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vjoynes's Rating

Tastes amazing! I've only tried the chocolate, it tastes like a chocolate milkshake. Mixes well and keep you full for about 3 hours. Love the convenience of the pouches as you can toss them in your purse or gym bag without worrying if they spilled.

jen051101's Rating

Highly recommend. It mixes easily. I've tried the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry and they are all really good. It'll keep you full for a good 2-3 hours. I love the convenience of the pouches. I bring one when I'm running errands so if I get hungry I won't pick up fast food. I

Derobles's Rating

I love it !!!!

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Deni66's Rating

Chocolate flavored shake taste amazing! Dissolves easily, fills you up for good 2 hours.

vessiangel's Rating

vessiangel did not leave a written review for this product.

samaramartensen's Rating

One of the Best meal substitute

Curnsey's Rating

I used this product when I am on the go and need something quick for a meal. This drink tastes amazing in chocolate and vanilla. I have used it in the past 3 months and I have continued to maintain muscle mass and lose weight during this time. It is also filling and for the calories you get more oz than in other protein meal supplements.

mkasunick's Rating

I used this after my workouts as a meal replacement. I saw results almost immediately gaining lean muscle. The taste was amazing, I felt like I was cheating my diet every time I drank it. I would blend it with peanut butter, a banana, and some yogurt as part of a diet I've been doing and it was wonderful. Mixes well.

jwilltn's Rating

Got my samples in and I can say for the first time ever I look forward to drinking shake. The Vanilla is wonderful and mixes well. Will buy in near future !!. Makes it even better its from my best motivator Jamie Eason.

Nsimon81's Rating

This product is surprisingly delicious. I purchased the chocolate flavor and made a smoothie with almond milk and a banana. It was filling and satisfied my hunger and cravings.

GetFitIn2014's Rating

It didn't mix well in a shaker cup with water. There were still plenty of thick clumps. I think this protein needs a blender. The taste is just so-so. I love how the label reads so personally I may try this again in a blender with fruit. Some almond milk would've been better too.

cgodardrn's Rating

Wow this is the best protein shake ever. I ordered it one day and was supposed to receive it in 3 to 4 days but I got it in the very next day. Super fast shipping from the company. Great Product, Great Company!!!!! Will certainly order again.

blafield's Rating

Love this stuff. Taste great, lo-cal, and lo-carb with a good amount of protein

andriso's Rating

Tastes absolutely superb! Highly recommended Packets easy to open and highly packable.

kmunzinger's Rating

This is my favorite protein! It mixes so well and the packets are portable and I am always on the go! Words cannot describe how good this shake tastes, it feels like I am cheating on my diet. I use it as a post workout and a meal replacement if I am running around. It is packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals for women. It even has large amounts of biotin (helps hair and nails). The only down fall is that it is very expensive.

luv4fitness's Rating

I really like the flavor (vanilla reminds me of ice cream) and it really does help curb my appetite. There has not been anything out there that has been able to curb appetite accept Shakeology but your spending over $100 for a 30 day bag. This is a nice alternative to use when you do not want to spend extra money and looking for something that will curb appetite. Definately recommend!

belsnowy's Rating

It suit my taste bud.. adding additional milk taste even better.

mrogers34's Rating

Lean Body for Her is a great quick meal replacement that tastes great. I have been using it for almost a month now and I love how convenient it is in the mornings for me!

jmccarthey's Rating

I tried both chocolate and strawberry. Both were excellent in water! They mixed well with no clumping, had great flavor (true to both chocolate and strawberry), and no chemical or weird aftertaste. They kept me full and energy levels high during my diet. I'd highly recommend this product as a solid meal replacement.

shadylane21's Rating

I have tried both the chocolate and strawberry flavors and let me say that they are both delish! I love mixing mine in a blender with some ice! I swear it taste like a milkshake! Profile/Ingredient List: 8/10 I love the fact that this MRP has 30grams of muscle building protein! Taste: 10/10 Tasted like an awesome milkshake! Mixability: 10/10 Blended really easy and was very smooth and not gritty at all! Overall: 10/10 I am so happy I tried these and I would recommend these to anyone!! I am in contest prep for my first show and this MRP feels like a treat for me!

1-20 of 42 Reviews