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MusclePharm Armor-V Reviews

Total Immune System Support with B Vitamins for Energy and Metabolism Support*

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TheMaster92's Rating

TheMaster92 did not leave a written review for this product.

todderwin's Rating

This is a great Multi.. I worry about some of the high levels of B-Vitamins since they are the most common in Pre/Post workout drinks. I take this right after my WOD along with Combat and have seen great results. I only take 4 caps per day. This is my second bottle of 180 and will continue to buy it.

alyssabertram's Rating

Great Multi-vitamin! I double the dosage before a contest and you can really see a difference. It helps regulate metabolism and energy level throughout the day. I would recommend this product to everyone!

jrayc10's Rating

Just finishing up my first bottle. Like any multivitamin, the noticeable affects are going to be minimal (outside of the pikachu-yellow pee), so will simply rate off of what I liked. I liked that the pills aren't HUGE like others and are easy to swallow. I also liked that they have the Omega 3-6-9 (Fish/flaxseed oil) complex, which most don't. One bit of anecdotal evidence - I caught a cold from my sick girlfriend while halfway through the bottle. She stayed sick for 3 days, while mine passed in 24 hours. Was it the multi's that helped my immune system fight it off so quickly? Hard to say, but they couldn't have hurt! Overall I'd say that I was definitely pleased by the product.

amgallion's Rating

amgallion did not leave a written review for this product.

PaulDB1078's Rating

Good multivitamin. Seems to work like every other one out there except all the pills are the same size, not horse pills like Animal Stack and I don't get sick, bad breath, foul tasting burps, none of that. I hate to say this but the fact that I don't realize I took them actually a good thing...if you get my point.

robster1213's Rating

Good multivitamin, with a few extras in it for immune systems etc. Watch out, you DO have to take 6 per day, that was my only complaint. Even taking the 6, I had no stomach ache like some multi's... and no other issues.

Refractoryman's Rating

Great supplement, without a doubt will replenish any and all loss of nutrients lost from a heavy work out. One caution watch you vitamin D intake if you are stacking this with other products, many supplements contain vitamin D. Watch your labels, no one wants to get hypervitaminosis D.

gauravrao's Rating

Had 3 instead of the recommended 6, could see changes immediately. No more weak Immune System! A must buy.

cardeziac's Rating

One of my more preferred multi. Not many pills which is nice. very cost effective, will likely buy again in the future.

jason383's Rating

Love that Muscle Pharm has their pills in casings. Super easy to swallow, doesn't upset my stomach or give me kidney pain like I've had some vitamins have done in the past. Meets my expectations for a vitamin and is my staple vitamin.

jcso4105's Rating

Seems to be a good multi. Shame you have to take so many in a days time. I split the six up, 2 in the a.m., 2 at lunch and 2 with dinner. Otherwise, if you take them all at once, your urine is neon green and we all know that means you wasting it.

jlawley817's Rating

I've been taking this product for the past 3 months I believe. I can tell it's working especially the probiotics during my 5 or so mile runs.

Eversoris1989's Rating

For me best ive ever had for this moment, i felt better from day one ive use them

andy3d2's Rating

really good and seems to cover all the bases.

jaybobs's Rating

jaybobs did not leave a written review for this product.

Tjet612's Rating

I feel a lot better since i have been taking the Armor V multi. I feel just more awake and alert. Simply better.

jerrys888's Rating

I think it's a great multi vitamin. I like the fact that it has some greens as well as all the other vitamins I need. I normally only take 4 out of 6 of the recommend daily dose.

sailorlambert's Rating

sailorlambert did not leave a written review for this product.

craigd37's Rating

Honestly how well can you really rate a multivitamin? The price is fair and it seems to have a lot of stuff you need for an active lifestyle.

1-20 of 253 Reviews
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