 30 years I have definitely felt an improvement in my joints. It has helped improved my ability to lift without pain

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