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MusclePharm CLA Core Reviews

Increase Metabolic Rate and Support Healthy Body Composition to Lose Weight*

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cindysancheztx's Rating

No after taste. I feel that it delivers on what it says it will.

aaronmh2009's Rating

Everyone has their own opinion about CLA. I'm up and down with it. I personally think for your money, save it and stick to l carnitine, healthy fats like MCT and fish oil, and clean diet.

Seahawknation's Rating

This product actually works!

FallenGladiator's Rating

This product is really a close call for me. Personally it showed great results with two pills at one time. I used this for about a weak and noticed i lost an extra 1-2lbs on average. Overall the taste doesn't matter at least to me. Great product if your looking to get a CLA supp. be careful don't take on an empty stomach it will cause you to toss your cookies ;). HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL!

MacMcCabe2's Rating

Not my favorite CLA but it I still had decent results from using it. The price is good for the amount.

jcsblueyez's Rating

I have been using in addition to roxylean. I have noticed more muscle definition and have lost 2-3 inches in my stomach in last month. Quality product, it is sometimes hard to remember to take with each meal, but it does help!

geraldinedenis1's Rating

I've been using CLA in addition to fish oil and using coconut oil and have definitely noticed the difference in my stubborn area of fat, lower abdominals. Obviously, it's important to note that your nutrition plays a major role in seeing if a certain supplement works for you. I took advantage of the sale and have 3 bottles!

srasuli's Rating

srasuli did not leave a written review for this product.

astrologo's Rating

astrologo did not leave a written review for this product.

Adonis13's Rating

Great supplement for low carb dieters. Really helped with my ketosis during competition prep. Highly recommended with L-Carnitime

scoot2thelimit's Rating

scoot2thelimit did not leave a written review for this product.

panflab's Rating

panflab did not leave a written review for this product.

gautammehra716's Rating

This is an excellent product if you have a good workout regime combined with a good diet plan. I started this product about 20 days ago. I combine it with MP shred matrix ... which has boosted my energy levels fourfold. I was 209 lbs and am 194 lbs now ... 15 lbs in just 3 weeks of time ... its fabulous. I also take 2 scoops of anabolic lean whey daily once after my workout. One needs to ensure a healthy diet plan and regular exercise .. strongly recommend it

benshug's Rating

I am only on my second day of this and I already love it. I am mixing this with musclepharm Carnitine Core 16oz and they both work very well. I have noticed that my appetite is suppressed and I dont have those urges to eat or overeat before bed. Would recommend to any looking for an aid in helping control hunger.

nickjames1414's Rating

CLA is a great fat loss supplement if you dont want sometime jam packed with caffiene. Overall i seemed to have thinned out, like my skin feels tighter. I recommend taking the pills the second before you take the first bite of the meal your taking it with. If you take it last, you get a fishy taste. And remember CLA isnt naturally produced in the body, so its going to take a month of taking it religiously to start seeing results. Definiatly recommend

Tommymartinez87's Rating

Love this product I just finished my first bottle and I'm already looking a lot leaner/cut I would definitely recommend muscle pharms CLA

Protius's Rating

I see several low ratings/reviews lately for CLA Core but I have to disagree. I've been taking this along with Carnitine Core and I've finally started to drop some weight. I had maintained the same weight for almost 8 months even with a clean diet and a daily calorie deficit but when I started taking CLA combined with MP's Carnitine Core (pill form) the weight started to drop off. Every now and again if I take it on an empty stomach and don't eat soon enough I do get some funky burps but otherwise the combination has been working great! Could be a coincidence but I'm not changing things up now since it's working.

kc_reyes18's Rating

Had terrible acne break out a few days after starting this product. Switching back to my previous CLA brand.

syselim's Rating

No discernible change while taking, switching to the new Jym weight loss product.

cbrown34's Rating

This product caused me headaches. It also made me feel fatigued as well.

1-20 of 198 Reviews
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