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MusclePharm CLA Core Reviews

Increase Metabolic Rate and Support Healthy Body Composition to Lose Weight*

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Austin1075's Rating

Good product no complaints. Still not have had any changes on the other hand. Still going to give it it's time because I really respect MusclePharm and their products!!

edfont8's Rating

edfont8 did not leave a written review for this product.

appletom's Rating

Just finished up a bulk phase, and am beginning my next show prep this week. Ive always implemented this product into my show prep regime. Keeps me tight throughout the process.

cofill112's Rating

Ive always been a huge fan of CLA in general.. great supplement for natural weight loss. MP seems to always do it best though. Great quality product, and the added in olive and avocado oils are perfect.

ellefac187's Rating

Im pretty impressed how much this product has leaned me out over the past few months. Lost lots of useless fat, while adding on muscle at the same time.

mkarar213's Rating

it's boost the metabolism more the burning fats

rickhe's Rating

I just recently began using the MP CLA Core.. Nothing but great results thus far. Im feeling leaner than ever, and subsequently as confident as ever. Combined with a clean diet, I have experienced great weight loss results with this product.

robertco's Rating

Awesome product! It has been crucial in the cut stage of my workout goals. I have been stacking it with the Muscle Pharm Carnitine, and have seen crazy results. I have leaned out very quickly. The great thing about this product is that you don't have to cycle on and off.. You can just take it daily! Def recommend to anyone looking to lose some unnecessary weight.

dylanmu's Rating

Well, where do I start.. So many great things I could say about this product, but ill try to keep it short and sweet. It has helped me reach so many goals over the past few months! I was determined to put on 10lbs of lean muscle, while losing unnecessary fat at the same time.. and needless to say, this product was a huge proponent in helping me hit those goals.

evangen's Rating

The Muscle Pharm CLA has been awesome so far. It has kept me lean and tight during my bulk stage this year. Last year during my bulk phase, I didn't take any type of fat burners to keep me tight.. But this year I have implemented this product, and have noticed a HUGE difference in my physique, while still putting on bulk size.

tysonba's Rating

In regards to natural fat burners, this has gotta be the most effective product that I've ever tried. I received all of the great fat burning effects, without the jittery effects that most stimulant fat burners result in from the caffeine. I prefer to stack this product with the Muscle Pharm Carnitine, which is also a natural fat burner. Awesome weight loss results thus far!

fgrajales89's Rating

Is hard to evaluate this kind of products when you do diet and strenght/cardio exercises. have been using for almost 2 months. i have reduced my bodyfat. but i also have a strict diet. so i doesn't want to give all the credit to this supplement. i feel it work but it just may represent the 5% the rest depend of you.

pollo220257's Rating

Took it for 2 months didnt notice any fatloss even though diet was good but since i keep hearing good reviews on this product ill try it but this time ill stack with another fat burner

Rufio's Rating

I stack this product with Green Tea Extract and have only gotten positive reviews that I look skinnier when in fact I have been able to remain the same weight. So apparently this stuff works if stacked and with a good diet and daily exercise.

mdemirdjian's Rating

I have taken this both when injured and unable to workout as a means to keep fat off, and to increase my fat burning during workouts. I noticed a boost in my metabolism, and leaned out when taking during workouts. Easy on the stomach, and I'm happy to see no unnecessary additives. 10/10

ashleysman75's Rating

Didn't see any big results

BigDaveGains76's Rating

BigDaveGains76 did not leave a written review for this product.

BLamantia's Rating

BLamantia did not leave a written review for this product.

DaveBraley's Rating

DaveBraley did not leave a written review for this product.

JohnOTT's Rating

JohnOTT did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 260 Reviews
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