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Increase Endurance and Hydration to Rebuild Muscle*

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Avalykeo1's Rating

I initially bought this because I had never tried this brand of Aminos and the price was good. I overall just thought the taste was terrible.

Weles8's Rating

Weles8 did not leave a written review for this product.

sbbrooks65's Rating

The bad...Cherry Limeade tastes like a weak, old Hi-C Fruit Punch. Not gag-worthy, but not good. The good...a GREAT, stimulant-free intra-workout powder with Citruline, full amino profile, coconut water, magnesium, B6 etc. Keeps me hydrated and feeling strong through an 90-100 minutes of weight training and cardio. Good pump from the citruline. Very pleased with this product.

dstock03's Rating

Was good product...unfortunately I had some that were a little out of date but it was still good and still effective for me! 2015

AmenDela's Rating

very amazing taste. i realized it works because when i stopped using felt les into my workout

Bond2010x's Rating

Love this product. Its great for when you want something more than just water, Gatorade or PowerAde. I use it while I gym and just love that I am using a more natural product than what is out on the market. I also use it for work since I am very active at work great way to stay hydrated on the hot summer days. Love the taste of it and I would recommend it to anyone.

KangGummer's Rating

I believe that all aminos have some alright taste, but this is good. Like this is absolutely solid right here. Absolutely recommend

jessecoffman785's Rating

I was looking for a non-caffeinated drink to boost my energy at night in the gym. After trying a variety of products I tried Amino 1. This stuff is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING for me. It provides me with enough energy to get through my workout without keeping me awake when I get home because it has caffeine. Now if I could just get an Assault version without caffeine. :) It works very well with Amino X, and CreAde.

markdmac's Rating

This has a bit of a sweet taste to it but a very pleasant flavor. Reminds me of the Sonic Cherry Limeade you can get at the drive in, but with the stuff your body needs to rebuild instead of being bad for you.

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D4moe's Rating

Doesn't taste that good and didn't feel or see any benefit in taking this. I would recommend this product. I love assault pre workout but not a big fan of this.

AceSwat's Rating

Hands down overall a great product. Some caffeine, as a muscle milk pro series substance, to go about your focus post and pre workout would be a touchdown. But on a nutritional level and taste level this blows muscle milk pro series to the water and back. If you practice over 400 plus pull ups, 600 plus push ups, and 800 plus crunches a week on which you run weightless and weight packed and hit iron on THE SAME DAYS - squats on another too than recovery should be fine to your routine... it's when you break a bit longer than usual to adjust to new plan where you need to drink more of this. Totally ready to try the next ones next batch.

PShaft's Rating

I've only used the Cherry Limeade but I've been drinking it for a little over a year now. Bummer they stopped selling it in the big size so I just buy two smaller ones at the same time. Anways, I like drinking this during and after my workouts. I even drink it when I'm mowing my lawn or yard work. It's refreshing and I do notice a little more umph to keep going and help in recovery. I will continue purchasing it.

kinkdogg's Rating

What the hell is with that flavour? 59 serves to go. Nutritional info suggests its a good product.. but that taste.. crickey mate!

BearAnarchy's Rating

I've been using this MP product for a while now and was disappointed when they discontinued my favorite flavor. I am using the orange mango flavor and cannot stand it. The flavor is so weak. I might as well be drinking just straight water. Won't get this flavor ever again.

koustubhk's Rating

I have been using Amino1 for last few months and switched from Best BCAA. Overall, I am satisfied with this product. The reason I moved to Amino1 from Best BCAA was the BCAA ratio and Hydration component with presence of coconut water. Things I like about Amino1 - Good recovery post workout. I do not need electrolyte or Gatorade post workout. The presence of Coconut Water and Citric-ness helps me recover faster. - Presence of Vitamin B6 and Magnesium Oxide. Not so good about Amino1 - Flavor. You easy tend to get over the taste and the punchy citric-ness makes you less likely to have the drink. - Most of the times I am mixing my BCAAs or Amino with Whey Protein (I know I know, Whey Protein already has BCAA components added). I would prefer natural taste for BCAA which does not impact taste of my Whey Protein Shake. - Effectiveness: I do not see much difference compared to Best BCAA. I have not tried other BCAAs, though I expect something slightly more effective for muscle recovery post workout.

nicmurphy22's Rating

I absolutely HATED the taste of this product. To the point I couldn't even choke it down to finish it! Bummer because I really like MusclePharm's products!

cdcavemanfan's Rating

AMINO1 is the bomb. Not only does the cherry limeade taste great, the product really works for hydration and recovery. Got the 50 serv bottle and will definitely order again!

mchnhed's Rating

I use this before a long bike ride 40+ miles. Tastes good, easy on the stomach and it boosts my performance.

freale75's Rating

Cleanest rated amino supplement for the value. Has very good scores from labs in terms of labeled content. Clean flavors, about as good as I could hope for with no calorie additives like sugar. Recovery and intra-workout seem to be better. I would buy it again.

mikedronyk's Rating

Fruit punch tastes aweful. Tastes like medicine. Has a very bitter sour aftertaste. Mixes okay. Will not buy again

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