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Rapid Water Loss Beneficial for Both Men and Women!*

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Jackieludwig's Rating

Jackieludwig did not leave a written review for this product.

brookedragon's Rating

I saw the best results when I took Xpel for 4-5 days. I tried taking it for the full 10 days and did not see much of a difference after day 5. It works very well at ridding the body of water while not messing up electrolyte balance. I noticed a decline in the amount of weight I could lift in the gym while taking Xpel but that is common with any diuretic.

pavelbuka's Rating

pavelbuka did not leave a written review for this product.

ghostrider_Z28's Rating

Very pleased with these! I definitely could tell when I started to cut for my competition that these made me leaner and helped show more definition.

captainin85's Rating

Did minimal if anything for me

shiggin86's Rating

It really does expel water, but doesn't really take effect as quickly as you want. It says to take it for 10 days before an event you want to drop water for, but as a woman who wants to drop water weight from PMS, that defeats the purpose! You will pee all day long, and still the scales may not budge much, unless you drink plenty of water with it and stay consistent.

lLiftBrah's Rating

I've used many products such as dandelion root to lose water weight but it really didn't target the water so much. When I got Xpel, I dropped 6 pounds of water and never felt better in my life! Women especially would love this product since they look for quick ways to look lean and cut in a short amount of time. Drinking a great amount of water is required with this. Remember to lose water, you need to drink it. Xpel is a 10/10 in my books.

tkw71's Rating

I like to keep a bottle in the cupboard for special occasions when I need to drop some water. Works within a day. I always lose at least 3lbs. Doesn't upset my stomach or digestion at all.

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wdrd's Rating

wdrd did not leave a written review for this product.

johnrbarber24's Rating

johnrbarber24 did not leave a written review for this product.

das200570's Rating

das200570 did not leave a written review for this product.

sistab2's Rating

sistab2 did not leave a written review for this product.

pharper's Rating

I bought this product to shed a little water before a shift contest. I have read that you only need to do a 5 day cycle. I decided to try a cycle before the contest date to make sure it was going to work for me. When I started the cycle I weighed 179 lbs at just over 8% body fat. After a couple of days I felt bloated. After the third day I weighed 181 lbs which confirmed that I was bloated. I continued to take it for 6 days just to give it a fair chance. I drank plenty of water at least a gallon an a half each day. After being off of the product for 2 days My weight went down to 177 lbs.

Petes0281's Rating

I just finished using this product. I have mixed reviews about it. Couldn't really tell if it worked or not. I rated it a 7 because I believe it worked somewhat, but not with blazing results. It could have been because I'm already at a low BF %. I followed directions and used the product exactly as described. I did not have any side effects. I wasn't peeing or pooping like crazy like some reviews said. I just bought another bottle to try it again.

natethegreat7's Rating

i have personal used the product for show and photo prep.. works GREAT!!

Jackk12's Rating

This is always my go to diuretic! Whenever it's beach season or if I have a special event to get ready for, I use XPEL and it's always delivered! My abs always look there sharpest at the end of the 10 days! Thanks guys....DO NOT CHANGE THE PRODUCT! PERFECT AS IS!!!!!!

tha shredda's Rating

Did okay (only) at my last contest. Used for my last 2 contests.

James_bean's Rating

Does what it says on the tin. Be advised though, drink plenty of water and watch out for potential sides. I got diarrohea on this but that is a sign that the product is doing the job as I was losing alot of water which was the intention. Halfway through a 5 day cycle of 8caps a day and I'm look very dry already. Would recommend

danalinnbailey's Rating

danalinnbailey did not leave a written review for this product.

BrittneyLayne's Rating

I always use MHP Xpel for competitions and photoshoots. It works great and is the only one I can trust that will get rid of excess water weight!

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