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CHILDOFGO12's Rating

IT ROCKS, i can tell when i get back on it, my feel a bit bla, but after 2days, my body know what to do, burn that ugly body fat off, as i keep on my diet and train hard and smart:) Just to let you know every one who take this, thier bodies react differenly. yet it works so awesome:)

pavelbuka's Rating

pavelbuka did not leave a written review for this product.

mishell0928's Rating

Started using this a few weeks ago, so far so good. Does help me burn body fat.

Chell2313's Rating

Chell2313 did not leave a written review for this product.

cdf731's Rating

Very happy with this fat burner, used this in prep for a mens physique show and it helped pull and keep the water off that i needed. Will use again and affordable

fleckty3's Rating

Overall, I can't say I was impressed with this product. Perhaps because of the high standard set by my preferred thermogenic, Super HD. I took both capsules first thing in the morning before breakfast and thought I was going to throw up before I finished eating. I didn't get much of an energy boost or notice any changes in my mood. I couldn't feel the product working.

pHbalance's Rating

I did not like this at all. Whether I took it on a full or empty stomach I always got nausea. It definitely suppresses your appetite...can't eat if you're queasy. Just not for me.

dawnoftheshred's Rating

MHP Dopamite is very effective for me, when I am dieting or in a cutting phase this helps to curb my appetite and give a nice boost of energy at the right times. Although I found that I get a little nauseous when taking 2 on an empty stomach that problem was easily fixed when I took it after/with breakfast. I used this primarily during the day to get through long work hours and it works.

lLiftBrah's Rating

I've used many fat burners in my life and I think Dopamite hit a home run with this product. I usually use fat burners once my fat burning process hits a plateau. This is a great way to get an edge on burning fat. I also get crazy pumps while using Dopamite and I've gotten great results from it. Make sure to drink water continuously throughout the day, I sweated like crazy and you can feel it 20 mins after consuming it but others might have a different starting point. Besides all that I had no negative effects from using this.

abogdanov's Rating

Cutting calories = Lose body fat = Cravings going up ! This thing stopped cravings completely . Exactly what I need !

annjim's Rating

This product did nothing for me. No energy increase,no weight loss, did not crub hunger. Waste of money.

BIHAjdin's Rating

Its not bad first time I took the energy and focus was amazing made my work-outs great! it did its job on not making me as hungry but I feel like it affects wore out by the end of the bottle, give it a shot not a bad product!

lisah3831's Rating

I've been taking Dopamite for about 2 months now and I must say it is a god product. Dopamite has helped curb my appetite and the caffeine does pack a little punch.

swotzone's Rating

The product worked fine for the 1st week or so. After that the results were minimal. No bad side effects.

Gymwrecker's Rating

I have tried many "fat burners" in the past and this product is not what I was expecting of a fat burner. I have never been a big fan of MHP products, but decided to start by trying their Dopamite. Did not like it, didn't feel it working as I do with other fat burners; I will not buy this product again.

bear1313's Rating

Really good for the first week but I felt that after that it didn't have the same effect but I would still recommend it, for me I feel that I would have to take a few days off after the weak

usarmynate's Rating

So far, this has been an excellent fat burner. The appetite suppressant works wonderfully, and there's a nice feeling of focus and energy. I don't feel jittery at all, but am always eager to get my workout started within an hour of taking it, which is good, since I am NOT a morning person. Drink a good deal of water with your dose, however, or you may experience some serious heartburn. I know I did, and learned my lesson quickly. I rate it 9/10. This stuff, at least for me, works nearly as well as the old school ECA stack. Knowing I can use this instead is awesome.

newlifenewbody's Rating

I have to say, I have tried a lot a lot a lot of fat burners, but the last couple of weeks of taking MHP's Dopamite has been amazing. THE CRAVINGS HAVE STOPPED. THE FEELING LIKE I AM NEVER FULL HAS STOPPED. I love love love this product. No maybe I can reach my goal of losing 100lbs without having to start from the beginning every few months because I cant fight the cravings. I believe I have found my miracle. Thanks MHP for making this product

Jarrett81's Rating

For the price, compared to other products like it out there on the market, I can't complain. As with anything you have to be consistent and patient. This product certainly did as advertised, just not as drastic as some may like. Definitely well worth the cost though.

hotrodrk's Rating

Me and a friend both ordered Dopamite after seeing all the great reviews. We both agree that this stuff is garbage. Its been two weeks and I take one pill a day in the morning. I haven't noticed any difference in my appetite, energy or mood. My friend takes three pills in the morning and he did notice just a slight decrease in appetite, however he says that it puts him in a bad mood - angry. Neither one of us will be buying this product again and we will never recommend this product to anyone else. I'm about to give the rest of my bottle away or toss it out because it is worthless.

1-20 of 29 Reviews