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Total Immune System Support with B Vitamins for Energy and Metabolism Support*

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avastarr075's Rating

Currently using this multi-vitamin while I lean pre-competition. Seems to be fine. Only drawback is how many pills it recommends you take each day. Price is good, ingredients seem good as well.

rspann1jr's Rating

The composition of this product is very impressive, so I tried it without realizing that it contains Panax GInseng which gives me headaches and makes me very grouchy. If your an MMA fighter that might be a good thing other wise not. It was a waste of money for me.

Timboslice18's Rating

I have used this for over a month now and I feel great. I have only been taking 4 pills instead of the recommended 6, which has suited me just fine. My energy levels are up, my mental sharpness/focus is up and my sleep is much more sound as well. I previously used GNC Sport and a generic multi and these do not compare. I gave it a 9 because it has only been a month as I mentioned and would like to see the long term effects before giving a 10.

jenz12's Rating

I'm almost a year into my bodybuilding journey and this is the best multi-vitamin I've tried. It takes awhile to build up but once you're off them for a week you feel the difference.

yojimboryuu's Rating

I have tried many different multi-vitamins on the market over the years and this is by far the most complete I have used. The 6 pills are not hard to take at all and kick in within an hour or so usually. They have omega 3 fish oil and flax seed in it, so I can always taste it when the capsules break open. I would recommend this product to everyone.

chasedavid's Rating

Been using armor v for over 2 years now and as long as MP produces them I will not live without it.

WickedAwesome's Rating

During a recent 3 month train up, I used this as my multi to supplement everything else. Performance continued to improve during 4+ hours a day/6 days a week worth of events. While I saw others take a dive after 4-5 weeks, this was among the things in my diet that allowed me to maintain weight and performance.

Ocervoni's Rating

Great product. After only 1 week of taking them I can feel a difference in everyday energy levels.

mtrick1827's Rating

Great comprehensive multi. Gives me just what I need to get through busy days full of college classes, work, and workouts.

burn636's Rating

I take this all the time. Has a lot of really good ingredients in it. It even helps with hangovers. The only thing is DO NOT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! TAKE 3 IN THE MORNING AND 3 IN THE AFTERNOON! Otherwise, if you take the recommended 1 serving of 6 capsules, you just **** out all the excess of the nutrients that you just overloaded into your system. Space it out and get more out of it

eagles044's Rating

Been taking for over a year. Love this stuff!

italiansanto's Rating

I absolutely love that Armov-V contains fish oil AND a pro-biotic. Most pro-biotics alone cost more than this supplement. I've tried Optimum Nutritions "Opti-Men Vitamins" and those fall apart easily and don't contain additional fish oil OR a pro-biotic. This is one of my staple supplements and the best multi-vitamins out there, hands down! Highly recommended!

Kingraj23's Rating

Won't buy again. It has calcium and zinc in it. Just stupid.

Troopashd's Rating

Legitimately one of the best multis that I've tried so far. Went from Opti-Men to Armor-V, and thank god I did. When I took opti-men, my stomach felt sick half the time and I couldn't physically feel any of the vitamins doing their job. While I'm taking Armor-V, I split the 6 pills throughout the day by taking two at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I feel more energized, mentally clear, and my immune system is on its toes. My track season started the other day and we were running outside (where I live it's cold as hell), and the night after I felt a cold coming with a very bad cough and stuffy nose. I took my 2 pills for lunch after track and the other two before bed, and I didn't feel sick at all the next morning. When this product is available again I recommend it completely, thanks MP.

ajej4780's Rating

I had a month supply of this so I got a good idea about how well it works. This is my favorite multivitamin to date. -dosage: 6 capsules. Most of the multi's I've taken had hard edged pills. These are smooth capsules and they were great. -potency: felt much better while taking these vitamins -smell: I hate when pills smell. these didnt I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

hartley054's Rating

These did not agree with my butt. Took the serving size (6 pills daily). Might try taking less...

BackPaxx's Rating

Everyone knows that you start supplementation with a good multi vitamin. I have tried many multi's over the years before Armor-V came along. Most of them included horse sized pills and when you get down to the ingredients, contained many fillers. Other then the pedigree the MusclePharm brand brings to the table, I was drawn to Armor-V by it's approach of being a more natural multi, containing many greens etc. I have been using Armor-V for about a year now and have been happy thus far. As others have commented it can be tricky evaluating how you feel taking this multi vs that one but what I can say is that over the last year I have experienced good health and wellness. As colds and other ailments ravaged my household many times I seemed to be immune to the viruses. My workouts have continued to be hard with good results and I feel rested and alert throughout the day. As an added bonus I don't have "nuclear neon urine" so many other multi's have caused. I take 3 capsules twice a day and this seems to work well for me. Bottom Line: Solid product that is the base of my supplementation. Take it every day.

ebashar's Rating

It's tough to judge multi-vita products. I never know it has what is really advertise. One can hope a company like MP would deliver at least close to what they claim. I don't take all suggested dosage, only one capsule per day. I think anything more makes for more expensive pee.

blokpost's Rating

This is an excellent multivitamin. Now I have 2 favorite multivitamins - this and animalpak :D. I love armor-v, because it boosted my immune system, I caught cold 2 days before using this product and this blend helped in recovery. Overall profile is nice - vitamins, antioxidants, fruits, liver detox etc. lots of great ingredients.

igolic's Rating

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