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Increase Metabolic Rate and Support Healthy Body Composition to Lose Weight*

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jbeltz's Rating

jbeltz did not leave a written review for this product.

Bross1980's Rating

First time trying this and I have been using it 3 times per day for 15 days. So far I have lost over 10 lbs and have gone from 195 to 184.6lbs. I am using this in conjunction with the shortcut to size program, muscle pharm combat nighttime casein, combat protein powder, creatine and bcaas. I also have tailored my diet to 5 meals per day and logging all my calories into myfitnesspal app. I would recommend it to everyone, I find that if I take this after a meal and then work out I sweat much more than I typically would. Good product!

Alexsh2071's Rating

Alexsh2071 did not leave a written review for this product.

Kingraj23's Rating

Did nothing for me.

probmxer00's Rating

probmxer00 did not leave a written review for this product.

garreaugd's Rating

**** my pants doing box jumps...

tiber314's Rating

This would be my first time reviewing a product and I'm not a hardcore buyer for musclepharm given that I normally choose what products would work best for me and I have to say that this one helped out a lot in losing weight. I started out in using this product full time for about a month and a half and I lost a good amount of weight. I checked myself before I started and I was around 240 lbs and after the first month I weighted myself again and I was at 229 lbs. I could not asked for a better product to help lose this fat that I have had since I was in school and I defiantly would continue to use it till I reach my goal of 200lbs

Jackoclean's Rating

Used when i could not train, helped me to lose less muscle while still loosing fat. Worked pretty decently

njvtec's Rating

njvtec did not leave a written review for this product.

ssprafka's Rating

Great CLA product. Helped me continue to burn fat during my cutting stage. I will be ordering this again. Highly recommended.

kd1985's Rating

I've only been taking this product for a couple of weeks so I haven't really noticed any drastic results I can tell a difference and expect to see a more dramatic one over time

alyssas4's Rating

I've been using this product for about three weeks now. It helps with my nutritional needs! I'm definitely a fan of this brand and will be repurchasing the CLA-core.

jeffjones1332's Rating

Been using this product for a while now,and I do believe it does what it says,helping me to maintain/attain lean body composition.There isn't much else to say,except that the softgels are easy to take.They are not too pricy,and there is no aftertaste.

agordon1064's Rating

This product is amazing, I take 2 with every meal and my body fat is shrinking like CRAZY

brianfish007's Rating

You know, this is a tough call. I think it's working but it's stimulant free, so I don't feel a change in energy. Appetite feels mostly curbed and I know when I'm a bit warmer in body temp that all of my supplements are working to burn some fat. If you take the 3 servings over at least two months, I think you'll see and feel results, but it needs to be stacked with something else to maximize. I'll update review in another month or two after finishing bottles 2 and 3. Bottom line is I work out super intense, but even with that, don't expect quick results as if you were using USP Oxyelite, Hydroxy or other stim based fat burners.

Austin1075's Rating

Good product no complaints. Still not have had any changes on the other hand. Still going to give it it's time because I really respect MusclePharm and their products!!

edfont8's Rating

edfont8 did not leave a written review for this product.

appletom's Rating

Just finished up a bulk phase, and am beginning my next show prep this week. Ive always implemented this product into my show prep regime. Keeps me tight throughout the process.

cofill112's Rating

Ive always been a huge fan of CLA in general.. great supplement for natural weight loss. MP seems to always do it best though. Great quality product, and the added in olive and avocado oils are perfect.

ellefac187's Rating

Im pretty impressed how much this product has leaned me out over the past few months. Lost lots of useless fat, while adding on muscle at the same time.

1-20 of 275 Reviews