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Increase Metabolic Rate and Support Healthy Body Composition to Lose Weight*

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jolin484's Rating

I have only been taking CLA for a few weeks so I am not sure if that is long enough to notice a huge difference. In addition to taking it, I have started running and have seen some changes as far as my body slimming down a bit, this is probably due a bit to both the supplement and the activity. I think the cost was right, there is no taste to accompany the pills and I will continue to take them to see any further benefits.

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prd864's Rating

Bought this product because of all the great reviews...tried it and after a week or so I noticed some staining on my teeth. It actually scared me but then I figured out that it was these pills. So I stopped taking them and they never came back once I went to the dentist. Sucks I didnt get to see what all of the talk is about, may try them again and see what happens.

tylerbriand's Rating

tylerbriand did not leave a written review for this product.

anthonyhi's Rating

Just started taking the CLA a few months back, and the benefits are striking. My waist and mid section have really slimmed out. I also use the shred matrix as well. The CLA caps are way easier to swallow than most caps.

brentcl's Rating

Ive been an advocate of the product for a long time now. It has always come in clutch when I'm trying to slim down for vacation or just looking to lose some body fat. No stimulants used either.

terrellma's Rating

Ive tried a few other brands of CLA, but I always end up coming back to this product. Muscle Pharm just seems to use the best/most high quality ingredients in all of their products. I never see the effects from other brands like I do from them.

dannyve's Rating

Very quality product. Love the addition of the olive and avacado oils. Great addition. The product has worked wonders for me each time I've used it during cut phases.

jerryhol's Rating

MP CLA has aided me so much throughout my weight loss journey. Ive been a huge advocate for 6 months now. I began noticing a big difference in my physique after about a month of constantly taking the product. I usually stack it with the MP carnitine core as well.

DougRarer's Rating

DougRarer did not leave a written review for this product.

paulwat's Rating

The trainer recommended I try this product out to help tone me up for summer. Big fan thus far. Ive only been taking for about a month, but even within that short period of time I've noticed myself starting to slim down. The caps are super easy to take.

kriswe's Rating

Effective to say the least. Ive been consistently using the product for months now, and it has definitely made a difference in my physique. Cutting useless fat out, while still building muscle at the same time.

prinken's Rating

Ive been stacking this with the Arnold Iron Cuts as of late and have been really leaning out. Metabolism is really sped up, and I'm becoming more and more confident as I lean out. Capsules are pretty small and super easy to swallow.

justinlav's Rating

Ive seen great results from the MP CLA core. Im down 5lbs in just a few weeks! Ive never been a big fan of stimulants, so a natural weight loss product is just perfect for me. Favorite product I've ever tried.

flancor1's Rating

Never will I understand how people can say that a product like this "did nothing".. Conjugated linoleic acid is a very well studied ingredient that acts as a thermogenic, and aids in natural weight loss. The difference between this product and other brands of CLA is that Muscle Pharm always uses top tier ingredients. Plus they have added olive and avocado oil. Great addition.

mooremeg's Rating

Really like this product for an extra fat burner! I take with every meal.

lulajf's Rating

lulajf did not leave a written review for this product.

AdrianMacs's Rating

Did nothing for me.

DashaV's Rating

Quality product.This product actually works!Great supplement for low carb dieters.I would definitely recommend muscle pharms CLA.

Dgatti26's Rating

Great product!!!! So far i have been using it for a week and have notice a big difference in my workouts including shredding. My abs and core seem to be coming in faster and more defined. definitely recommend this to everyone!!

Mhouliha's Rating

High quality supplement. I've found for best results take before bed to target fat stores as you sleep.

1-20 of 295 Reviews