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Increase Metabolic Rate and Support Healthy Body Composition to Lose Weight*

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hitendra.desai's Rating

I have one question and would be grateful if anyone can answer. I have loads of loose fat. I take 1 pill with Breakfast, 1 pill with Lunch. But shall I take 1 after my evening workout with protein shake. Because i sleep after drinking protein shake and do not eat anything. Thanks.

Jikingare's Rating

It worked really well when stacked with their Carnitine.

JoshW3434's Rating

The MusclePharm CLA has worked fantastically for me. I use it in combination with several other MusclePharm Products (I.e. Combat Protein Etc.) but as far as cutting weight it is and will stay part of my daily regiment. I am down 19 lbs in 1 month. Obviously hard work and hours in the gym had a part with that but I clearly see the benefits of the CLA as well.

Simonbolin's Rating

This is one of my favourite cla, it help me cut those unwanted love handles.

loeutz's Rating

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apks's Rating

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cbostick's Rating

I can start to tell a difference. I gave it a 8 because I'm not fully finished with the product. But from what I can tell so far it's doing that job. First CLA I've used and I'm pleased.

sexygrownJ's Rating

Noticed a boosted metabolism and lean muscle maintenance. Cutting fat right off the meat.

Lugo17's Rating

This product helps me metabolize fats

aznyvonne's Rating

I can't say much about this product, in fact I have some doubts which hopefully someone here can help me. Should I take this product only during my workout day? Or Do I have to take them everything to see its effects?

jmccullough108's Rating

This stuff is fantastic ~ I will probably take this for as long as I possibly can. The first day that I took this, along with Shred Matrix (I am doing the Bizzy diet), I lost an extra pound. This stuff really works, doesn’t have any side effects that I have experienced yet either. The only flaw I would say is that the capsules are huge, but I like these better than the caplet shell that Shred Matrix use.

radoboga's Rating

I have experience with many fat burners but this is the best I've taken ! After the second week started evident change, and after a month the difference was huge. My diet was strict about 80%, i did cardio not to much, only 20 min after workout 3, 4 times weekly No cramp, No side effects, i drink coffee ..... and now i loosing many of my fat RECOMMENDED !!!!!

TimeToMakeGains's Rating

good combinations of healthy oils witch help the body burn fat but you have to be eating clean foods plus have a good training program for it to actually deliver results. Im using it right now that im lean bulking.

TheeTactician's Rating

I have found that it works well in combination with other Vitamins and Supplements, I would recommend it and use it with "Super HD" but that just my humble opinion the two make a very good combination. I have been using them since March 5th, 2015 and have seen some really good results.

cdjhawthorne's Rating

Just after 2 weeks of using it, with my strict diet I have lost 13 lb in fat and maintained my muscle mass. Which is exactly what I wanted. Will keep buying until the discontinue. haha

davidrin's Rating

Combined with a tough workout regime and strict diet, youre bound to see great results. CLA combined with essential fats makes for a solid ingredient profile. Very impressed with the product.

Fitlife9's Rating

Works very well for fat loss, but when I do cardio training while using this supplement, my calves tend to cramp up.

MsDawson14's Rating

Does exactly what it says. Aiding in my fat loss as I change to a healthy lifestyle and push towards my goals. Will keep this as a staple. No upset stomach, no burning, no jitters. Exactly what I need.

shdz1989's Rating

Not much to say, it's standard CLA which I have incorporated to my supplement stack. Helps me maintain my lean muscle gains. This is not a fat burner like Hydroxy-cut so don't expect anything crazy. Use this with a good DIET and continues exercise and you will be happy with the results. Im a fan of Musclepharm so no complaints over here.


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